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    Saint Mark

    Theme Contest Entries

    All Theme Contest entries and comments regarding them should be posted in this thread. Rules and Details ...
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    Hey There, TWP!

    Hello there TWP! I hail from Teralyon, I don't exactly know how long i've been playing NationStates, I'll say it has to be atleast 2-ish years now of lurking around. Teralyon is the first and only nation i've made and The West Pacific is the first and only region i have been apart of and i don't see a reason to change either of those statements anytime soon! I joined the Discord server a while back but for some reason never got around to joining the forums so i figured id go ahead and remedy that today and it totally has nothing to do with that sweet map of The West Pacific i saw recently.
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    Theme Contest Entries

    I thought I was going to get around to creating a full theme entry, but at this point that's not going to happen. Instead, I'll just post what I do have now. I've attached three flags, all of which use lots of google images I pasted in: 1 for TWPAF and 2 for TWP. The TWPAF flag is alright I thought. (I think there's some untapped potential in putting a space in TWP AF like so.) The TWP flag with the dragon on the sun is pretty shoddy and I think I stole someone's idea even maybe? I forget. I wasn't going to post it if I'd had a complete theme submission, but here you are. The other, with the red stripe, I think looks pretty nice, with the blue meant to represent the pacific ocean and the red meant to represent our tradition (in both aesthetic and meritocracy). But I realize that this flag is a big departure from our look now. I also thought that maybe April 19 could be our regional holiday, "TWP Day," to celebrate when Max Barry first created the region that is now our home (according to Unibot's best guess in the NS history thread here). Edit: spoilered the flags
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    Theme Contest Entries

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    Saint Mark

    [STEP TWO] Citizenship Oath

    Your citizenship is approved, @Teralyon! Welcome to full participation in The West (Best) Pacific!
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