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  1. POLITICS HISTORY : Parliament of Arifiyyah In 1359 under Sultan Nazhim Shah, the second Sultan Arifiyyah ascended the throne, His Majesty introduced a system of constitutional parliamentary system by giving some power to people through parliament. He was not considered as a destroyer of the sultanate, but instead was praised by people of all ages for giving space and opportunity to democracy. Since then, the people have agreed to fight for their respective political ideologies and form several political parties. Each took part in the first General Election. The National People’s Coalition, a conservative political coalition comprised of the United People Of Arifiyyah, the Arifiyyah Democratic Association and the Arifiyyah Islamic Party had won a landslide victory at the time. While the People's Justice Alliance, the central political alliance consisting of the Democratic Action Party and the Liberal Union Party is not won many seats. The Head of State is the Sultan and Chief Minister is the Head of government and the 2nd highest authority which helps Sultan in Administration matters. The Chief Minister also work as the advisor for Sultan State Legislative Assembly At the end of Sultan Arifiyyah 1 reign, His Majesty introduced a state administration system where several village heads in the state would be elected by village heads in other states to become the governor in the state. However, Sultan Nazhim Shah, the second Arifiyyah sultan, changed the system due to several corruption crimes among village heads and injustice. He introduced the State Legislative Assembly in each state. State assemblymen lead by a governor will be elected by the people on the date set by the Sultan Parliament of Arifiyyah There are 70 seats in the Senate headed by the Sultan himself and 222 seats in the Chamber of the People headed by the Speaker appointed by the Sultan Pictures of members of the House of Representatives List of state governments PRK: Perikatan Rakyat Kebangsaan (National People's Coalition) PJA: Pakatan Keadilan Rakyat(People's Justice Alliance) Medina Arif: PRK Banda Baharu: PRK Medina Fekir:PRK Sultani:PJA Kuala Bukit:PRK Permata Pantai: PJA Kota Tarkol: PRK Kampong Besar: PRK Medina Jabal: PJA Political Party and Coalition NATIONAL PEOPLE'S COALITION (Perikatan Rakyat Kebangsaan) Chairman: Tan Sri Rais Zuhdi History: Formed in 1365,PRK become the oldest coalition in Arifiyyah Political history. The cooperation between UANO and PAS at first,then ADA join the PRK in 1372. Ideologies: Nationalism,Social democracy, Progressivism,Anti-corruption,Islamism Youth Wing: PRK Muda Women's wing: Wanita PRK Anthem: Untuk Negara United Arifian National Organisation(Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Arifian Bersatu) -President:Tan Sri Rais Zuhdi (Chief minister) History: Founded in 1358 by Tun Razak Najib,the 1st Prime Minister of Arifiyyah. The oldest and biggest party in Arifiyyah. The game changer for Arifiyyah's economy and development. Ideologies: Nationalism,National Progressivism,Social Democracy, Anti-corruption Youth Wing: Pemuda UANO Women's wing: Wanita UANO Anthem: UANO terus Mara Arifiyyah Democratic Association (Persatuan Demokratik Arifiyyah) -President: Albert Johnston History: Founded in 1370 by Tun Lee Kuan Wey. Represent the voice of democracy. Ideologies:Social democracy,democraticism,populism Arifiyyah Islamic Party (Parti Islam Arifiyyah) -President: Tuan Guru Haji Adam Yahya History: 2nd oldest party in the country. Founded in 1359 by group of Islamic scholar that believe Arifiyyah must be led by the Islam way since it is the national religion. Ideologies: Islamism,Nationalism __________________________________ PEOPLE'S JUSTICE ALLIANCE National Trust Party(Parti Amanah Rakyat) President:Syed Sigaraga(opposition leader) History: Founded in 1361 by Ibrahim bin Anwar. He brought the agenda of socialism after back from overseas studying politics. Ideologies: socialism, secularism Arifiyyah Liberal Party(Parti Liberal Arifiyyah) -President: Barack Trump History: Founded in 1365 by Dato Wira Syed Al-Attas,becomes the voice of liberalists in the country. ideologies: liberalism, secularism GOVERNMENT OF ARIFIYYAH UANO: United Arifian National Organisation PIA: Arifiyyah Islamic Party ADA: Arifiyyah Democratic Association
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