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  1. I'm guessing someone got to it already as @Daddy_Jacoby seems to only be a member of the default member group right now. Oh yeah, there is a nice admin audit bar on the right now, it looks like Darkesia got it update for you last night.
  2. Vortex was halted as it actually broke the MySQL database (too much data was retained I guess), I might be into looking at redeveloping that a somepoint, but do have to admit that when I get home from work, I'm less motivated to work on Web projects like that than I used to be. That said....now that you bring this up, I wonder if Vortex would be a good candidate to use SQLite instead of a full fledged database...I have had an itch to try building something using that. As for a tip jar, I'll look at setting something up so we can use paypal...it seems like the least amount of work overall.
  3. I don't see why not....course, I reserve final judgement before uploading, but so long as they're not overtly offensive I don't see objecting to them.
  4. And we're back....gotta give the guys are Wholesale Internet a big shoutout. Put a ticket in and they had me up and going on a KVM within 20 minutes of me borking the OS upgrade. *BORK BORK BORK* [/Svedish Chef!]
  5. Back in the day I just used Paypal for random donations, then later used Dreamhost's built in Paypal donation links (that way it went straight to the site maintenance rather than having to use my personal paypal as an intermediary... Unfortunately my current provider does not offer that in anyway. This all said, I just learned recently that here in Alberta every citizen has access to a free virtual server hosting thing....so I'm looking into moving the forums over to that...Then the only real costs are the $25 USD/6months for the Forum Software, and $10/year for the domain name. My biggest concerns with any crowdsourcing would be how it would affect my taxes...
  6. Excellent, I should have given you the size right from the beginning, but oh well...
  7. So this is the current background image: http://www.westpacific.org/images/twp_v4.jpg It's 1310x77, so whatever you put together should be similar size to fit into the forum layout. I can probably worth with that one, but would prefer something wider/less background repetitive. We used to have a rotating banners on the forums back about 5-6 years ago, and I sourced most of those from city panoramic shots (like the one of Sydney that we're using right now). That system would just load a random background on each page load (rather than the way it does it on NationStates and uses javascript to rotate through them while you're on the page....personally, I would find that a bit busy for a page header. As for a rotating banner, I'm sure I can do it as I said a few replies back, but just need to set it up (and have the sources put together). I will put this limitation on it, please don't make them really tall. There is no real reason for massive headers on pages, I see it on some of the other offsite forums and I've always thought it was pretty fugly when the header takes up the first half (or more) of the page and you have to scroll down to the meat of the page. Header should probably be no more than 120pixels tall.
  8. Do you have something a little....wider to work with? That one will most certainly be too small (a certain Zoolander quote involving ants and schools comes to mind).
  9. I used to have it doing that...been a while but I'm sure I could conjure something up at somepoint... I don't spend nearly as much time on the computer when I get home from work anymore, but...
  10. That's been my feeling for admining forums for like 10 years now :p
  11. I should still have the database kicking around....Dreamhost recently updated the server's php version, so I suspect that probably broke it for viewing....I'll give it a look when I have some spare time.
  12. How about just have a nice fresh cookie for me. Preferably Chocolate Chip.
  13. So I think I might have found the cause... looks like the Citizenship forum (which has no posts in it directly) only had See Forum permission for everyone (even administrators) so I think the collector for the content would stop there and not look at any further sub forums. I've now set the permissions on Citizenship to allow all users to See the Forum, AND Read the Forum... I then posted a test post in the citizenship thread, just to see if it would show up, and now it shows up for me under "All Content". Of course, since I posted the comment, I can't see it as unread in my own view...so if you could check and see if my comment shows up?
  14. Hey, look, it's Libre Baskerville So I've finally figured out how to add this...although I suspect it will disappear from the Font Drop down as soon as I update the forums again...so I'm going to say I'm not adding anymore fonts after this.
  15. Baskerville Font is not a free font, so I will not be implementing it, although I did find a Libre Baskerville font that I will look further into. I'll look into the Tables option, but not sure if Invision has that particular option, so no promises right this moment.
  16. I've been here...hiding in the shadows.
  17. I miss my old Meritocratic Census...back in the day before NS really provided any stats outside of the XML API.
  18. Ok, so it seems we were still on ReCaptcha v1, and Google is getting rid of that in March anyway, so I've upgraded to v2....hopefully that will fix it for you.
  19. What browser are you using on that phone? EDIT: Works in Firefox on my computer, as well as Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Vivaldi. Also works in Chrome 63 on my Nexus 6P...
  20. I might suggest something... Have a Forum for ongoing Votes, and once the vote is complete (read the poll is closed) then the thread could be moved to a Voting Results forum that the members can see. Since the poll is closed they wouldn't be able to change it further, but then they would see the results. Someone (a mod) would have to be in charge of moving the threads at the appointed times.
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