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GCR Sovereignty Accords


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(This was made in July 2016; I somehow forgot to post this here.)

The appropriate discussion thread on the NSGP Forums can be found here: http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=383096&hilit=Gcr+sovereignty+accords


We, the signatories of this, the GCR Sovereignty Accords (hereinafter – the Accords), state our devotion to the principles of regional sovereignty within the GCR community. Through the adoption of these Accords we declare that our nations and regions vow to protect the sovereign rights of each member state to govern their lands as they see fit, to protect those lands against outside aggressors, and to support one another against all adversaries.

Article I

The legal and legitimate government of each member region shall be that form of government initiated by or adhered to by the sitting World Assembly Delegate.

Article II

Should any region, group of regions, alliance, or entente of regions threaten a member region of the Accords with military force each region will be asked to assist in the defense of said threatened region.

Article III

Should any region, group of regions, alliance, or entente carry out such threat as to invade said region then all member regions of the Accords will be asked to contribute whatever means available to assist in the repelling of said invasion and to assist in any counter-offensive, if deemed necessary.

Article IV

All military involvement in the Accord’s affairs is voluntary. It is based on the good faith of those signatories of this document that if a member is subject to actions stated in Articles II and III all available military forces will come to the member region’s aid.

Article V

All member regions are expected to share intelligence that is pertinent to the sovereign safety of other members in a timely fashion. No member will be asked to reveal the source of said intelligence but it can be freely provided. All member regions are expected to share intelligence in regards to imminent invasions, espionage, or subversion within another member region.

Article VI

Member regions are not obligated to vote together on World Assembly resolutions. Each member region has the right to vote as they see fit according to the laws of their region. It is based on the good faith of those signatories of this document that if a member region is the subject of a specific World Assembly resolution that members will support the decision made by that region in regards to their regional vote. Member regions can solicit votes for and against specific resolutions from other members of the Accords and the opinions of fellow signatories should place due weight on any voting decision made.

Article VII

The Accord’s signatory regions may use their collective military forces to defend those regional governments that seek out our assistance. At no time will the Accords interfere with the internal affairs of a region without either specific requests from the regional government to do so or just cause. No unilateral action can be undertaken in the Accord’s name without a prior vote of approval with unanimous approval of sitting member regions.

Article VIII

Each member region of the Accords will have three (3) designated representatives to the Governing Council. The Governing Council will handle primary inter-regional communications and will vote on the admission of new members. Each member region will select its representatives in the manner it deems most fitting.

Article IX

Each member region (or potential member region) will decide on the ratification of these Accords according to the laws of their region.

Article X

New members will be added to the Accords only at the invitation from a sitting member and only after all sitting member regions vote on admittance. Each member region will hold a vote among their Governing Council members, this will be the official vote of that member region. All voting members of the Accords must vote positively for approval before an additional region will be admitted

Article XI

These Accords can be amended with a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of sitting member regions.

Article XII

Upon petition by any representative of the Accords regarding the unsuitability of another region’s representative or the ejection of another member region of the Accords for actions of subversion against a fellow member, for actions of espionage against a fellow member, or for actions in assistance of those that would contribute to subversion or espionage within a fellow member region, the Governing Council will convene a hearing to allow for the presentation of evidence and/or arguments for and against expulsion of the accused representative or region. At the conclusion of this hearing (which under no circumstances will last more than 72 hours) the Governing Council (excepting the accused region's representatives) will vote for or against the replacement or expulsion of the accused representative or region respectively. The voting members of the Governing Council must reach a unanimous decision in the affirmative before a representative or region can be removed from the Accords.

Signed (in order of ratification),

The Pacific by

Ivan Moldavi

Ruler of Pierconium

Emperor and Delegate of the Pacific

The West Pacific by


Dragon Delegarth of The West Pacific

On behalf of The West Pacific and the Guardians of TWP

Balder by

Rach Eriksen

Ruler of Solorni

Queen and Delegate of Balder

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