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Election Day

October 2, 1421

With the year almost coming to a close, so do the terms for President Huerta, the elected candidate for the Republican Party. Today, the nation's parties are running their candidates to be the next president of the republic. 


The Republican Party has chosen a close friend and political ally of Huerta to be the next head executive for office, Alejandra Cortez. Her main points of interest are; big business regulations, increase in diplomacy, foreign aid to war torn nations, and building more high speed rails. 


The Conservatives has chosen Daniel Vasquez as their leading candidate. He focuses on establishing isolationism, restarting the nation's auto industry under the private sector, building up the nation's defense, and bulking up on federal taxes. 


The Greens have their candidate, Felipe de la Cruz, focuses on the planting of at least a hundred thousand trees in the deserts, as well as increasing the number of solar power facilities, hydrogen generators, and wind turbines, political promises for workers that are not within greener industries include subsidies towards miners and cattle ranchers, as well as cooperation between other Polari nations. 


Unions for All, has chosen Olivia Valentine as their candidate. She would implement the redistribution of capital, reform land possessions, revolutionize urban development, and safeguard local labor unions and workers owned businesses. 


The Patriotic Alliance has chosen Nevada Villa Grande to tackle the nation's foriegn and domestic affairs and native lands. He, among other natives, would create a stronger alliance with nations of Southern Polaris into their own, reform native districts and political disputes over sacred lands, cracking down on political and economic corruption, locally and federally, as well as bulking up the military, the police and the local guard. Make cooperation and ease between the Party and its more nationalistic allies. 


And finally we come down to the Libertarians and their candidate, Porfirio Santa Cruz. As presidential candidate, he promises to ease the public's suspicion of foreign business within, cut back on the nation's tariffs for cheaper goods, cut federal taxes, and use subsidies towards all businesses regardless of size. 


Regardless who wins this race for presidency, the parties would also compete over several empty chamber chairs of office. Head on over to your nearest polling location and vote on the nation's future. 

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