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The Ragerian Imperium

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The Ragerian Imperium | March Update

is a region founded on February 1st, 2018 by Emperor Cognat. The region is a result of four different regions merging together, those regions being H Y D R A, The Arabian Empire, The Dark Brotherhood, and The Dark Vanquishers. In less then one month TRI has grown to a nation count of 135, being the 105th most populated region as of February 23, 2018.

The Ragerian Armada
has already participated actively in raiding, hitting a few warzones and a few UCR's. TRA is lead by Fleet Admiral Valkyrie. We did a multi-team tag run and hit 54 tags in one update.

Imperial Council Updates
- On February 4th, Crown Prince Vult appointed Manson and Rachael Arche-VerinGuard to be Councillors. Councillor Manson being in charge of Internal Affairs, Councillor Rachael being in charge of External Affairs. On February 23, Grand Minister Zarhust appointed Sithis as Deputy Councillor for Internal Affairs.

Internal Affairs Councillor Manson has taken to creating a news source called The Ragerian Sentinel. 

"Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears! I'm here to announce the creation of a new newspaper. That's quite a tongue twister, yeah? Say it three times fast, a new newspaper, a new newspaper, a new newspaper. Cool, huh? Anyway, let's get back on topic. I, MM, have created TRS so citizens may disperse their views and ideas creatively and freely." -Councillor Manson

In External Affairs, Councillor Rachael has worked on getting the beginning embassies established.

Imperial Edicts

On February 11 ,2018, Emperor Cognat created the Imperial Court. Upon creation of the Imperial Court, Chief Justiciar Valkyrie Vytherov was appointed. The court will be composed of an odd amount of Justiciars, the number being decided by the Emperor.

For a master list of all the Edicts, check the dispatch found on our NS page

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July Foreign Upate

Emperor: Vulturret[NS]

Prince of the First Rank: Sithis[NS]

Grand Councillor: Madeline[NS]

Internal Affairs: Xemt[NS]

Communications: Vulturret[NS]

World Assembly Affairs: Manson[NS]

External Affairs: Samsonyte[NS]

Chief Justiciar: Aav VerinHall[NS]

Associate Justiciar: Smith VerinGuard[NS]

Associate Justiciar: Zaphkael[NS]

Speaker: McMannia Whitehall[NS]

After a period of inactivity following a period of turmoil and instability, The Ragerian Imperium is now back and doing better than ever. This will be a fairly long update since the last one was all the way back in March and quite a lot has happened since then. Now that things are more stable these updates will come on a much more consistent schedule of one every couple weeks and be a more manageable size.

Staff Changes

Since there has been so much staff turnover since the last foreign update four months ago, a list of all changes to the Imperial Council will be provided instead of an in-depth explanation of each change as usual.

  • 3/04/18 - The first Councillor of Internal Affairs, Manson, resigned due to personal issues.
  • 3/10/18 - Emperor Cognat I (Scott/Tawks) abdicated the throne to Vulturret and left the region after a disagreement with Grand
  • Councillor Zarhust and External Affairs Councillor Rachael. Zarhust and Rachael also left the region.
  • 3/11/18 - Fleet Admiral of the Armada and Chief Justiciar Valkyrie Vytherov resigned due to issues with a few members of the region.
  • 4/2/18 - The Imperial Council was finally filled after the turmoil of the previous month. Samsonyte was appointed to Grand Councillor, Jake became the Internal Affairs Councillor with Xemt as his deputy, Rachael was appointed to External Affairs Councillor and Aav became the Chief Justiciar.
  • 4/16/18 - Eli Hesial was elected Speaker of Citizens’ Assembly
  • 4/28/18 - Grand Councillor Samsonyte was replaced by Madeline VerinGuard.
  • 5/31/18 - An expanded Imperial Council was introduced with Madeline remaining as the Grand Councillor, Samsonyte as the External Affairs Councillor, Jake retaining his role as Internal Affairs Councillor, and Rachael and Vulturret in the new positions of WA Affairs Councillor and Communications Councillor, respectively.
  • 6/03/18 - Rachael left the region without explanation, leaving the office of Councillor of WA Affairs vacant.
  • 6/18/18 - In a very close race for Speaker of the Citizens’ Assembly, McMannia Whitehall just barely edged out incumbent Speaker Eli Hesial, becoming our new Speaker.
  • 6/18/18 - Manson was appointed to WA Affairs Councillor.
  • 6/20/18 - Xemt replaced Jake as Internal Affairs Councillor after Jake’s activity level fell.

The State of the Region

While the last section focused on the happenings in the region over the past few months, this section will focus on the current affairs of the Ragerian Imperium.

The Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs had been a vital asset the region and our most active department under Jake’s leadership, but when Jake got a new RL job, his activity dramatically declined and it was clear that some changes were necessary. Enter Xemt, longtime Deputy Councillor of Internal Affairs and possibly the most consistently active member of the region. Xemt was promoted to Councillor of Internal Affairs on the 20th of June and has continued to do a fantastic job in the department. He plans to focus on generating more activity on all platforms, increasing our nation count and active citizen numbers, and starting a regional roleplay.

The Department of External Affairs

The Department of External Affairs had not been doing very well with Rachael at the helm but it is starting to improve with new Councillor of External Affairs Samsonyte. Samsonyte was appointed to the position on May 30th and has since worked hard to revive the department. His main goals for the immediate future are improving our relationships with our current allies, putting out more frequent and consistent foreign updates, and forging new relationships with other prominent raider regions.

