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    My current main is the same as my forum name. I have been around so to speak, just never really been active in the feeders. Missing all of the action here.
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    Nice to see a familiar face. You know how it is with leaving this game.
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    I have came back to NationStates and would like to help out where I can if possible. I go by "Cain" on Discord. Nice to meet everyone.
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    Lone Wolves United

    "The Pack strikes as One" AUGUST 2016 Region Link - | - Forums Link NS Gameplay Embassy Link - | - Update archive (viewable by all) Official YouTube Channel - | - Official Discord Server "Supreme Leader" 'The Duke' Scardino with supporters celebrating. A NEW HOPE FOR LONE WOLVES UNITED? SHOCK AND AWE ensued as supporters loyal to Scardino stormed the LWU Command center while Evil Wolf was busy hitting up a bar somewhere in the Pacifics. In a self-described "bloodless" coup, the legendary crasher region succumbed to fenda influence with dissidents exiled under pain of death. Allied observers noted that Supreme Leader "The Duke" Scardino had supposedly planned this since returning earlier this year, having waited until the military was assisting The Black Hawks abroad in Heroes Rise. With the bulk of loyalist forces offsite -- and in the momentary absence of the Il-Khans -- the stage was set for what would later be portrayed as one of the most critically-acclaimed atrocities Raiderdom has witnessed within the last few months. Scardino then took to the region's Skype and Discord chats ensuring that his iron-fisted reign extended across all mediums available to him, plus more. Stripping the leaderless Khalifs of authority, he continued to seize power over all forms of communication between Lone Wolves United and the outside world. By altering the World Factbook Entry with the tinctures, blazons and flourishes typically found on the escutcheons (and balloon swords) of fendas, a new age of moralism and white knighthood was announced to all. Somewhere... in the middle of nowhere... Author: Mahtiel Lady Beta General Hospital August 19 2016 CE 05:26 AM Incoming Call A younger woman, dressed in teal scrubs, was mopping the floor and sighed as soon as she heard the first dial tone. "This better not be one of those kids again; they usually call at this time", she thought as she caught her colleague, Snow, passing through the adjacent hallway. "Snow!" she called, grinning. "Can you answer the phone? My hands are kinda full, you see?" Snow looked up from her trolley of dirty bedding and snorted cheekily: "Shut up, Mahtiel... you lazy little ducky..." And with that, she continued on to the laundry room, stopping only to plug in her iPod on full blast, bopping and bobbing to the clearly-audible tunes. And just as the dial tone began, it ended just as quickly: well, it seemed it was one of those kids after all... right? But it was not to be. The phone started ringing again, and a disgruntled Mahtiel dropped her mop on the floor and picked up the call. "Hello. This is Mahtiel from Lady Beta General Hospital speaking. How can I help you?" replied Mahtiel as calmly as she could, trying hard to ignore the static on the other end... and explosions? "THIS IS AN EMERGENCY IN DEER'S GOVERNMENTAL OFFICES!" shouted the caller frantically, as if no jimmy in his body had been left unrustled. "What? Can you please be specific? What happened?" "SCARDINO HAS COUPED THE PLACE!" "No shit, you're kidding me, right?" "NO! THE PLACE'S UNDER ATTACK BY----" Call Signal Intercepted "Supreme Leader "The Duke" Scardino" sung a slick, deep voice, echoing throughout the hall on the receiver's end... "S-s-s-s-scardino?!" trembled a wide-eyed Mahtiel, panicking. "Are... are you alright there?!" Overhead Speakers Hotwired The longest-running bastion of Raiderdom is finally crushed by fenda-aligned forces. Hello, wolves. You have reached the end of the road. The road of raiderdom, that is. We must turn back. Now. The road of raiderdom is the road of scavengers. The road of defenderdom is the road of kings. The road of honour. The road of morals and stability in a land of kicked sandcastles and broken thrones. Desert your fruitless road, and follow the one true road: defend with me, in the archipelagic lands numbering islets in their tens of thousands. Your precious media offices have been burned to the ground: the brews in The Drunken Bitch Bar are particularly inflammable, I must add. After all, that is the cost of not getting a little bit Genghis Khan by playing Miike Snow's tunes on loop. And you paid the price in smoke, cinderblocks and pink batts. But no blood. Definitely no blood this time round. You have two options: 1. Join me and cease to exist in the midst of battle honourably against raiders. 