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[Factbook] The United Parliamentary Socialist Republics of Artztokzsia

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Capital City: Artyomski

Government Type: Unitary Parliamentary Socialist Republics

Head of Government: The Central Committee


Head of State: Premier Georgi Benoran




Continent: Polaris

Land area: 304,210Km2 (117,456ml2)

Density: 36.6Km2 (94.9ml2)

Notable Cities: Prostoksi, Nova Pospekt, and Alenskt


Elevation map(with rivers):


Region Map:





GDP: $313,597,925,868

GDP per capita: $28,134

Leading Industries: Manufacturing, Information Technology, and Mining

Currency: Artz ₳

Exchange rate: $1=₳2.01





People and society

Population: 11,146,582

Language: Artzo Common, Iznt languages(non-official), and Common(non-official)

National animal: Killer Whale

National Religion: (none)

National Anthem: "The Will of the People"

National Motto: "May The Sun Never Set on Our Eternal Horizon!"



Military Personal(per 1,000 capita): 8

Military Personal(total): 89,173

Military Spending(per personal): $91,436

Military Service: Mandatory

Military Spending: $14,043,859,001

Military Branches: The Guard, Naval Guard, and the Arial Guard

Guard Sub-Branches: The Expeditionary Guard, The National Guard, and The Engineer Guard

Naval Guard Sub-Branches: The Coastal Guard

Military Motto: "Glory to Artztokzsia!"

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History: The Great Artztokzyan War

"People of Artztokzsia, 2 years ago the Cruel Dictatorship of Arminsky allied with the Barbarians of the mountainous Azure and declared their hate for our prosperity! Days later they declared war on our people. Now today they have pushed into our borders and captured the bustling city of Nova Prospekt and are on their way to slaughter the people of this Great City of Artyomski! I call upon the help of you because if this Great City falls our freedom our people also falls. As our enemies attempt to pull our sun under our horizon it is our duty as the the People of Artztokzsia to Keep the sun in our sky! For May The Sun Never Set On Our Eternal Horizon!"


~Premier Jonthan Canial 1368AF, 46 hours before the Siege of Artztokzsia

1366 AF

~Coming soon~

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