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The Sultanate of Arifiyyah

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Coat of Arms

Motto: God Protects Sultan and Arifiyyah Darul Fikr

Arifiyyah is located on the continent of Aura in the TWP World


Main Name:Arifiyyah Darul Fikr
Capital:Medina Arif
Largest City:Banda Besar

Official Language:Arifianic 

National Language:Arifianic


- King:Sultan Arif Nazhim Shah(Sultan Arifiyyah IV)
- Prime Minister:Tan Sri Rais Zuhdi 

-Minister of Defence: Dato' Ilham Mustaqim
-Minister of Financial:Danial Mukhriz 
- Minister of Foreign Affairs:Lee Jian Ying
-Minister of Home Affairs:Albert Johnston 

- Upper House:Hall of Nation
- Lower House: Hall of People

Land Area:823,860 km²
Water Area:348,847 km²
Water %: 0.42%

GDP (nominal):AFR61.5 Trillion
GDP (nominal) per capita:AFR 10,117

Human Development Index (NS Version):67.75

Currency:Arif Ringgit(AFR)

Time Zone:UTC+8

Drives on the:Right Side

Calling code:+60

Internet TLD:AF


MAP OF ARIFIYYAH Arifiyyah.thumb.png.8f8c14350a88313c2c8faf2e4cf19ea5.png

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The name Arifiyyah is taken from the founder of the Sultanate of Arifiyyah, Sultan Arif I. The name Arifiyyah was inspired by the names of a few kingdoms irl such as the Abbasid(Abbasiyyah in Arabic spell)sultanate, the Ottomans(Uthmaniyyah in Arabic spell),Ayyubid(Ayubiyyah in Arabic spell)and others.

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How it's all started

Before the birth of the Arifiyyah sultanate, this blessed land was called the Guarded Land. This land has been inhabited by Malays west Pacific since 300 years ago. In the past, the country had no supreme ruler. The people in the town are ruled by the mayor while those in the village are ruled by the village headman.The villagers (lower class) were treated like slaves by the townspeople. Racism was rampant at the time.

The late Sultan Arif I, the first Sultan Arifiyyah also came from the villagers. He also felt how he was treated like a servant. That is why he wants to create a country without racism. He had succeeded in uniting most of the villages in Arifiyyah. He was also appointed chief among them to take over the whole of the Guarded Land and form a new government.

Sultan Arif I had declared war on the upper class, the urban people. His Majesty and his followers received victory before the bloodshed because all the mayors in the Guarded Land agreed to surrender. After that event, Sultan Arif has called himself Sultan Arif I. Until now, the late Sultan Arif I has succeeded in reviving unity and giving birth to a nation that has an identity or is named as the Arifians 

Royal Family Tree


Sultan's Shorts History


Name:Tuanku Arif Bin Asohan(Changed to Arif Billah Shah after be a Sultan)

Born:20 May 1293,Kampong Besar

Death:7 May 1385,Medina Arif

Spouse:Sultanah Che Puan Aliyah 


1)Almarhum Raja Muda Tuanku Arif Ali

2)Almarhum Sultan Nazhim Shah

3)Almarhumah Datin Shakeera


1. build a new nation that is Arifiyyah and end racism between the city and the villagers.

2. develop the field of trade and improve the status of the port in Arifiyyah

3. form an Arifian nation that helps and cares for each other



Name: Tuanku Ahmad Nazhim(changed to Nazhim Shah after be a Sultan)

Born: 3 october 1325,Medina Arif

Death:3 october 1382,Medina Arif 

Spouse:Almarhumah Pemaisuri Agong Che Puan Maisarah

Children:1) Almarhum Sultan Arif Mahmud Shah



1. Divide Arifiyyah from 3 states into 9 states.

2. focus on developing the hinterland in Arifiyyah.

3.Build 30 new universities in Arifiyyah.

4.Advancing the education system in Arifiyyah.