2. Refuse and cease to exist from the hearts and minds of everyone here. * * * And to top off this radical change of heart, Scardino took it one step further by petitioning the World Assembly's august Security Council for a commendation of Lone Wolves United to immortalize the moment he saw the brilliant, purifying light of defenderdom (and his subsequent night-blindness). After haranguing Secretary-General Caelapses amidst a stampeding horde of ballot-stuffing super-delegates, the proposal to Commend Lone Wolves United was put up for vote. Some people wondered at the sight, others wept. Evil Wolf having a blast during Scardino's coup. While the WASC Commendation was up for vote forces loyal to Evil Wolf, Anera, and Abenthy along with elements of Raiderdom began the march against Scardino. His twisted, and malformed monstrosity that was the new "Lone Wolves United" appalled those who once called it home. Scardino knew that he needed to solidify his hold on the region soon. Organizing his forces, he set out upon Eternal Scholars, an outpost that had suspected ties to raiders, in hopes that he could discover the location of the resistance to destroy them once and for all. Unaware of the impending attack and reluctant to trust outsiders, the peaceful natives of the relatively sleepy backwater ignored all communications warning them of Scardino and his forces being in the area. The battle was over before it started. Scardino-backed forces from the 'reformed' Lone Wolves United and several other defender-aligned regions blitzed Eternal Scholars searching for raiders and information on the hidden base from which they had been operating out of. Outcry from around the World on the actions of LWU and that of Scardino started to pour in which ultimately began to affect the vote of the region's pending commendation. The linchpin of his success, it was absolutely mandatory that it passed for stability as well as legitimacy in his rule. Forcing thousands of indentured, raider-aligned prisoners to mass produce telegrams as penitence for their past actions; he organized a vast logistic supply network that sent out private messages to every World Assembly delegate in the World in an effort to rally support to LWU's newfound cause. Just as things started to look up for Scardino, Evil Wolf stumbled back into Lone Wolves United carrying a half-finished bottle of Military Special and, slurring his words, told Scardino to knock it off. Scardino, enraged that a raider would speak to him in such a fashion, knocked the bottle out of Evil Wolf's hand. An epic battle took place that lasted 40 days and 40 nights. Probably. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByHX_sox-4U Scar insists that he got several solid hits on him before he blacked out in a fit of rage. As the coup was squashed, Scardino's Security Council proposal, "Commend Lone Wolves United", was narrowly defeated 12,434 votes to 2,580. Voting fraud in several key regions has been called into question and World Assembly authorities are currently investigating potential abuse. With the return of Evil Wolf normalcy has once again taken hold within Lone Wolves United and everything is right in the World. Scardino's whereabouts are currently unknown, but it is believed that he survived the encounter and may be hiding somewhere this very moment plotting his revenge. The often nail-biting vote was at numerous times too close to call as desperate onlookers scrambled to change their bets accordingly. AMID END-OF-SUMMER WOES; DISCORD GRIPS LONE WOLVES UNITED >> Click here to join our Discord server! << Over the past month Lone Wolves United has slowly made the transition from Skype to the popular communication solution Discord. Our server is setup to accommodate NationStates players from numerous communities and we welcome you to come on down and check it out. We currently have over 50 members and are growing everyday. Our goal is to cultivate the server around the community promoting a friendly, laid back and mature environment for all to enjoy. In addition to various server utilities named after historical fendas of note, we also have a fully functioning radio station led by the Mistress of Metal, Sister Snow. If you are exceptionally gifted in wit or just feel as though you want to chew the fat with us one day stop on by - you could become immortalized in our hall of fame for all to see. The Origin of Metal Wolf Author: Sister Snow In the far future Metal let out it's final dying gasps. As the daemonic spawn of the Billboard 100 tore into it's glorious form, it knew that it's time had come. With the last of its strength it sought to change the past to save the future from pop damnation and sent a seed of itself back in time into the womb of an unsuspecting girl. Sister Snow lived her life not knowing that she was incubating the child of a god. On August 22nd 2016 the deity made itself known. It ripped itself from her womb in a reflection of both it's father and mother, a great wolf made of metal, seething with hatred for the daemons of modern music. Upon seeing the corpse of it's mother, it reshaped her into the Mistress of Metal, and together they implanted themselves in LWU's Discord to bring the heathen listeners of false music glorious salvation. A LITTLE BIT GENGHIS KHAN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AljAATZ3u8 We recently created a new regional anthem that is based on Miike Snow's Genghis Khan. We love it, and hope that you do as well. Ever-Wandering Souls has even proposed a future collaboration project along with several other interested parties. More information on this will be announced as this situation develops. Stay tuned! TL;DR We helped raid Heroes Rise, liberated Eternal Scholars from the evil raiders, exchanged notes with XKI during class, established a Discord server, made a new regional anthem, almost got commended, and were couped! Yay! This dispatch has been brought to you by the Department of External Established Relations
