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The TWP UFO Discussion Thread

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*rocks in his rocking chair*


"Once upon a time......"


I was watching that conversation.  When he tg'd me about a trade agreement, I noted that we're not an RP region, and he stopped that line of conversation.  But where was I......oh yeah, "Once upon a time....."


I invented the idea of the nation "Westwind" right around 1970.  In my story/imagination, it was first established in South West Africa in what is now modern Namibia, with it's capital of Windhoek.  Long stories short, Westwind was the first nation to attain Fusion energy and technologies which then made it viable for them to colonize/nationalize Antarctica.  Of course, they were thus a world power that no simple nuclear power could oppose.


I drew maps, wrote newspapers, tracked economics, and all that for Westwind.


Move forward in time to the 1980's and I had designed the Continent of Pacifica, which was then colonized by some people, and tribes arose in other areas, all developing into a variety of nations and cultures and economies that I tracked.  Wars, military strengths, economnies, etc.  Westwind was one of them, but I no longer focused as much on that, instead I was focused on Albion, and in the mid-80's started writing a book, "Alexander of Albion".  Alexander was King.  


So some of the stories were merged into Westwind of NationStates, with Alexandria and Emperor Alexander being it's original leader (taken from Albion), instead of Windhoek.  Although, Windhoek ended up on some maps of Westwind during the RP "Tragedy in Westwind".



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