The Department of Communications

One of our new departments, the Department of Communications is led by Emperor Vulturret. The Department of Communications was created as a split from the Department of Internal Affairs to allow for more focus in certain areas. The purpose of the department is to keep all our citizens up to date on all the happenings within the region through, newspapers, telegrams, or whatever other medium best suits the needs of our people. So far Councillor Vulturret has begun working on telegram campaigns to encourage residents to be more involved and has started an interview series, My Fellow Ragerian. The first installment, An Evening with Naj, can be found here. Vult’s goals for the near future include continuing My Fellow Ragerian, encouraging more citizens to join offsite platforms, and establishing The Ragerian Sentinel, our newspaper.

The Department of World Assembly Affairs

Our other new department, the Department of World Assembly Affairs was established to keep our citizens informed on matters relating the WA and help TRI have more of a global presence in the World Assembly. After Rachel left, the future of the department was uncertain but now with Manson leading it, the department is sure to become a vital part of the region. Councillor Manson is currently focused on encouraging citizens to be active voters and increase discussions on the RMB, discord, and the forum.

Executive Branch Overall

Overall, the executive branch is doing well and is on track to become even better. Under Grand Counsellor Madeline’s leadership, it has become increasingly active and important each day. Both of our original two departments, EA and IA, have been more active than ever before and our two new departments, Comm. and WAA, are becoming just as vital to the region. Grand Councillor Madeline is working hard to increase activity on all platforms, grow our citizen base, improve our presence in the raider community with raids at least 3 majors a week, and establish a schedule for raids, games, interviews, and other regional activities.

Judicial Branch

The Ragerian justice system has already been tested multiple times in our short existence and it has held fast each time. Chief Justiciar Aav has presided over 4 cases since the last foreign update, one ending in a permaban, one ending in a temporary mute, and the other two ending in out of court settlements. Two more justiciars, Zaphkael and Smith, were appointed and unanimously approved by the Citizens’ Assembly on June 1st. Aav and his team remain committed to serving justice and interpreting the law fairly.

Citizens’ Assembly

The Citizens’ Assembly, our lawmaking body consisting of all our citizens, was created in April with the introduction of our new constitution that replaced the edicts that were used under Emperor Cognat I. It has been largely inactive since its creation in April, but in recent weeks it has seen more activity with a couple bills currently being discussed. A lack of effective election law has been a hot topic for months now but no serious effort to improve it has been made by anyone yet. It remains at the top of Speaker McMannia’s goals, followed closely by the establishment of a higher house of legislature, the introduction of more activities to engage our citizens, an elected head of state, and the promotion of raider ideologies.

The Ragerian Armada

The Ragerian Armada, the military force of the Ragerian Imperium, is not doing as well as many of the other areas of the region. Despite numerous attempts by the Imperial War Command to organize raids, there seems to be a lack of interest among the general citizenry. The Imperial War Command is continuing to offer frequent raids for those who want them and is currently working on a campaign to interest more people in the Armada. Don’t think our military isn’t still active though, we’ve gotta couple big projects planned. Watch out, natives!


That's it for this update! Our next update will be coming shortly. Our plan is to have small updates every few weeks instead of larger ones less often. For more information about anything discussed here talk to Councillor of External Affairs Samsonyte.

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Mid-July Foreign Update

Emperor: Vulturret[NS]

Prince of the First Rank: Sithis[NS]

Grand Councillor: Madeline[NS]

Internal Affairs: Xemt[NS]

Communications: Vulturret[NS]

World Assembly Affairs: Manson[NS]

External Affairs: Samsonyte[NS]

Chief Justiciar: Aav VerinHall[NS]

Associate Justiciar: Smith VerinGuard[NS]

Associate Justiciar: Zaphkael[NS]

Speaker: McMannia Whitehall[NS]

For most of the citizen’s of The Ragerian Imperium, the past few weeks have been largely uneventful. For the admin team, however, the last couple weeks have been exceptionally busy. As I am sure you’re aware of, the Zetaboards-Tapatalk merger is scheduled to happen in the next few days and as a result, the admin team has decided to migrate our forum to proboards. The new forum can be found here. This is not a decision we take lightly; the admin team has discussed each of our options extensively. Expect the migration to be complete and approved the Citizens’ Assembly within the next few days. Ambassadors to us, please create an account on the new forum and post all future foreign updates on your respective subforum. We apologize for any inconveniences and thank you for your understanding. Please contact your ambassador from us, the Grand Councillor, Madeline, or the Councillor of External Affairs, Samsonyte with any questions or concerns.

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August Foreign Update
Monarchy Executive Judicial Legislative
Emperor: Vulturret[NS]
Prince of the First Rank:Sithis[NS]
Grand Councillor: Madeline[NS]
Deputy Grand Councillor: McMannia Whitehall[NS]
Councillor of Internal Affairs: McMannia Whitehall[NS]
Councillor of External Affairs: Vacant
Cheif Justiciar: Ceasar[NS]
Associate Justiciar:Smith[NS]
Speaker of the Assembly: Eli Hesial[NS]
These last few weeks have been very busy in the Ragerian Imperium, with lots of legislative activity, executive changes, military operations, and even some judicial events.
Recent Court Cases 
    On July 19, Former Cheif Justiciar Aav Verinhall was fired by Emperor Vulturret and replaced by Ceasar. Aav immediately claimed the action was illegal, citing Article IV, Section 9 of the Constitution, which states that Justiciars serve until their resignation or impeachment. A Judicial Review was soon launched. People debated the facts of the case and what the law stated for hours after the announcement. On July 21, Associate Justiciar Smith VerinGuard ruled against Aav, using Article IV, Section 10 and Article I, Section 2 to establish that the office of Cheif Justiciar is a political office and therefore that the Sovereign is permitted to remove them from office. The Supreme Court also ruled, however, that Emperor Vulturret may not appoint a new Cheif Justiciar without the consent of a majority of the Citizens' Assembly. The results of the case were accepted by all parties.
    In other court-related news, Associate Justiciar Zaphkael failed to renew his citizenship after the forum move and was subsequently removed from the Judicial bench, leaving Caesar and Smith scrambling to find a replacement. No one has been appointed to the role yet, but Cheif Justiciar Caesar has been in talks with Samsonyte to make him Associate Justiciar.