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    Lone Wolves United

    Lone Wolves United - Official Anthem
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    Lone Wolves United

    LONE WOLVES UNITED | D.E.E.R. PRESS RELEASE "The legs feed the Wolf" JULY 2016 Region Link - | - Forums Link NS Gameplay Embassy Link - | - Update archive (viewable by all) A Shenanigan Too Far The Shining Empire What started off as a simple training operation for new recruits took a sudden and unexpected turn when Commander Knot of The Invaders - with Benevolent Thomas hot on his heels - stormed into The Shining Empire as soon as the wolves jumped, juking the warden in the process. Realizing that he was had, Thomas endorsed the native delegate initially, but they were woefully inactive, so he opted to endorse someone else. Ultimately, he found his way to a suspiciously fascist-looking nation. He later withdrew the endorsement and resigned WA on his puppet, demanding to know who was leading the other operation in IRC. "How to properly oppress a region" ft. Klopstock - Taco Radiation The wolves held their position within the region overnight, managing to sneak away with the Delegacy during minor. Later that day at major, TITO invaded the region and then proceeded to show us the finer points of subjugating regions. By sending in almost four times the amount of endorsements - 6 to 22 - XKI had one goal in mind: complete control. In a last-minute satirical gambit devised by Scardino, the World Factbook Entry was changed with all mention of 'Lone Wolves United' replaced with 10000 Islands. 'Wolves' with Taco. The forum link was also changed to reflect this. In short: XKI and Klopstock were outraged and went to our Embassy in Gameplay to complain after reporting it as malicious impersonation: for good measure, of course. Klopstock believed that he had caught us red-handed in the act on the NationStates forums, when in reality we were not even aware of his post until well after having changed it back to the original message of our own accord. However, we were essentially let go with a clear warning not to repeat this in the future. Lone Wolves United stands by the factual accuracy of the World Factbook Entry. Klopstock upon reading the changed World Factbook Entry. In the end, Klopstock was denied the cherry on top of his operation and the icing was clearly flavored to our liking. Ultima Thule Thule was a standard operation noteworthy for being the first raid in modern times where Khalif Dream Killers was point. Defenders did not try and stop us initially, conserving their strength instead for the next minor where they missed the target by milliseconds thanks to variance. They managed to take the region back at major when XKI jumped into the fray, determined to make up for the blunder in The Shining Empire. 7 banjections were counted for, and it was a good raid overall. Coalition of Sovereign Nations The year-long silence in the Coalition of Sovereign Nations was trampled as a voracious flock of sheep broke free from a nearby pen, causing chaos and destabilizing the region. Reports from across NationStates confirm that various regions fell victim to sightings of unsolicited sheep visits. The premier containment organization, SHEEP PEN, is dangerously understaffed and overworked. Leading experts in the field fear that this may only be the beginning of a much larger, global event affecting all sheep within the World. Baa, baa, black sheep, Have you any wool? Yes, sir, yes, sir, Three bags full; One for the master, And one for the dame, And one for the little boy Who lives down the lane. What every region shares in common. Note the color of the curtain and the frilly bottom. This varies. Lone Wolves United, with the support of Unknown and The Black Hawks under the cover of darkness, exploited the confusion during major to assault the Coalition of Sovereign Nations with cute and cuddly weapons of mass deception. The native delegate with over one year in office, Magonia, was conscripted to help round up the sheep but in the process left the curtain to the regional control booth open. Calamity ensued when the head sheep, Baa Baa Black, took ownership. The safety patrol scrambled to react in time but were forced to regroup and watch the shenanigans from afar. Our fun was ended prematurely when the founder decided to come back and restore order. Little Bo-peep fell fast asleep, and dreamt she heard them bleating; but when she awoke, she found it a joke, for they were still a-fleeting. Then up she took her little crook, determined for to find them; she found them indeed, but it made her heart