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Royal Wedding Ceremony

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Arifiyyah Royal Wedding Ceremony Tentative: 




According to Auran Standard Time (AST)


9 AM 

Arrival of guests of honor, world leaders, vvips, and Arifians. The Groom is in the Royal Mosque near the palace. While the bride is in the royal dressing room at the palace, guests wait for the procession to escort the groom from the royal mosque to the hall.


9.35 AM

the procession arrives at the palace hall, the groom brings the bride to the throne for Nobat music. 


9.45 AM 

The groom descends to the Mufti (royal religious adviser) while the bride sits beside her family on the throne. The marriage ceremony begins.


10.00 AM

Ring sheathing ceremony. Then the ceremony of sprinkling rose water on the hands of the Bride and Groom. Will be joined by family members of the bride and groom, Mufti, Prime Minister Arifiyyah and several world leaders present. then a Silat performance was shown to the audience


11.00 AM 

The bride and groom and attendees can enjoy their meal. Then the Sultan and the his spouse will meet with Arifiyyah leaders and world leaders present at the ceremony, as well as guests among the people for a friendly chat.


12.00 AM 

The ceremony then continued with some presentation of souvenirs to the World Leaders and Arifiyyah VVIPs that attend the ceremony. The ceremony dispersed, the audience began to leave the palace grounds. The people who attended also received light souvenirs from the palace.

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Arifiyyah Royal Wedding Ceremony



Welcome to the Arifiyyah Royal Wedding Ceremony between His Majesty Sultan Arif Nazhim Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Arif Mahmud Shah and Isabella Nur Hudson. I am Dollah Ali, Arifiyyah’s Times reporter reporting from the palace grounds

Many guests of honor were seen entering the palace gates. Among those who attended the ceremony were several leaders and representatives of foreign countries, Prime Minister Arifiyyah, cabinet ministers and members of parliament, state dignitaries, and others. We can see some international leaders and delegates among them are

> King James of Larxia came with his fiance, Mackenzie Becker

> King Giovanni I from Giovanniland

> The bachelor President Luke Salazar of United Adaikes

> Blue Bubbles Leader from Blue Bubble

> The Lord Personal of Lady the Queen from Cambria

> His Serene Highness, Marcarius, Prince of Saint Mark


 Meanwhile, the Sultan received greetings and congratulations from Prince Owain V of Neiubasria. The VIPs were taken to the Palace Hall and took their respective seats. The people were also present, it is estimated that about 30,000 people have arrived at the area provided for the people in the courtyard of the palace. Dollah Ali: So I left it to my colleague, Kamal Jailani at the National Mosque to report on the current situation there. Kamal: yes, thank you Dollah. I am here to report at the state mosque. It seems that the Sultan and members of the groom's entourage are ready to march to the Palace.


9.40 AM AST

Emcee: Announcing the arrival of His Majesty Tuanku Sultan Arif Nazhim Shah to the palace hall. All attendees are asked to stand.


* The Sultan heads to the bride on the throne accompanied by Nobat music*

Emcee:Invited by the National Mufti, Sheikh Haji Afeeq Nasrullah to come forward for the ceremony of the marriage vows.

*The Sultan and Mufti sit cross -legged facing each other in front of the throne, while the bride sits next to family members close to the groom.*

Mufti: Arif Nazhim bin Arif Mahmud, with God's blessing, I unite Isabella Nur Hudson with her dowry of 6000 AFR ringgit paid in cash.                              Sultan Arif: I accepted the merger with Isabella Nur Hudson with her wedding AFR 6000 paid in cash. 

*Mufti then reads a prayer of peace to the bride and groom*


during the marriage ceremony

Then was the ring sheathing event. *The palace maid handed the diamond ring to the Sultan. The Sultan slipped the ring onto the ring finger of his partner's right hand. The same thing was done by Isabella to Sultan Arif. The Sultan kissed the bride's forehead. All the audience stood and applauded loudly*

Emcee: we invite family members of the groom and bride and guests of honor to sprinkle rose water on the hands of the groom and bride


Sultan's father in law sprinkle the rose water

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Emcee: all attendees are welcome to enjoy the dishes prepared. *Sultan and his partner joked with each other while eating.* 

Emcee: all attendees are welcome to enjoy the dishes prepared. *Sultan and his partner joked with each other while eating.* Emcee: while you enjoy the meal, let's treat yourself to a martial arts performance accompanied by kompang. which will be performed by the Silat Gayong Tun Telana team.  maxresdefault.jpg


*Sultan and empress meet with foreign leaders and representatives*

Prez Luke Salazar: Congratulations sir. So what a title for your partner.

Sultan: The great empress sounds good, but I like the song if she chooses herself. Thanks for attending!

Blue Bubble Leader: No probs! Besides, I'm not very busy today.

*They chatted and joked with each other* 

12.05 AM AST

Dollah: The next ceremony, before the ceremony disperses, is the ceremony to present souvenirs to leaders and representatives of foreign countries as an appreciation for being willing to attend. This can also further strengthen the relationship between Arifiyyah and these countries. I would like to share a little that today must be a happy day for all Arifians because we have got a new queen who will help the Sultan develop Arifiyyah. To date, an estimated 83,000 arifians attended the event. The people also received souvenirs from the royal family. Those in attendance can get it at the place provided.


That is it Ladies and gentlemen, the wedding of our King, our chief. A lot of things happened on this beautiful day. The Sultan and his entourage agreed to escort the leaders and representatives of the world out of the palace hall. They said goodbye to each other. May the relationship last until the end of our lives to my lord the Sultan and Queen. Upholding the love of Your Majesty,All Hail the Sultan. Report live from the palace, thank you and see you again.

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