Legislative Activity in the Imperium
    The busy period in our legislature was kicked off on July 19 when former Speaker McMannia Whitehall resigned. A replacement election was promptly held with Emperor Emeritus Scottie and former Speaker Eli Hesial in the running. Both campaigns were very compelling, but when the votes were counted on July 22, the winner was Scottie, with a 5-2 victory over Eli. Scottie got to work immediately after his election, bringing Constitutional Amendment #2 to vote only hours after he was elected. The bill was approved unanimously (except for 1 abstention) and our forums were officially moved to proboards. Not long after Constitutional Amendment #2 was passed, Constitutional Amendment #1, which had been motioned several weeks earlier, was brought to vote. This bill allowed the creation of a Senate to be in place alongside the Citizens' Assembly, now known simply as the Assembly, pending further legislation on the Senate. This bill had been in the works for a long time and was unanimously passed. The next thing on the legislative agenda, The Civil Service and Employment Act, formally allowing citizens to join the executive departments, was voted on from July 27 to July 29 and passed through the Assembly and on to the emperor, who approved the bill. The confirmation vote of Ceasar, Emperor Vulturret'snominee for Cheif Justiciar, was brought to vote on July 29, not long after the passing of The Civil Service and Employment Act. This vote has had a few hiccups (see "Recent Court Cases") but the problems were eventually sorted out. The vote concluded on July 31 and with a 6-1 count, confirming Ceasar as the Chief Justiciar. Unfortunately, before Ceasar's confirmation vote had even been finalized, Scottie abruptly resigned from all positions in the region. A snap election was soon called. Eli Hesial once again ran, this time against Aav Verinhall. The vote concluded on August 7 with a vote of 5-4, electing Eli Hesial to be the next Speaker of the Imperium. So far, Eli has brought two bills to vote, the first of which, The Judicial Definitions and Regulations Act, finally established a working procedure for the judicial branch. The bill passed through the assembly with a 4-1-1 vote and was assented to by Emperor Vulturret on August 11. The second of the two bills established a better procedure for the Assembly. The Assembly Procedures Bill was unanimously approved by the Assembly on August 21 but has not been assented to by the emperor at the time of this articles writing, although most analysts expect that he will assent to the bill soon.

Changes in the Executive
    The executive branch of the Imperium has not been as active as the rest of the region as of late. Several members of the Imperial Council have been inactive and on August 2 Grand Councillor Madeline even declared herself on a partial leave of absence to finish back-to-school preparations. In order to combat this inactivity, Grand Councillor Madeline announced on August 5 a few changes to the composition of the Imperial Council. First off was the replacement of Councillor of Internal Affairs Xemt with McMannia Whitehall. In the same announcement, Madeline also did away with the Department of World Assembly Affairs due to a lack of interest and activity from Manson, the department's former leader.
    Unfortunately, after a few weeks, it became apparent that these changes were not nearly as effective as Madeline had hoped. Some citizens became restless, berating the Grand Councillor for what they thought were lackluster efforts and even calling for her impeachment. In an effort to remedy both of these problems, Madeline announced a major rework to the executive branch of the government. Under the new system, there will be four members of the Imperial Council, the Grand Councillor, Deputy Grand Councillor, Councillor of External Affairs, and Councillor of Internal Affairs, in addition to any Advocates that are appointed the Council. There will be four departments under the command of the Councillor of Internal Affairs, the Departments of Recruitment, Integration, Communication, and Roleplay. The Councillor of External Affairs will have two departments under their control, the Departments of Foreign Relations and World Assembly. Councillor of Internal Affairs McMannia Whitehall is set to keep that role and become the Deputy Grand Councillor, but Samsonyte has expressed an interest in filling the gap in the Judicial bench and as such will no longer be the Councillor of External Affairs. Samsonyte will continue to lead the Foreign Relations department, but Madeline will be taking over the duties of Councillor of External Affairs for the time being. 

Forum Movement
    In our last update, we announced our plans to switch from our old ZetaBoards forums to a new ProBoards forum. The move has gone forward as planned without any major setbacks. After the Assembly approved the forum move, citizens started to migrate over from our old forums and onto the new ones. The admin team ordered that all citizens re-post their citizenship applications to keep all our data on them stored and to be sort of a purge. We will not require our embassied regions and ambassadors to do the same thing, but we will require all ambassadors to create an account on our new forum to best represent their region.
On the State of the Military
    Military activity had been experiencing an uptick under the leadership of Fleet Admiral Scottie, but with his resignation, the future was less certain for a while. The other admirals worked overtime to find solutions to the problems presented with the sudden absence of a Fleet Admiral. Then, on August 20, Admiral Sithis announced Jake as the new Fleet Admiral. Jake had been working hard in the armada for a while at that point, already having written several guides and other documents, as well as raiding often. The Imperial War Command is confident Jake will do a fantastic job, bringing the Ragerian Armada to a new age of glory.

Our apologies for the tardiness of this foreign update. Both (former) Councillor of External Affairs Samsonyte and Grand Councillor Madeline have been very busy these past few weeks.  Please contact your ambassador from us, Foreign Relations manager Samsonyte, or Grand Councillor Madeline with any questions or concerns regarding anything covered in this foreign update.

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Emperor: Vulturret
Prince of the First Rank: Sithis
Grand Councillor: Aav Verinhall
Councilor of Internal Affairs: Jas
Councilor of External Affairs: Madeline Valois
Councilor of Communications: Frenchy
Chief Justiciar: Caesar
Associate Justiciar: Samsonyte
Associate Justiciar: Smith VerinGuard
Assembly Speaker: Madeline Valois

The Ragerium Imperium has been particularly silent in the last month and a half due to internal structure needing to be revised in order to be the best region we can be. During this time, we have had a new Grand Councillor and a new Fleet Admiral as well as a slew of legal court battles of which one remained.


