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  1. Greetings West Pacificans, My main WA nation is Glacikaldr in The Rejected Realms, and I have recently requested and been accepted as TWP's TRR Ambassador in TRR's forum. That being said, now that I'm here outside of the comfort of a region that I grown attached to, I'd love to make some more friends and build a bigger network around myself in the gameplay world! That's where you come into this: I'm pleading for friendships! You can find out more about me, as well as my contact details, here. I joined the discord server as Nequedum#1716 and will hopefully see a lot of you over there, but feel free to contact me wherever suits you best! I look forward to getting to know as many of you as possible, but, for now, that's more than enough from me. Thank you very much for reading! Oh and, before we all start forgetting and get locked up ourselves, remember to lock up your grandparents and celebrate a hairy Rejectmas!
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