bleed, for they'd left their tails behind them. It happened one day, as Bo-peep did stray into a meadow hard by, there she spied their tails side by side, all hung on a tree to dry. She heaved a sigh and wiped her eye, and over the hillocks went rambling, and tried what she could, as a shepherdess should, to tack each again to its lambkin THE MYTH. THE LEGEND. THE MININEENEE. "She is larger than life." This is the first installment of a new segment for our updates that revolves around interviewing individuals within Lone Wolves United. Each month we will sit down with a member of the region and talk about their history in NationStates as well as what they envision the future to be. We invite anyone interested to submit proposals for candidates to be interviewed by sending a telegram to Dream Killers in game with the name(s) of the individual you would like to know more about. Does this look like the face of mercy? DK: When did you start playing NationStates? Nee: Late 2003. I am not sure if I got active in 2003 or 2004, but the nation was created in late 2003. DK: How did you find NationStates originally? Nee: I actually found Nationstates from using Fark. I never joined up with Farkers or anything, but that is where I originally found the link. DK: What region(s) did you initially get involved in? Nee: The West Pacific. DK: Was there something specific that inspired you to get active within that region? Nee: That's where my nation spawned, and I stuck around. DK: So, how did you come about joining Lone Wolves United? Nee: I was sort of not really anywhere, and Scar suggested that if I wanted, I could give LWU a try. I took him up on it, and am very glad I did. DK: If you had to choose a title to call yourself, what would it be? Nee: Formally speaking, one of my personas is an Empress. But in general terms, I'm just Nee. I have a list of lulzy titles put together by Dali with help from Biyah and maybe Wham. if you'd like to pick one off there :-P Her Imperial Wickedness the Imperatrix Neenee, Dark Queen of the Wine Corrupter of the Innocent Temptress of the Pure Glitter Terrorist of the First Degree High War Criminal Guardian of Closets Keeper of the Dungeon Keys Scourge of the Unenlightened Evil Woman Former Tyrantess of The West Pacific and The East Pacific Discordian Mistress Instigator of Schemes Dominatrix Ghetto Valleygirl Daughter of The Wicked Witch of The West Thief of the Lifeforce Walking Statistical Anomally Breaker of Spirits DK: One of your titles is 'Glitter Terrorist of the First Degree'. I expect you to give Elindra a run for her money one of these days. Nee: I started the glitter thing. DK: I should sneak you into the Unknown regional chat - let you commit some acts of terror. Nee: Hah. I've mellowed, I'm far less terrible now. Mostly. Depending on who you ask. DK: What is your most memorable moment in NationStates so far? Nee: Probably when we took and held The East Pacific. That was fun. DK: Could you tell me more about that? Nee: Myself and a small group of others I trusted entirely took the Delegacy of TEP away from Gnidrah, through a use of good planning, endorsing, an anti-endorsement campaign, Gatesville backup, and bold-faced lying. I became the delegate as Lady Phedre. We were called The Empire. The identities of the individuals involved were not known at the time, we all took false names. This was 8 years ago. Gatesville was actually so super helpful. And Gates was wonderful. DK: Who was involved in this Empire of yours? Nee: I'll doublecheck to see which names were officially revealed, but the generally most often noted members were me, Dali, NK, and Biyah. Those are the names still associated with it today, even though it's not active. The other names involved and who did come out, so to speak, were Evil Wolf, Nai, and Ivan. DK: Is there a story behind the name of your main nation, Minineenee, or that of your name, Neenee? Nee: At the time when I went to create a nation, I couldn't make Neenee, so I added a Mini in front of it, because IRL jokes about me being a mini version of my mother. The Neenee half of the main nation name is actually a RL nickname. People started calling me Neenee or Nee because Minineenee is kinda long, I guess. DK: What is life like as an established Feederite? Nee: Enjoyable. I always saw the feeders as the places to be, and I came up at the right time for it, I think. There was always something going on, and I knew someone everywhere. Due to me coming and going a time or two, I know fewer people now, and am not as familiar with all the feeders, but I still feel a love for them. DK: Would you say that it was a family of sorts? Nee: It so much was. The extent to which depended on the region. I am from TWP. That place always had a family feel to me. DK: Does this, in your opinion, translate to UCRs? Or is it generally something more present in GCRs? Nee: It can translate to UCRs. Equilism is the best example I can think of for that. DK: Time for a question of utmost importance and I need it answered truthfully . . . do you have a favorite color? Nee: Purple. DK: If you had to choose a song that would be declared as your "theme song" what would it be? Nee: When