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The Fires of 762

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In November of 762AF, the final pushes of Giovannilandian forces into the mainland territory of Gheffian would see the surrender of King Soetihn to Emperor Giovanni. Crown Prince Meisinh who was leading the forces in Gheffian ordered a retreat through the forest into Shenia to attempt to build back for a counterattack that would never come. Similar to the 36AF and 84AF attacks from Shenia into the then Kingdom of Gheffa, the forest along the border was set ablaze. 

Gheffian Poet Leiluo wrote of the fires:

Lost in the fires of that night,
Now ash resting on a new plains,
Those surviving fled in fright,
A forest burned, a people shamed,

Quick as it was, memory fools us,
Lasting an eternity of smoke and flame,
The fire’s out, but now we discuss,
A new emperor, our land entrained,

To suffer the lashing of whips and tongues,
And last each night, eyes inflamed,
Keep your neck straight, lest it be hung,
We live as cattle now, without aim,

Were we abandoned, left alone,
A prince locked deep, in the mountains,
Parental sins, for which he must atone,
A nation burned, a dynasty shamed.


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