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  1. Hello, I am from Kola peninsula and I am hosting the Lzecov Islands! Right now I'm trying out creating a topic on this forum. As if it's not obvious already
  2. Good morning! Im Tohi on discord, which is known as the gal with Pigeon pfp :DD. On NS im known by more names, in TWP im ambassador from CK (known as Boratstans). Have a nice day!
  3. Hello! I've been floating around the RMB, RP Discord and TWP Discord but wanted to formally introduce myself. I was brought here on Nox's recommendation and am fairly new to NS, but very excited to participate in TWP's RP and social communities. Wishing everyone a very happy new year! - Hezur (Shi)
  4. Hello! On behalf of the Federation of Astrain, we would like to request official citizenship to the West Pacific
  5. ...slightly overwhelmed, but it'll get there with its superior dictatorial leadership.
  6. We, the Japonic Islands, have joined the forums and officially request citizenship with the West Pacific. After having been in TWP for months, we are excited to officially and permanently move our great nation here.
  7. hello, TWP some probably already know me by this name for months but, i never actually introduce myself in this forum (since it's internet so, just jump in) because i don't know the buttons are, where the right link and, most thread is still oblivious to me so, i abandon it a bit. sorry for the rudeness. after a "divine intervention" or as i called it "contemplating my life" i decided to look up on this forum again and finally figure it out (well, half of it). ok, introduction.... hello, my nation is Surroosia [sur.ru.sia]. The first major event i have been in was a "Festival of Three Perfection" i won for Photography and Graphic Design in Art division . was part of the Resistance "Anti-Crabs" when TWP got crabs so, we dine some and the rest is trebuchet-ed. What else? oh, born and raised in TWP. that's all. If anything missed, simply ask. thanks for reading this daft introduction.
  8. Hi I joined nationstate a day ago and I just wanted to introduce my nation, the Confederacy of Zoran.
  9. Hello, I just moved to the West Pacific to reside and hope I get to meet some new nations. My last region was Balder which didn't do much for me. I landed in West Pacific previously and helped out on Zombie Day as best as I could and was very fun, but moved on, and after awhile, I wanted to come back. I found it friendly here. I hope to help out in the region again. So, hello, hi, and everything.
  10. Greetings West Pacificans, My main WA nation is Glacikaldr in The Rejected Realms, and I have recently requested and been accepted as TWP's TRR Ambassador in TRR's forum. That being said, now that I'm here outside of the comfort of a region that I grown attached to, I'd love to make some more friends and build a bigger network around myself in the gameplay world! That's where you come into this: I'm pleading for friendships! You can find out more about me, as well as my contact details, here. I joined the discord server as Nequedum#1716 and will hopefully see a lot of you over there, but feel free to contact me wherever suits you best! I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible, but, for now, that's more than enough from me. Thank you very much for reading! Oh and, before we all start forgetting and get locked up ourselves, remember to lock up your grandparents and celebrate a hairy Rejectmas!
  11. I suppose this is required, but honestly I'm only guessing... Greetings, I am Iron Harbinger the Fateless of the Empire of Ambre-Lapin, you may refer to me as "your highness," "your majesty," "your next-to-godliness," or Ben. Whichever works for you, we're not communists. We at Ambre-Lapin pride ourselves on being Liberal, Democratic, and as gay as possible, because nothing in life is better than the freedom to love and be happy, especially where dicks are involved. My personal opinion is that dicks are the best thing since sliced gluten free bread, but in the spirit of our inclusive nation, I have not mandated getting dick twice a day. Yet. Of course, we are very inclusive of every personal identity in our great nation, which is why we prioritize Welfare, Education, and our beautiful Environment that anyone should be able to enjoy. We are the 5,355th most beautiful nation in the world, and we're proud of it! Woman, Man, Agender, or Genderfluid, young, old, or in-between, Ambre-Lapin will strive to uphold the values we hold dear, that you hold dear, so our empire will reach around the globe in a great big hug that everyone can enjoy. Even if you're not a hugger. Which is fine too.
  12. Hello everyone, my name is TimtheBigDaddy but please call me Tim. I love video games, science (especially astronomy), history, music, books, art, movies, role playing, and a ton of other stuff. My country is Symboica, and I'm hoping I will be able to bring my country into an age of prosperity along with your countries. (Found a profile pic, it's The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali.)
  13. Standard introduction post! http://www.nationstates.net/nation=spatoornia I've been playing for a month, more or less. I still don't understand much of the game (about endorsement, and basically anything international), but I'm reading here and there. See you!
