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Current Ambassadors and Overseas Embassies

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Please do not post in this thread if you are not the Foreign Affairs Deputy Advocate or its equivalent. If, however, in the future, a situation arises where the FADA doesn't have mod powers, getting a guardian to edit this OP might be aesthetically better than adding another post every time the list is updated.

This thread will be used to track our current ambassadors and the embassies we have in the forums of other regions. Applications for ambassadors or embassies can be submitted here or here, respectively.

Current Ambassadors

and assignments, by alphabetical order

Antahbrantahstan: Balder

ApplesauceLand: The North Pacific

Benjamin Mark: Osiris, Unknown, The Rejected Realms

Big Bad Badger: The East Pacific

Fujai: Lazarus

Liberillia: Internationale

Malviet: Warzones

Munivita: The New Inquisition

og joker: The South Pacific

President Eden: Europeia

RealmWWin: The Land of Kings and Emperors

Tzcharnorberg: Wintreath

Zogradia: Albion

Special Positions

WestWind: Special TWP Envoy to Equilism

Elegarth: Special TWP Envoy to the Pacific

Current Embassies

Treatied Allies

by alphabetical order, with their respective ambassadors

Albion: Zogradia

Equilism: Westwind

Land of Kings and Emperors: RealmWWin

The New Inquisition: Munivita

The Pacific: Elegarth


by alphabetical order, with their respective ambassadors

Balder: Antahbrantahstan

Lazarus: Fujai

Osiris: Benjamin Mark

The East Pacific: Big Bad Badger

The North Pacific: ApplesauceLand

The Rejected Realms: Benjamin Mark

The South Pacific: og joker

Warzones: Malviet


by alphabetical order, with their respective ambassadors

Europeia: President Eden

Internationale: Liberillia

Unknown: Benjamin Mark

Wintreath: Tzcharnorberg

Current as of February 14th, 2016

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