You're Evil, by Voltaire >_> DK: Hahahahahaha. You know, I almost put that in the last update as the hidden video. Nee: Hahahaha. My brother played it for me, the first time I heard it and told me "I found your song". Nee: The other song that came to mind . . . Did you watch Galavant? DK: That does not ring a bell. I have a major backlog of things to watch. Nee: ...I could show you the song, but it occurs at the end of the first season. DK: Well, for the sake of the update I am fine with you spoiling that. Nee: This would be Empire-era Nee >_> DK: What is your favorite part about raiding? Nee: I'm not sure, there's something fun about taking stuff, though. I don't know that I've been doing it long enough to have a favorite part. I'm sort of just appreciating the whole thing. DK: If you could do anything you wanted in NationStates without consequences, what would it be? Nee: That's hard to answer, because I'll do most things even knowing the consequences. >_> DK: If you had to guess, what do you think your future in NationStates will be? Or, alternatively - What kind of future do you want in NationStates? Nee: For myself? DK: Either for yourself or just in general. Whichever one appeals more to you. Nee: May I give my answer in the form of a picture? DK: Of course! DK: So you are going to burn a Game of Thrones region to the ground, steal their replica Iron Throne and laugh? Nee: That's not seriously what came across with that, is it? :-P DK: Oh no, I am just being a smartass. It is quite clear. Nee: Good ^ _ ^ A major thank you to NeeNee for agreeing to this interview and telling me their history. I enjoyed learning more about such a memorable NationStates player and I hope others enjoy the story too. AROUND THE REGION Or thereabouts . . . New domain name We recently acquired the domain name LoneWolvesUnited.com and as such this will directly link to our forums now! Yay! Wooooo! Disney cameos in NationStates? Main article link; Credit: Elindra Kshrlmnt Suddenly Disney. You may have noticed many Gameplayers on Skype changing their display pictures or their forum avatars to that of Disney characters recently. This is in response to a post on the NationStates Gameplay forums made by Elindra Kshrlmnt of Unknown that contains a list compiled by NeeNee, Anerastreia, and Greyghost. Notable players from throughout the game were compared to various Disney characters based on a plethora of criteria considered strictly top-secret within the small development team. TL;DR We raided a few places, made Klopstock cry to the mods, changed our forum domain name, were turned into Disney characters, and had a pleasant interview with the legendary Glitter Terrorist of the First Degree, Dark Queen of the Wine, Instigator of Schemes - NeeNee! "Smashing!" - Evil Wolf This dispatch has been brought to you by the magical Department of External Established Relations
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    Lone Wolves United

    Glad that you guys liked the late may update here is the June update. LONE WOLVES UNITED | D.E.E.R. PRESS RELEASE "Leave no scraps" JUNE 2016 Region Link - | - Forums Link NS Gameplay Embassy Link - | - Update archive (viewable by all) ON THE HUNT "Alright", Abenthy said. He paused a moment to strike a match, draw the flame into his pipe, tamp down the tobacco, and send the initial puffs of smoke into the air. "They're on our left, they're on our right, they're in front of us, they're behind us." Abenthy drew the warm Latakia tobacco smoke with a long pull deep into his lungs, held it for a moment as he looked about, and exhaled. "They can't get away this time." Abenthy and his men proceeded to hack and slash their way through the defender hordes, climbing over the bodies to catch the remaining defenders as they attempted to flee. With successful hits on The United Federation of Planets, World Socialist Alliance, Korovia, and the Socialist Union of Authoritarian States, the Wolves have been busy pub crawling throughout the NS world and sampling what each region has to offer. World Socialist Alliance While scouting, we stumbled upon what seemed to be a pack of feral, free-range fascists who had taken over the region and were slapped on the wrist by the safety patrol. It appeared as though the laziest bunch of defenders had tried to reclaim the region. They successfully kicked-out the delegate leaving a fascist in charge with border control and failing to even reset the WFE! As a matter of principle, we took it upon ourselves to help this region with their pest problem. We helped properly fumigate the region, until the defenders arrived to back-up Joe the Lion; after talking for a little bit, we went on our way. Korovia In Korovia, Abenthy dispatches defenders in mass. Korovia has graciously hosted the most recent party for the Wolves which, by all accounts, was a smashing success. Many flocked to the region to enjoy the party the past few updates, but we had to turn away 36 at the front door despite several attempts at bribing. Least we not forget our defender friends who were absent when the party started. Songs were dedicated to several notable individuals that were sorely missed at our festivities. Korovia was also a special place for Anera since it was her first defense against a liberation attempt. In all, 36 thought they could escape her. Korovia - Anera defeats her first liberation attempt Unfortunately, there were some bad apples in the bunch that wanted to spoil our party before it had even started. They did their best to call the cops, but were disappointed when their noise complaint went unnoticed. After a few nights of steady keg stands and karaoke, the party has ended and we’ve left the clean-up to our hosts. Korovia has remained in contact with us since we left and they are in the process of moving to a new region because of security concerns. We always love talking to natives, especially those who bring more than salt to the table. 