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  1. Here you go! Here is the November Issue of The Monthly Tabloid Newsletter! Don't forget to Upvote! https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1469228
  2. I do understand what you say, I had contacted a guardian of TWP and they had said the same. I just said this here as Dilber asked about it. Thanks, Indusse
  3. Hello Dilber, It was just a opinion article by its author. It is never a official statement of India. I know that it had made some controversies. Libertanny of TEP, who's a good friend of mine also said this... Due to this article, many of TWP nations downvoted it. We aren't able to receive atleast two upvotes. Please reverse the action if possible and once again, this isn't India's Official statement. Thanking you, Indusse
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