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  1. Casedia

    Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Casedia Discord User Name (if available): RainyDay#4735 Skype User Name (if available): N/A Your Local Timezone: UTC+2 (+3 After March 26) Regions You Have Active Nations In: Only Casedia (in TWP, obviously) Any Diplomatic Experience: None on NS yet.
  2. Casedia

    Greetings from Casedia!

    And it's great to be here!
  3. Casedia

    Greetings from Casedia!

    To be absolutely honest, I meant to do so ever since I created my NS nation in order to be an active member on all fronts but joining TWPAF is what really convinced me.
  4. Good day/evening, fellow West Pacificans! I am the leader of Casedia, a few of you might have seen some of my posts in the RMB. I am here to interact with people (and also join TWPAF). My interests include good food, good music and good revolution. I'm glad to be here!