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  1. Thanks! ^_^ Chocolate....biscuits...?? This is a scheme designed to make a hyperactive and fanatic raccoon! Yes, it can be difficult. But there are things such as sharp, incising claws for a reason. And the troubles of balancing while riding a llama as a raccoon are far outweighed by the horrors of being unable to reach the biscuits in one’s saddlebag while one is riding.
  2. Hi TWP! I'm Somyrion/Aumeltopia, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the South Pacific and your new ambassador from TSP. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you! I hope we can work towards further cooperation between our two regions ^-^ Please ask me any and all questions you have, from what our position is on this or that piece of politics to whether we really do ride llamas to work in the South (yes, obviously!). It's what I'm here for, after all! - Somy P.S.: If any of you know where the nearest stash of biscuits is, please alert me. You will my receive eternal love.
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