4 days ago Now playing on The All I Really Want of Amyrtaeus amp radio. Wired To → Noldorin Oron 1 day 18 hours ago Cheeky natives are a delight. Noldorin Oron 1 day 18 hours ago XD couldn't let go without a goodbye Socialist Union of Authoritarian States Anerastreia and Abenthy celebrate the successful raid with a traditional LWU dance. After a one second jump window that failed to capture Global Federation and noting the fact that we used mostly dirty pups directly from Haunted Forest to carry this out, a change of targets was decided. The Socialist Union of Authoritarian States, or SUAS for short, seemed like a decent place because of how late it was. The raid happened without issue and we even had unlikely support in the form of Altmoras II, who recently defected from their oppressive overlords within the Grey Wardens. Ladies Man Scardino lays down some grooves for the natives in Socialist Union of Authoritarian States Scardino asked Altmoras to show him his war face For their first raid, Altmoras did a pretty decent job. We invite Altmoras to come and join Lone Wolves United, where their urges towards raiding can be more than adequately satiated among friends. CULTURE With a sudden rush of artistic energy and opiates, a renaissance of the humanities has struck Lone Wolves United as beautiful designs for the Lone Puppet flag have poured in with submissions to end and voting to take place soon. In similar fashion, Scardino has created breath-taking portraits of LWU members in the Skype chat. Lamb Stone has also helped broaden the musical catalog of the region, introducing everyone to strange, edgy, and sometimes completely fictional musical groups. Efforts are also underway to help piece together some highly engaging role-playing topics on the forums and we are currently looking for people that would be interested. Lone Wolves United Lone Puppet flag submissions From left to right - Scardino, Evil Wolf, Green/Elysium Station II, Lost, Samson Neenee, Ever-Wandering Souls, Kurosaki, Elindra Kshrlmnt, Dream Killers, Lamb Stone AROUND THE REGION Recruitment Contest Lone Wolves United, The Black Hawks, and Unknown are currently involved in a recruitment contest that will end when one region manages to naturally acquire 250 nations. The old record count of nations within our region before undertaking this feat was 170 nations and at the time of writing this we have over 190. The Black Hawks currently hold the lead with over 200 nations while Unknown is in third with 170. NationStates Game-play Embassy established Back by overwhelming popular demand, Lone Wolves United has set up shop in the Game-play sub forum. Finally, a Drunken Bitch Bar in your neighborhood! Come on down, say ‘Hail!’, and have a few drinks and a few laughs with us. Or don't and miss out. You will regret it. Brought to you by the Department of Established External Relations
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    Lone Wolves United

    LONE WOLVES UNITED | D.E.E.R. PRESS RELEASE "for your protection" LATE MAY 2016 NASICOURNIA The ancient defender backwater of Nasicournia was attacked by wolves at update following the disappearance of its founder, Pope Hope. While she was out getting her beauty sleep, the Wolves rolled in to steal the delegacy. After a prompt response from the safety patrol, the raid was stuffed and the sitting delegate was reinforced. After a brief moment of disappointment, the raiders quickly realized that Tuesday Heights was only active enough to keep up with national issues and had paid no attention to the region he was presiding over. With the delegacy out of reach and the defenders unable to remove the raiders, the whole pack proceeded to party like it was 1999. THE REVENGE OF THE WOLVES During the events unfolding in Nasicournia it was revealed that long time wolf Lamb Stone is actually a Sith Lord! Darth Stone had recently returned from a long slumber but is now fully active within Lone Wolves United serving as a Khalif. HAIKU CONTEST Scardino judging haikus as Pope Hope looks on disapprovingly Scardino, acting under the puppet Liberty Unlimited, declared an official region-wide haiku contest inviting raiders, defenders, and natives alike to participate with a cash prize. All contest entries are posted below. Abenthy, operating under the puppet Ludite People, was declared the winner. Pope Hope was originally asked to judge this contest but declined to respond. Congratulations to Abenthy on winning and thank you to everyone who participated. Pope Hope returning after CTE'ing THE RETURN OF POPE HOPE Seeing Pope Hope as the last hope of ridding the region of vicious wolves, an army of dark knights pooled together their evil blood magic to conjure their dark savior from the realms of Facebook. Lone Wolves United has always been a bastion of escape for those seeking refuge from the mandated torments of other regions. Events such as this raid party demonstrate that we are dedicated to our core principal of having fun first. We are a region that is only as serious as we need to be. Written by Dream Killers, Lamb Stone, Scardino, and DEER
