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  1. Greetings Vakania, We of the country sig sauer are pleased to make your aquaintance. should you need any help with your countries infrastructure feel free to talk to me. (I'm also open for RP if you're interested")
  2. "Greetings fellow minnow state! We of the country Sig Sauer are glad to welcome another nation to the region of the West Pacific. We Find your form of militia to be very impressive, despite being in need of modern military training. Should you ever need assistance in creating a standing millitary we will be more than glad to help, but until then, I must take my leave, goodbye dear acquaintance." The emissary then speeds away on his dirt-bike, knocking over a water cooler in the process.
  3. My God! I just discovered that this chocolate of yours has a ridiculously high calorie and sugar count. Why our people can't have that at all! In addition, not only does that lead to increased weight gain, but dental decay too! How could something you claim to be so delicious be harmful at the same time?
  4. Currently tricking out my BTR

  5. Chocolate?! Sig sauer does not have the agriculture capable of doing so. And plus, due to the mostly inhospitable environment, we have to stick to a very strict diet. Care for some soylent instead?
  6. Why tradition of course! And besides, the pin was still inside Our grenades will blow you away!
  7. Thank you brother! We Sig sauerians pride ourselves on dynamic entry and public speaking. And thanks, have some munitions. (Jonah throws a grenade at ProfessorHenn)
  8. It was supposedly just another day in the West Pacific. people were going along with their West Pacifican things. This all changed when a new nation popped up. Though just a minnow in regional influence the people of Sig sauer knew they wanted more And boy were they going to get it. The way Sig sauer entered the regional parliament was a very interesting one. The parliament was just discussing trivial matters when a tank burst through the front door, squashing one of the janitors in the process. Everyone turned in the tank's direction in shock. What in the world is a tank doing in the national parliament, and more importantly how did is get past security? Soon after the tank hatch opened and a soldier popped out. What made it more shocking was the fact that the soldier was wearing clothes of a ghastly yellow and green color. Before anyone got a chance to say anything the soldier quickly said "Greetings my fellow West Pacificans!" he said with a booming loud voice. "Do not mind the architectural damage for our leaders will be more than happy to pay for the damages!" Completely unaware of the fact that he had just murdered a harmless custiodian. "My leaders have brought me here to make sure that you wonderful people of the parliament are aware of are presence, now that you have been brought to attention of my country I am going to take my leave" said the commander abruptly. And so he departed, leaving as quickly as he came and squashing another janitor in the process.
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