Old News, Still Fresh
Following the Lawsuit filed by former Fleet Admiral Jake against former Grand Councillor Madeline, a court case ensued where Madeline had to prove her innocence in the charge of Blackmail. While the details as to what action exactly led to her being blackmailed are to remain classified due to the proceedings happening in a private court, the details of the results are able to be shared. Grand Councillor Madeline was found innocent of Blackmail and received no additional charges or sentencing. The court chastised the region for again allowing a private matter which should have been handled in private be brought to the courts. The court has had a particularly difficult time in regards to personal matters staying personal rather than airing for all to see. This became prevalent during Fleet Admiral Jake's many attempts to take citizens to court. One of his final attempts were to sue former Speaker Eli Hesial for holding Jake in contempt within the Assembly, the court denied this application due to the reactionary nature that Jake showed as well as other factors.
New News, Even Better
Following the end of a two week court case, Emperor Vulturret came out with a few announcements regarding leadership, citizen conduct, and administrative conduct. 
In regards to military leadership, Jake was dishonorably discharged from the Armada and stripped of all his titles and honors gained in the region due to his betrayal of trust in the Crown. Jake had prior to this announcement removed more members of the Imperial War Command leaving only himself and the Crown within the chambers. Some citizen claimed Jake was trying to centralize his power and reduce the number of opposers to his actions within the Armada, which had been under scrutiny by a number of citizens. The two who were demoted and removed from the Imperial War Command were Admiral McMannia WhiteHall and Admiral Samsonyte. McMannia was the Deputy Grand Councillor at the time while Samsonyte was the presiding judge over the blackmail case between Jake and Madeline. Following Jake's dishonorable discharge, Samsonyte was returned to his proper position within the Armada while McMannia was not due to his resignation in protest of the actions of the former Fleet Admiral. Samsonyte was then given a promotion and made the new Fleet Admiral. The citizenry breathed a sigh of relief knowing a level headed and well liked member of the community shall now lead our military with strength and respect.
In regards to Executive Leadership, after discussing with Madeline, Vulturret relieved Madeline and McMannia of their duties as Grand Councillor and Deputy Grand Councillor respectively and appointed Aav VerinHall as Grand Councillor. Since his appointment, Aav has created his full Imperial Council and has continued to work with his council to get the ball moving on more regional activities and involvement.

A Bittersweet Election
This past week the Imperium had their elections for Speaker of the Assembly. The two candidates, incumbent Eli Hesial and Deputy Speaker Madeline Valois, ran a clean race to ensure the best for the job was picked. In the end, Madeline rose as the victor receiving votes from the Crown as well as the incumbent. Eli Hesial explained that he had voted for Madeline due to a need to get his mental health in check and that he wishes her the best of luck as Speaker within the region. Eli then indicated he would be taking a step back from politics to ensure he was the best he could be before involving himself in anymore regional activities.

Following the election, the Assembly hit the ground running with amendments to the Constitution flying left and right. Two amendments are for the Criminal Code which will allow for OOC Admins to do their jobs without IC scrutiny and to better define malfeasance and nonfeasance of office. Another amendment comes for the Assembly Procedures, which will mandate the use of a template for legislation to ensure legislation proposed is consistent with the values of the region. The most controversial amendment is authored by the Crown and former citizen Naj. This amendment is a proposal for an entirely new Constitution, which the most controversial article, other than the Monarch's article, being the Lord Protector which would be in charge of maintenance and overseeing the Crown. The more concerning part which have citizens concerned is the powers which the Lord Protector gives, that being, many abilities that the Monarch has as well as the ability to amend the Constitution at will with the Monarch. Only time will tell if a common ground shall be found and until then, our citizens shall continue to legislate and debate.

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The Ragerian Imperium: November Foreign Update + New Treaty Signed

Monarchy Executive Government Legislative Government Judiciary World Assembly
Emperor: Vulturret
Prince of the First Rank: Xhakhaslovakia
Grand Councillor: Xhakhaslovakia
Councillor of Interal Affairs: Xemt
Councillor of External Affairs: Aav Verinhall
Citizens' Assembly Speaker: MarriClairita Chief Justiciar: Frederick the Wonder
Associate Justiciar: Samsonyte
World Assembly Delegate: Toopaka



Affirming a Friendship
The Ragerian Imperium’s oldest ally, the Land of Kings and Emperors, has long been an important region in the NationStates world, and the Imperium is honored to have the LKE as a partner. However, the Imperium and the LKE wished to expand their relations, and after working on this for a while, their plan has come to fruition. Following negotiations between the Governments of the LKE and TRI, the Treaty of Niso, named after a colony of the Land of Kings and Emperors, was signed, and it passed the Imperial Senate of the LKE and the Citizens’ Assembly of the Ragerian Imperium with extremely strong majorities in both. 

Both the Land of Kings and Emperors and the Ragerian Imperium hope that the new treaty, which includes many provisions for cooperation in different areas will only expand the close relationship between those two regions.



New Government Formed
Following the conclusion of Aav Verinhall’s tenure as Grand Councillor (Head of Government), His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Vulturret was quick to appoint a longtime Ragerian, Sithis (Xhakhaslovakia), as the next Grand Councillor. In his acceptance speech, the new Grand Councillor expressed aspirations to revive interest in the civil service and to further the Imperium’s foreign strength. Additionally, the Grand Councillor appointed the outgoing Grand Councillor, Aav Verinhall, as his Councillor of External Affairs, while Xemt returned to his prior position as Councillor of Internal Affairs. The Emperor offered kind words of encouragement for the new government, saying that the Grand Councillor’s record of service to the Imperium is “paralleled by few.”