  14. Greetings, Fellow Nations. I am the leader of Ganaa. We are young, but powerful. We seek allies who wish to join us in our prosperity of safety, good economy, and low crime. We are willing to cooporate with those lesser or mightier than us, but be warned, we will not take invaders lightly. Prisoners are a rarity. We deal in corpses. Be not afraid, though. If you proove yourself useful to our causes, perhaps you'll be allowed an alliance.
  15. Hello from Nova Terra Invenerunt! Long Live the TWP! That's as about as mushy as we get here in Nova Terra Invenerunt and Everyone of you are invited to our Annual Grand Festival Extravaganza where we Celebrate Living. Thank You!
  16. Dear Delegate of The West Pacific Region to the World Assembly, The elected leader of the Republic of Nova Haiti graciously accepts your welcome to the regions and looks forward to working with you promote prosperity, stability, and fortune to the region and the world. I have went ahead and joined the World Assembly and intend on endorsing you. To all the other actors in the region, I look forward to our prosperous future and look forward to our academic debates on the most important issues troubling the peace of our region and the world. I humbly ask that you all help me govern in the most dignified fashion possible. Sincerely, the elected leader of The Republic of Nova Haiti.
  17. Yo yo, how's everyone doing? I had an account about about 6 years ago but I am back and my new country is The Commonwealth of the Diamondback Terrapin and I am pretty confused as to what to do outside of just manage my country, was wondering if I could get some help or try to get a bit involved! Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks y'all.
  18. As-salamu alaykum السلام عليكم The universal greeting for all 1.57 billion Muslims worldwide, which means "Peace be upon you". Hello the West Pacific (TWP) My nation is The People's Sultanate of Democratic Kolania, a peaceful, Islamic, pacifist (anti-extremist) and friendly nation (despite implementing Sharia laws). Democratic Kolania has been a part of TWP since its independence in 2013. We greatly appreciate your warm hospitality Nice to meet you
  19. Hey, nations of TWP, I relocated here from a region I once called home because of a mishap where I was "attacked" by other members of the region. I hope you all enjoy my company, for it isn't really enjoyable. Thanks, and cheers!!
  20. Hello, all! I'm Zazula, a proud nation-member of TWP. Right now I'm off to read the basic/necessary topics. See ye all around!
  21. 'ello my dear friends, I am Avallond (or Daniel when I'm not in front of a screen.), a twenty-year old wretch who studies linguistics at Madrid, Spain and has a part-time job as a DJ. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish (also other peninsular languages such as Catalan) and French. I enjoy my free time listening to/playing music, (the latter, with my beloved euphonium), playing videogames such as Counter-Strike. I also love a good debate, which is the reason why came across NationStates and TWP. I think I'm gonna have a good time o'er 'ere, so you won't see me leaving anytime soon! See you on the RMB!
  22. I am running as my nation name as it makes it a bit easier for everybody to know which NS I actually am. In RL, I'm a network engineer and pythonista. I just joined NS so I'm very new to all of this, but I think I will learn it quickly. I look forward to meeting all of you and working together with you toward our common goals.
  23. Greetings! I'm Austin, (I go by Al), and I'm the dictator of Al Curtisany on NS. I'm still learning, I literally signed up for NS yesterday. I noticed the West Pacific site uses English spellings (I think I used the right adjective), so I apologize in advance if it offends anybody that I use American spellings because I don't know all the English spellings. Anyways, glad to be part of the West Pacific! Seems like the group I'm wanting to roll with. I'm hoping my nation will prosper, and if it's possible in anyway I'd like to help my region prosper as well. Thanks for having me guys! ~Al
  24. Hey, so i joined the forums about a month ago, but I never really introduced myself properly. To be honest, I'm pretty much just doing this for the contest Darkesia's running. But to be a tad bit more useful and IC than just saying "Hey, I'm in a contest!" I guess I'll mention a few policies of my country. 1. We stand for a somewhat adulterated version of National Sovereignty. We don't vote for all repeals and against all WA resolutions, but we do feel that the WA should hold itself to basic human and national rights. 2. Stemming from our support of national sovereignty and democracy, we are IC against endocaps. (OOC also, just a tiny bit. I recognize that it is important for stability and defense.) 3. I don't know much about military game-play, and IC, although Recuecn has a decently large military, we prefer to seek the diplomatic rout. (See how we handled Brasilistan. Pretty happy about that, actually.) This also applies to inter-regional politics--we think Foreign Affairs are more important than the military. (I admit, taking stuff over is awesome, but again, this is IC.) I guess this is probably a really weird introduction. Not really sure what to say though. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys, though. Sent me a TG some time--my nation name is the same as my in-forum name.
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