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Wanted: Holy Minister of Foreign Affairs

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I regret to announce that I have recieved a telegram of resignation from Intelligent Holograms as RL has taken over his life.  I've wished him well in his struggles with the evil lands of RL, but this does leave us here in the NS world of The West Pacific with the need to fill the position of Holy Minister of Foreign Affairs.


What are the specifications for such a position ? 


- The Minister will lead TWP Foreign Affairs in coordination with regional policies.

- The Minister will work with and delegate duties to a Deputy Minister

- The Minister will work with the Delegate on treaty negotiations

- The Minister will keep our fellow GCR regions as our foreign affairs priority

- The Minister will ensure an update is prepared and sent to our Embassies at least once a month.

- The Minister will recruit and coordinate Ambassadors to ensure the activity of our Embassies around NationStates.

- The Minister will have moderator authority over the FA forums, and will be in charge or accepting/denying forum embassies.

- The Minister will ensure that we are in compliance with our Treaties, and that our allies are also in compliance.

- The Minister will serve the policies of the Delegate

- The Minister will be available to answer any questions regarding Foreign Affairs to The Holy Grand Assembly.


While I expect Ministers to be self-starters and manage their areas in the manner that works best for them, it is important that the FA Minister work closely with me to ensure our foreign policies and relations are consistent with our regional policies.


And I want to re-emphasis the need for regular updates to be issued through our Embassies.  Our failure to keep up with this is a great disappointment to me.


If you read between the lines there, you'll see that I'm not just looking for a Minister, but also for a Deputy (or two).  So don't hesitate to apply, The West Pacific needs You !


Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.  You may apply by posting in this thread, or by sending me a pm.  In short form, please explain why you are interested in the position, what your vision for the position is, and what experience you bring to the post.


Thank you !

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