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    Lone Wolves United

    Judgement on Great Barrier Reef To any remaining active nations of Great Barrier Reef: Since we took occupation of your region, following the demise of your founder and a failed attempt at its defense, we have heard the pontifications of the moral elites in NationStates condemning you. Considering you to be guilty of indecency by extension of your founder's sins, they judged your region unworthy of being liberated and unworthy of recourse. Thus, a blind eye was turned to your region's occupation by such moral authorities as The Founderless Regions Alliance and 10000 Islands, who was informed of your plight on their own regional message board. At first, believing in second chances and mercy, I was reluctant to hear these damning opinions. Over these past few days, though, I must admit that I have been convinced by the persistence of their condemnation and the conviction with which they have held their judgement. Finally, when The Romanticist Congregation of Klopstock suppressed comments on the message board of 10000 Islands notifying them of your troubles rather than come to your aid, I knew for certain I must be the one misjudging your character. With this in mind, I began to ban any active member nations and have made a conscious effort to choke the life out of your region, shutting out any who may attempt resuscitation. This body of iniquities, identified as such through the virtue of your founder by the most prominent defenders in NationStates, does not deserve representation. For this reason, I will continue to strangle you and purge our world of the region too despicable to be defended. Thank you, again, for your hospitality. The time we have spent in your region has been a pleasure. ** As a side note I apologize for the horrible formatting of the previous update. It was made for zetaboards forum software.
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    Lone Wolves United

    May 2016 Update -- [big]LONE WOLVES UNITED | D.E.E.R. PRESS RELEASE[/big] [small]"For your protection" MAY 2016 [/small] THE RETURN OF GREAT FOUNDER SCARDINO The raids on Great Barrier Reef and City Ankh Morpork marked a changing point in the history of Lone Wolves United. Led by the historic founder himself, Scardino, and Il-Khan Anera the inspirational assaults have rekindled regional pride that has ushered in a wave of reconstruction. When asked about Lone Wolves United and the anniversary of it's founding, Scardino this to say: While many in the region could see LWU lasting for the foreseeable future, this development has supercharged efforts to revitalize the legendary crasher organization. For some wolves, the simple prospect of seeing Scardino return and take a more active interest in the day to day operations has stimulated renewed interest in a stronger, better, faster Lone Wolves United. [spoiler=Conquered Regions] MAY 10th FOUNDATION DAY, 11th LWU ANNIVERSARY Founder Scardino praised Khan Evil Wolf for his dedication to the cause over so many years while addressing the World on the LWU RMB. The Khan carried his vision and had the dedication as well as perseverance to see it put into action. Evil Wolf in many regards is seen as the driving force behind the infamous history of this region, even though he is commended. To make the most of our anniversary we are expanding on what makes our region great while also adding more of that signature flair exclusive to our little slice of the World. DEER NOTICE The Department of Established External Relations or DEER for short is cleaning house. We realize that our office has been defunct for sometime but we are in the process of changing this. Any embassies that have not posted an update in at least a year will be archived. We will accept new applications for embassies as well as ambassadors for regions who fall under this stipulation without issue. Please note that we consider in game embassies to not hold any diplomatic semblance what so ever. If you wish to have actual diplomatic ties to Lone Wolves United and or receive these updates, including having an Ambassador assigned to your region, you must sign up for one on our forums. [small]Written by Dream Killers, Lamb Stone, Scardino, and DEER[/small]
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    I am Dream Killers from Lone Wolves United. I am the head of DEER which is our FA branch equivalent. We would like reopen our diplomatic ties and keep you guys updated.