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The Rise of The Religion of The God

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May 26th, 1421

Rajasanagara, Capital City of Nagaraningrad

Soervanism-founder.png.3c017f9941c3dfa28229f5ba59055362.pngAn Unknown Figure, an everyday face around Rajasanagara. With hope of salvation, hope of humanity and, hope of glory, he will set fire to this rain. Now, the irrational, nonsensical lines written for him as he must deliver to the people. A path to surreal Insanity, the way for restoring Soerva.

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June 7th, 1421



Wearing Purple Robe and Nagaran Blue shirt, He prepare his oration on top of soap box with Soervanism Poster on the wall behind him. With pack pedestrian, this will be a good amount of audience. "Hear ME!" he shouted, "Nagaranites! you are an obscurity!". The attention grew and the pedestrian are start to crowding around him.

"I'm with Soerva will help all of us to the way we are meant to be. Salvation! Humanity! and Glory!"

soon after, his head is covered by the brown sack by unknown person in grey trench coat and more of them came out of the seamless rotated wall door. The road from both ways are blocked by tall heavy armored bus with Indranagara Symbol. The people in between the buses are get arrested by the swarm of agent. handcuffed, blind-folded, and mouth covered by rags, the people are forced to get into the buses. as the other agent start sweep the area.


However, one of the particular agent looking at the poster, immersively, standing still, and silent. An explosion suddenly happen in the middle of the road, break the focus of this agent and he soon taking the poster down carefully. Then, he roll the poster and put it on the paper tube. Later, the area is cleared with exception of a crater and fire on the road then the buses start to move away and police and firefighter start to move in as this agent start to walk away with the paper tube with him.


his objective are to clear any tangible evidence from the target's life and make sure it's can not be found or memorize.... The fire radiation from Incinerator is start to warm his face and he throws the paper tube into the incinerator.

and a scissor.

He decided to keep a Soerva Symbol cut from the light-yellow paper poster. A curiosity of his lost past led him to keep it. suddenly, a buzz from the intercom surprise the agent as the buzz is suppose to be expected. "407" as he press and talk on the intercom, then the intercom reply "Ok, 407, is vision memory gone?". "Gone" he reply. then the intercom buzzed for a while. then the intercom replied "alright, that's it. come back to the under. you can have your cheese once you get back." before the agent affirming, the intercom buzzed again and said "don't forget to pick her up again, Roezain" and the intercom cut off.

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