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The Conanian Sporting Association has been receiving significant backlash from activists across the nation following the reveal of the delegation that will represent Conania at the 18th Winter Olympics. The selection was unveiled earlier this week, and sparked outrage across social media. Activists are taking issue with the complete absence of female athletes in the team, with the choice to only select male athletes deemed as "archaic."

Conanian women have become far more vocal about their rights in recent years. Since the dust has settled on the nation's politics, groups of feminists across the country have launched their fight in the name of gender equality. It is well known that our nation has always been a firmly patriarchal society, with women historically being viewed as lesser than their husbands, brothers and sons. But now in this new age of internet and connectivity, the situation is beginning to shift. Viewing women in other countries across the continent and beyond being able to live free has inspired a feminist movement in the younger generation, a trend that started in the major cities but is now spreading outwards to the more rural areas. Fortunata Iacono, a well-known figure in the feminist movement, said on Cheepr, "We see women and girls in other countries who are able to get an education, vote and do things as simple as go to the shops without being dogpiled by men telling them their place. Why can't that be a reality in our country."

While the athletes prepare to fly to Liventia to begin their training, a storm is brewing on Conania's streets. With the nation sharing the sporting spotlight for the first time, the issue of women's rights has never been greater. We are seeing daily protests take place outside government buildings, thousands of women turning out to demand an equal standing in society. It's now up to the government to make the call on whether Conania will take that step towards equality.

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