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  1. 'allo!

    Glad to see you! Welcome!
  2. Hewwo!

    Greetings! Welcome to The West Pacific! Glad to meet you!
  3. What do you want from your Delegate ?

    Good old-fashioned coffee and chocolate.
  4. Greetings

    Greetings! Welcome to the West Pacific! Hope you enjoy it!
  5. [DEFEATED] Repeal: "Prevention of Torture"

    How these even get to quorum, I don't want to know. But expect for my boots to have ink all over.
  6. [PASSED] Repeal: "Condemn Kknight"

    Agreed. Well written and well based, I'm willing to vote "FOR."
  7. Treachery From The Kingdom of Great Britain

    Well, Victor Lancaster, the recently former new king of KoGB, has just announced that he has abdicated the throne and is retiring NS. In a bitter and petty statement, he curses our region and the regions of Europeia and Osiris for "always wanted KoGB dead" and that now, due to the recent scandal, it might happen. He wishes our region to become "surpassed" by KoGB and "left in the dirt" by them. To JJ, Cat, and our dear Altino, he slandered them as "backstabbers," declaring that they "played your roles perfectly and showed loyalty only to your own self-interest." He calls them "too petty" to be given a sincere apology and bitterly wishes them "satisfied with their betrayal and cons." Not only that, but the new king, Gilead Eriksen (King Henry IX), has Constantine Evereux, a harassing and bullying nation with several disgusting acts on his record, formally re-accepted back in. But, he also claimed that it was believed that Evereux has been a "target of a conspiracy by Europeia, The West Pacific, and others" as well as been "threatened a complete blacklist of the KoGB unless he was removed."
  8. Treachery From The Kingdom of Great Britain

    Fantastic work on the propaganda posters, Bran Astor! You should be our regional minister of propaganda!
  9. [PASSED] Commend August

    Especially on August 29 - August 30th!
  10. Hello From The Gryphonian Alliance

    Make sure you post often! Especially in the World Assembly Affairs!
  11. "I've seen All Good People"

    Sorry to hear your hardships, West. Hope they go away soon.
  12. Treachery From The Kingdom of Great Britain

    Bloody knew the British couldn't be trusted. They even like tea instead of coffee! Who does that? ... But in all seriousness, this is a disgusting piece of news from the KoGB. It's an embarrassment that a region has such a horrendous bastard as a leader. To have a leader plan such a thing is bad enough, but to have a council plan this out, along with a leader from another region is just horrendous. I am glad to hear that bastard king has left the throne, but I say it's best we keep tabs on him in case he tries anything sneaky. A bad seed like him will surely plan something out.
  13. [PASSED] Commend August

    While I was a bit upset over our loss on N-Day, August has helped in maintaing the region's hyper-growth. I also say "FOR."
  14. Nuke Day Success (and Badge for participators!)

    Glad to see our hard work being shown to all! It's a bit disappointing to have lost the 1st place, but our ability to reach the 15th place is admirable! Let's hope we'll beat those regions who made us go down in Z-Day!
  15. [PASSED] Commend Wopruthien

    I myself have not heard of this nation before, but from the language and reasons the author lists, I understand the drive that made the author write this glowing proposal for the target. I myself will vote "FOR" it.