Z-Day Fosters New Cooperation
During the Z-Day period, the Imperial Council got to work quickly fostering a response plan for the region- attempting to research a cure and exterminating the zombies in the meantime. Internal Affairs Councillor Xemt and several Citizens were extremely active on the Regional Message Board, discussing plans for the events. We are delighted that such cultural cooperation was fostered between our residents during the event.



Produced by the Executive Government on behalf of Emperor Vulturret.

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The Ragerian Imperium: December Foreign Update









Welcome New Allies

The Ragerian Imperium has always seen it as an important task to be involved with other regions diplomatically. Most recently we have opened embassies with two regions. The first of which is Europeia which we have participated in military exercises with in the past. We look forward to continuing to strengthen our relationship with them as our embassies are now open. The second embassy that has been opened is one with United Kingdom. We look forward to getting to know them more and working with them.





New Constitution Passed and New Officials Appointed

On December 3rd, the Citizens' Assembly voted to pass a new constitution for the region, titled Constitution II. This will allow our region to continue to adapt to its needs as it grows at a rapid pace. Shortly after it was passed by the Assembly, His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Vulturret granted the new constitution Imperial Assent and began the legal implementation of it. One of the main changes in the new constitution was the creation of the Imperial Senate. Our new Senate will be the principle legislative body for the Imperium. Furthermore, our new Senate approves requests for treaties and declarations of war. With this new constitution separating powers, it was required to appoint new officials. The first of which was Jake, who was appointed as Grand Councillor. We are happy to have him back and are already excited about the work we have seen from him. With the creation of the Senate, we had three slots to fill in that legislative body. We are happy to have His Imperial Highness, Samsonyte as President of the Senate and look forward to his work in this branch of government. Crodnu, a new face in our government was appointed as a Senator as well, and we are optimistic about his work there. Aav Verinhall was also named a Senator filling the remaining seat on the Senate as well as being appointed as Chief Justiciar of the Imperium. We can't wait to see who his picks for Associate Justiciars will be.



Declaration of War on The New Pacific Order

On November 25th, Emperor Vulturret issued an Imperial Edict for Declaration of War Against the New Pacific Order. This followed a week of conflict in which we battled with some of our allies over St Abbaddon as we remain committed to fighting alongside our allies for what is right. TheRagerian Imperium strongly condemns the behavior of the New Pacific Order's government in their inexcusable actions. We find their actions of harboring a known forum destroyer as well as their unprovoked attacks on our friends and allies completely unacceptable. Our region also denounces how they are treating their citizens by ejecting those that ask questions and restricting their use of the forums. We believe that all nations should be free to ask questions and post on forums as they wish. The war is going well with the Security Council passing Condemn The Pacific by an overwhelming majority, as supported by our Executive Government and Armada. Their crimes against regional sovereignty across NationStates must be punished or their behavior will continue. We continue to chide them for their actions and remain committed to the war against them.



New Prince of The First Rank

With the sad disappearance of the previous Prince, Sithis the region was left with no choice but to find a replacement. His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Vulturret searched all throughout the region to find a worthy candidate. After a very longsearch one was finally found. We are pleased and happy to announce that His Imperial Highness, Samsonyte has been named as the new Prince of The First Rank. His Imperial Highness, Samsonyte has been highly involved in most branches of the government and the armada wherever His Imperial Majesty, Emperor Vulturret has needed him. At times throughout the region he has served as Grand Councillor, Chief Justiciar, Fleet Admiral, and as our ambassador to other regions. With such extensive experience we know he will lead the region well. We wish His Imperial Highness, Samsonyte the best of luck and great success as our new Crown Prince.


Recent Armada News

This past month has been a great time for ourarmada. We had a successful occupation of The Philippines where we spent some time vacationing with some of our allies. We were joined there for a great time by The Black Hawks and the Independent Joint Command Coalition. A great time was had by all due to the great weather as we relaxed in the pool there. In addition our armada assisted one of our allies, The Black Hawks on a raid of St Abbaddon which had initial success. The performance of our troops were fantastic and resulted in Crodnu being promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in the armada. We look forward to the armada's continued success.


Produced by the Executive Government on behalf of Emperor Vulturret

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The Ragerian Imperium: January Foreign Update


Monarchy Executive Government Legislative Government Judiciary World Assembly


Prince of the First Rank:

Grand Councillor:


Councillor of Internal Affairs:

President of the Senate:

Senator: Aav Verinhall

Senator: Crodnu

Citizens' Assembly Speaker:
Eli Hesial
Chief Justiciar:
Aav Verinhall

Associate Justicar: 

Associate Justicar: 

Associate Justicar: 
World Assembly






Imperium Expands External Outreach
Furthering the Ragerian Imperium's aggressive expansion into acquiring new connections with other regions, a new consulate has been opened in the East Pacific. We hope that this will better both of our regions' projects and cultural events, as well as defenses. And though our goals and agendas are sometimes quite different, we look forward to learning their points of view and helping one another - despite our differences. In addition, The Ragerian Imperium successfully opened an embassy in

United Kingdom as well. We look forward to working with and getting to know United Kingdom's King, Akillian.



Imperial Court Reforms Produce Excellent Results

As mentioned in our December Foreign Update, His Imperial Majesty was most pleased to sign Constitution II earlier last month. Among various other improvements to the region from an expansionist standpoint, the new Constitution allows for major reforms to the Imperial Court, most importantly increasing the number of Associate Justiciars (Justices) from two to three. This will allow appeals to be heard by three Justiciars, rather than just two, which could've led to deadlocked Courts. The Imperium is therefore pleased to announce that the Chief Jusiticar, Aav Verinhall, has nominated his three choices for the Office of Associate Justiciar, and all three of these nominations have received the unanimous consent of the newly ordained Imperial Senate. Internal Affairs Councillor Xemt, Senator Crodnu, and Citizen COTNC have received positions on the Imperial Court. We are grateful for their service.



