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The Vergville Factbook

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The Federal Republic of the Vergville

Population: 8,317,360 people

Pop density: 80 km^2

Land Area: 103,967 km^2

TLD: .vg

Calling code: +1 28

Time zone: IAT -4

Demonym: Vergen; Vergens

Currency: Popper

Overview: The small republic was founded on the principles of democracy and populism. As a result, the parties formed a basis of a decentralized government, a confederation of sorts. But being situated in Polaris, the lingering threat of war and invasion has brought the nation closer and closer to the establishment of a federation. For the protection of the population, the right winged populists paved the way to conscription laws, whilst the left wing organized plans of economy for the start and duration of any incoming war. Despite all ethnic and racial differences, the republic had to bring in an era of cooperation between the 3 racial populations that split up the nation.

The republic started with no form of military until the formation of the National and Provincial guards during the newly established federation. They are the Coast Guard, the Federal Guard, the Local Guard, and the Republic's Guard. The Federal and Coast Guard act as the nation's army and navy. The Local Guard act as a militarized police force within their local province, capable of bringing peace to their respective communities as well as a regulatory inspected militia. Then there's the Republic's Guard, the nation's new air force, it is amongst the most significant and important aspects to the nation's defense, as the nation lacks the natural defense besides its hills and forests.

For now, peace has been established for the small republic across its territories and provinces. 

Edited by VergVillerepublic
Changed population and pop density for appropriate Spreadsheet info

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