5. Founder of Arifiyyah Automobile (AA),the first and most advanced motor vehicle manufacturer in Arifiyyah



Name:Tuanku Arif Mahmud Shah(Arif II)

Born:15 January 1352,Medina Arif 

Death:27 April 1420,Medina Arif 

Spouse:Almarhumah Pemaisuri Agong Che Puan Khatijah


1)Yang DipertuanMuda Tengku Muhammad Nazhim

2)Tuanku Sultan Arif Nazhim Shah


1. Improve the quality of national security

2. Advancing military technology

3. enlarge the size of the country's military

4. focus in the field of national defense

5. Create 10 professional command squads



Name:Tuanku Arif Nazhim(Changed tu Arif Nazhim Shah after be a Sultan)

Born:1400,Banda Baharu

Spouse: Her Majesty Queen Isabella Nur Hudson 


1) Tengku Mahkota Putera Seri Ali Nazhim 


1. Focus in the field of information technology and development

2. Advancing various things with advanced technology

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Parliament of Arifiyyah 

Under the rule of Sultan Arifiyyah I, the country's administrative system was an absolute monarchy. In 1359 under Sultan Nazhim Shah, the second Sultan Arifiyyah ascended the throne, His Majesty introduced a system of parliamentary monarchy. He was not considered as a destroyer of the sultanate, but instead was praised by people of all ages for giving space and opportunity to democracy. Since then, the people have agreed to fight for their respective political ideologies and form several political parties. Each took part in the first General Election. The National People’s Coalition, a conservative political coalition comprised of the United People Of Arifiyyah, the Arifiyyah Democratic Association and the Arifiyyah Islamic Party had won a landslide victory at the time. While the People's Justice Alliance, the central political alliance consisting of the Democratic Action Party and the Liberal Union Party is not won many seats.


State Legislative Assembly 

At the end of Sultan Arifiyyah 1 reign, His Majesty introduced a state administration system where several village heads in the state would be elected by village heads in other states to become the Chief Minister in the state. However, Sultan Nazhim Shah, the second Arifiyyah sultan, changed the system due to several corruption crimes among village heads and injustice. He introduced the State Legislative Assembly in each state. State assemblymen will be elected by the people on the date set by the Sultan(the general election)


Parliament of Arifiyyah 

There are 70 seats in the Senate headed by the Sultan himself and 222 seats in the Chamber of the People headed by the Speaker appointed by the Sultan



Pictures of members of the House of Representatives

List of state governments

NPC: National People's Coalition 

PJA: People's Justice Alliance 

Medina Arif: NPC

Banda Baharu:NPC

Medina Fekir:NPC


Kuala Bukit:NPC

Permata Pantai: PJA

Kota Tarkol: NPC

Kampong Besar: NPC

Medina Jabal: NPC


Political Party and Coalition 

NATIONAL PEOPLE'S COALITION (Perikatan Rakyat Kebangsaan)

United Arifiyyah National Organisation(Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Arifiyyah Bersatu)

-President:Tan Sri Rais Zuhdi (Prime minister)

Arifiyyah Democratic Association (Persatuan Demokratik Arifiyyah)

-President: Albert Johnston

Arifiyyah Islamic Party (Parti Islam Arifiyyah)

-President: Tuan Guru Haji Adam Yahya



People Justice Party(Parti Keadilan Rakyat)

President:Syed Sigaraga(opposition leader)

Liberal Union Party (Parti Kesatuan Liberal)

-President: Barack Trump 




UANO: United Arifiyyah National Organisation

PIA: Arifiyyah Islamic Party

ADA: Arifiyyah Democratic Association

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Batik is a patterned fabric woven with silk thread. Usually batik is decorated with patterns of flora or fauna, through the method of stamping or drawing. Batik originates from Kampong Besar, believed to have existed 1000 years ago. People usually make long dress and thobe for women and shirts for men. Nowadays,Batik clothes are still worn by Arifian as a daily garment, especially during religious festivals and cultural celebrations.Every Thursday, all members of parliament,civil workers and students are required to wear batik shirts to go to workplace and school.


Batik shirt



The famous Kerabu rice is an Arifiyyah cuisine rice dish, a type of nasi ulam, in which blue-coloured rice is eaten with dried fish or fried chicken, crackers, pickles and other salads. The blue colour of the rice comes from the petals of Clitoria ternatea flowers, which are used as a natural food coloring in cooking it.

Kerabu rice is usually eaten as breakfast, as well as lunch. You can find delicious kerabu rice in Permata Pantai, because Permata Pantai is the place of origin of the dish.


Kerabu rice

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