TRI Strongly Backs APC Operations

After participating as one of the three initial parties in the fight against the horrific New Pacific Order and their ideology, The Ragerian Imperium is pleased to announce that it shall continue to pursue agressive courses of action against the NPO. The region was therefore delighted to join as one of the initial members of the Anti-Pacific Coalition. Given its presence as the primary (and only excelling) leader of joint operations against the Pacific, TRI enjoys supporting the excellent work of the Organizers of the Anti-Pacific Coalition. Through coordination and participation in activities such as recruitment via the Regional Message Board, the region continues to vehemently throw its support into overthrowing the hostile regime oppressing the Pacific.



The Ragerian Imperium's Surge of Growth

Mentioned in the My Fellow Ragerian event, the Ragerian Imperium has hit a new height in membership, recruitment of new nations, new citizens, new officials, and activity. This has included over 250 posts on our forums in just one day. With new, creative minds entering the region, we hope that they will be able to contribute to other offices in order to better serve the region for everyone. Already, one of the new citizens has made some impressive art concepts for our military. They already seem like a potential new candidate for our Citizens' Assembly or military. Discord attendance, forum activity, and RMB discussion has also been on the rise, and a good portion of which has come from new citizens. We hope they will eventually expand to the other platforms as well for better communication. We have high hopes that this surge in activity will continue, and help the region and its new members even more. This has been attributed by His Majesty to the great work of the executive government.



Successful Panel of My Fellow Ragerian Amazes Citizens and Guests

On December 15th, our executive government hosted another successful installment of My Fellow Ragerian. We had our Internal Affairs Councillor Xemt hosting with guest appearances from Emperor Vulturret, Prince of the First Rank Samsonyte, Grand Councillor Jake, Senator Crodnu, and former Emperor Cognat I. We discussed the history of The Ragerian Imperium, of the regions that had merged into it, as well as how the armada was the main rallying point under former Emperor Cognat I. It was compared with how much The Ragerian Imperium has evolved from the armada to what it is today. The executive government also discussed the current state of Internal Affairs with what the main challenges are, as well as our recent successes. Internal Affairs Councillor Xemt had the following to say on our successes: "RMB activity's pretty solid, membership's pretty solid, government actually is pretty full with mostly-active people which was really nice to see." In addition everyone shared their goals for the region with making sure the community is happy with new members joining and eventually replacing us being a common theme. To wrap up the event we discussed the happenings in the NPO and how we can further work to combat them with our allies.



TRI's Armada Participates in Successful Operations

Our Armada successfully deployed twice this month to assist our allies and to remain committed to what our region believes in. A handful of our sailors joined The Black Hawks on their Occupation of The Western Colonies the night of the raid. It was an initial success, with the region being under raider control. After the raid, the rest of our Sailors in the Armada immediately moved in, fortifying our hold on the region. Unfortunately, the founder returned, ending the operation. Later in the month, our Armada deployed with the Anti-Pacific Coalition to fortify a region that had been taken by The Coalition. Azhukali was successfully captured with only members of The Coalition remaining and a password imposed. To commemorate the capture of the region, an in-game embassy was completed to remember this first of many successes of the Anti-Pacific Coalition.


Produced by the Executive Government on behalf of Emperor Vulturret


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The Ragerian Imperium: Press Release on Anniversary Celebrations[/align]
Rageria City
Vulturret Government Centre
Office of the Grand Councillor
18th January 2019

The Ragerian Imperium is pleased to announce that TRI will be celebrating its first year of existence on 30 January. This is a most momentous occasion for TRI, and therefore the Imperial Council (Executive Government) is equally delighted to inform the public that an anniversary celebration has been planned for quite some time now for next week, in order to honor the significant and growing role that TRI has played in NationStates since its founding. The Executive Government has been working closely with His Imperial Majesty Emperor Vultus Rex I, and the rest of the Monarchy to ensure that this event is of the highest quality, and it is therefore my great honor as Grand Councillor to invite our allies to this great event. 

Taking place from the 23rd to the 30th of the month, this Anniversary Celebration will consist of a plethora of different activities, which we hope you will find enjoyable. We have published a schedule of these events, to take place on our off-site forums; this schedule can be found below.

In addition, Foreign Dignitaries from allied regions attending the event will be able to give speeches in honor of this occasion, if they so wish. There is no explicit requirement to register for diplomatic status in order to attend this event, however, only authorized Diplomats will be able to give speeches. We would appreciate an announcement of presence in this thread.

Thank you to all for attending this event; it is an honor to have you in Rageria!

Respectfully yours,

Slitherin Snakes

Grand Councillor of the Ragerian Imperium


  • January 24th -- Opening address by the Grand Councillor, start Capture the Flag game, chess on the Discord server
  • January 24th -- Opening address by the Grand Councillor, start Capture the Flag game, chess on the Discord server

  • January 25th -- The end of Capture the Flag game, skribble.io night on the Discord server

  • January 26th- My Fellow Ragerian panel discussing the region's growth

  • January 27th -- TRI trivia night (TRI historical questions written by Emperor Vulturret)

  • January 28th -- Werewolf games on the Discord server

  • January 29th -- Movie night (movie and time TBA), Cards against NationStates

  • January 30th -- Closing address by the Emperor

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The Ragerian Imperium: February Foreign Update



The Ragerian Imperium Hosts Anniversary Festival

In the final week of January, we here in The Ragerian Imperium were delighted to host guests from several of our diplomatic partners for a festival and celebration to commemorate our one year anniversary since founding. Our guests were delighted to partake in numerous activities, including speeches by the Grand Councillor and His Imperial Majesty. Additionally, festival participants partook in specific games for the event. Here's to many more years of TRI!


Grand Councillor Jake Appoints New External Affairs Councillor

The position of External Affairs Councillor had remained vacant for a short period of time while Grand Councillor Jake fulfilled those responsibilities, which brought great success to our foreign affairs endeavors. With everything in foreign affairs in prime condition for an official to be named to head that department, the search began to find the official that would bring even further great success to that area. After careful deliberation with advisers, including the Emperor, the choice for the person became obvious. They had been a former Associate Justicar in the region, as well as a veteran of NationStates with great experience in the executive departments of other regions. It was our honor to appoint Smith as our new Councillor of External Affairs. We are excited about the potential for success he brings to the Office of External Affairs.


Emperor Vulturret Selects New Senator

With a open vacancy occurring in our Senate from former Senator Aav Verinhall resigning, there arose a position to be filled. The selection of a citizen with a peerage for this position wasn't an easy one. All of our nobles have done great work for the region and many serve in positions of leadership already. After careful consideration, Emperor Vulturret found the perfect candidate to bring to the Senate.  The Imperial Crown, along with the Lord Protector, had determined that the Marquess of Jorn shall be a most excellent replacement to serve in the legislature. His service to the Imperial Court, Imperial Council, and the Citizens' Assembly has been exemplary, so the Imperial Crown was pleased to announce that Xemt had been appointed to the Senate. 


The Ragerian Imperium Cooperates with Additional Partners Abroad

In a continuing fashion of The Ragerian Imperium, we have continued to construct embassies with other regions throughout the world. The first new embassy this month was Pacifica, which we have been working closely with in the war against the NPO. We look forward to continuing to work with Cormac, their Head of State, fighting our common enemy in the NPO. In addition, one was constructed with St Abbaddon after they had been liberated from the NPO and their true Monarch Topid had been reinstated. We look forward to a long and valuable partnership with them.


The Ragerian Armada Strikes Again

In a continuing fashion of displaying our strength across the world, our armada was deployed again. This time in our very own operation that we hosted. Our great partners from LKE, TBH, and Balder were in attendance to assist us with our occupation of Brannackia. We were led by Captain Jake who planned and triggered the raid which resulted in a success with Lieutenant Xemt being elected delegate of the region. Unfortunately the founder returned from their slumber shortly after ending the occupation, however it was still a great birthday celebration for TRI and their allies in attendance. Additionally, we were pleased to have several Sailors join our friends in The Black Hawks for their excellent multi-team tag raid operation which concluded with an impressive 144 hits. We commend TBH on this excellent work.

Produced by the Executive Government on behalf of Emperor Vulturret

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The Ragerian Imperium: March Foreign Update



New Appointments to the Imperial Council

The Imperial Council has been relatively stable for months now, and it remains that way, but this month some shuffling was done to react to a resignation and optimize our performance. In the middle of the month, former Councillor of External Affairs Smith left the region and NationStates entirely, leaving a vacancy in the Council. Former Councillor of External Affairs and Prince of the First Rank Samsonyte was brought in to take his place. Vaeruio was appointed to be his Deputy with the intent to take over the post after being trained by Samsonyte. Earlier in the month, former Speaker of the Citizens' Assembly Eli Hesial was brought onto the Imperial Council as Deputy Councillor of Internal Affairs to assist Councillor Xemt in his duties. Grand Councillor Jake expects the executive to be even more efficient and effective than before with these changes.


New Speaker Elected

The February Speaker of the Citizen's Assembly Elections were held early this month. Incumbent Eli Hesial ran once again with less support this cycle. Eli ran with the promise to instate more oversight on the other branches of government, start a colony program, and make the Citizens' Assembly the primary legislative body of the Imperium. A newer citizen, Vaeruio, also known as Porguin, announced his candidacy as well and received endorsements and support from much of the citizenry. His platform was to form a Citizens' Militia and an intern program in the Citizens' Assembly. When the votes were tallied on February 7, Porguin was declared the winner. The Citizens' Assembly will keep working on new legislation under this new leadership.


Successful Military Operations

The Ragerian Armada has been active this month. There have been several small-scale tag raids, primarily to train new recruits. We were proud to promote Porguin, TheBowserBanana, and COTNC to the rank of Apprentice after they demonstrated bravery and skill in these raids. Additionally, on the 23rd of this month, the Armada supported The Black Hawks in their capture of Westphalia. Four sailors were on the front lines and the rest followed shortly after to secure the region. The Armada is on track to continue its successes into March and keep increasing the Imperiums presence around the globe.

Produced by the Executive Government on behalf of Emperor Vulturret

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The Ragerian Imperium: April Foreign Update



Sailor Promoted to Imperial War Command

Last week, the Fleet Admiral, Samsonyte, was extremely pleased to tack on another round of promotions to the long list already announced in his tenure, which has represented one of the Armada's most active periods recently. Numerous new Sailors have joined the ranks of the Armada, and many have been promoted following highly successful training runs. One of the Sailors especially responsible for this pleasing rise in activity was Captain Jake. Therefore, in line with a prior announcement by the Fleet Admiral, he rejoined the Imperial War Command at the rank of Vice-Admiral and will provide excellent leadership working with the Fleet Admiral and Emperor Vulturret.


Emperor Celebrates One Year

For all of us in The Ragerian Imperium, this March 13th was a very significant day. On this day, our Emperor, Vulturret, celebrated one year as Emperor of the Ragerian Imperium. His Imperial Majesty has been a highly critical part of the Imperium for a long time, serving in many different high level capacities and doing the Imperium proud. The Emperor has served the Imperium in a plethora of different ways as Emperor: from authoring the constitution of our region to commanding our most famed raids, His Imperial Majesty has shown a long record of outstanding dedication to The Ragerian Imperium.

His Imperial Majesty has authored numerous reforms that have bettered the Imperium and has always been a friendly face to newcomers, posting frequently on the Regional Message Board and engaging with the citizenry through memorable speeches and daily conversations. Speaking on this monumental occasion from the Palace, His Imperial Majesty expressed gratitude to all of those who have helped him throughout his reign, and he also looked forward to continuing to gracefully guide The Ragerian Imperium for years to come.

We all in the Ragerian Imperium would like to take this time to express our sincere gratitude towards all of our allies and partners throughout NationStates that have supported us and His Imperial Majesty throughout his reign. Thank you.


Forum Post Count Milestone

This month, the Imperium reached another monumental activity milestone when the six thousandth post on the new forum was made by the members. This is representative of the excellent work the Government and Imperial Council are doing to promote use of the Ragerian forums within the region. From legislative debates, to discussions, to spam games, to announcements and news, and reports from the numerous raids the Armada has been conducting in the recent months, the Imperium has been hard at work to ensure that its forums and Discord servers are active. Things don't seem to be slowing down soon, and we look forward to seeing more activity soon.


Impressive Nation Growth

The Ragerian Imperium has seen a delightfully rapid growth in the nation population of our region in 2019. The growth this year has been astounding. We have risen from 86 nations up to a high point of 144 and now stand at 141 nations, putting us back in the top-100 regions in the game when measured by population size. This is a very pleasing development as it has been a while since we were this high.

"The large jump in nation population is owing to the substantial efforts of the Imperial Council and Government led by the Grand Councillor Jake," said Emperor Vulturret. "The Crown commends and thanks the Government for their substantial effort on improving this number." The Emperor's comments represent the general feeling of the region; everyone is happy that there has been so much growth and that the population continues to trend upwards. This population milestone represents a broken record for the last eight months in both population and recruitment telegrams sent and we look forward to seeing it continue.

Produced by the Executive Government on behalf of Emperor Vulturret


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The Ragerian Imperium: May Foreign Update




Tooapaka Honored by the Crown
Recently, the Imperium's long-serving World Assembly Delegate, Toopaka, passed one year serving in that position. This was monumental for the region, as Toopaka has always proved himself as a steady adviser and readily-equipped steward of in-game security. In a speech from his residence, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Vulturret honored Tooapaka for his monumental service with a new noble peerage as the Baron of Fola. We look forward to Toopaka continuing to serve us.




Grand Councillor Announces New Executive Department
Grand Councillor Jake was excited to announce the creation of the Roleplay Department in the Imperial Council this past month. With this addition, we will be able to offer further activities for our residents and citizens to partake in throughout the Imperium. With this creation, we are happy to announce that Eli Hesial will be filling the post of Councillor of Roleplay, effective immediately. Councillor Eli had already been working on the roleplay for the region while serving as Deputy Councillor of Internal Affairs, so it makes perfect sense for him to head this new initiative as we put a greater focus on the roleplay for the region.


New Deputy Councillor Appointed
As was mentioned in Grand Councillor Jake's speech earlier this month, with the new creation of the Roleplay Department, a new Deputy Councillor of Internal Affairs was needed.Throughout the search process, it was decided that New Aglore, a new citizen to the region that has already done great work on the Internal Affairs Staff, would be the best choice. His work has already included sending over 2,600 recruitment telegrams to help grow the Imperium. He seems to be a natural leader and will continue to progress here in the Imperium as he continues his great work in all areas he wishes. With New Aglore's and Xemt's combination in the Internal Affairs Department, the region is on track to stay on a steady path to even greater success.


New Chief Justiciar


Following some developments in the region, a new Chief Justicar was needed to be found. Aav had chosen to resign after an in-character decision he made that made him no longer fit for service as Chief Justiciar. Former Chief Justicar Aav admitted that his mistakes and wrongdoing left the office deserving someone better than him after what he did. Aav committed to moving forward in a better manner and suggested Crodnu as our new Chief Justicar. Crodnu then succeeded Aav as Chief Justiciar following nomination and confirmation. We look forward to Crodnu holding the judicial process and the rest of the government to higher standards.


Election Results


Once again this month we had elections for who would serve as our Citizens' Assembly Speaker. Porguin who was serving last term and did not seek re-election, so it was left open for other candidates to fight for the spot. Eli who has served numerous terms in this position immediately announced his campaign and plans to run after being defeated last term by Porguin. In a twist of events, nobody else announced their attention to run before the election started. Eli ended up winning with seven votes in favor for him with only one abstain casted. We look forward to see the upcoming developments in our legislature with Eli back as our Speaker.


The Armada's Incredible Resolve
These past few months the Armada has been hard at work continuing to further The Imperium's interest in the Nation States world. There have been several successful tag raids and effective training raids of new Sailors that have joined. In addition, it was The Imperial War Commands's Pleasure to promote Xemt to the rank of Captain as he joins the Senior Officer ranks in the Amada. Xemt has done great work and has always put the region first. We look forward to his continued activity and what he helps lead us with as a Senior Officer. In addition with The Black Hawks' operation in Westphalia wrapping up we are pleased to announce that we had a total of 16 sailors that were deployed there to assist them in their operation. We are proud of our sailors contribution there and happy to assist our allies The Black Hawks.
Full Steams Ahead for The Imperium


In a continuing fashion, the region has continued to have incredible growth as we are now in the top 85 regions by nations size. The previous update last month had us at 141 nations with a high of 144 nations. At the time of this writing we are currently at 167 nations with a high of 169 nations. We contribute this success in nation growth primarily to our Internal Affairs Department under Councillor Xemt's and Deputy Councillor New Aglore's work. We thank them for their hard work they have put in leading to this success. We also look forward to when we will pass 200 nations in our region. This is a sure sign that The Ragerian Imperium won't be slowing down any time soon.

Produced by the Executive Government on behalf of Emperor Vulturret

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