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New Maserut's soccer team wins the Candelù league, the glorious victory will be remembered.

(Saturday, May 20th, 1423)

Tiveria, after winning the league for 3 years in a row, was eventually beaten by its main rival, which also happens to be our capital, New Maserut. This match has shown how much New Maserut's team has evolved through the years, and how its new captain and coach were able to bring the city's squad to the win.

The match took place in the capital's stadium, as anticipated before, it was against the city of Tiveria.
image.png.24e1755b648be9460ffe5963cd131913.pngMaserut's Team

image.png.bb8f1a8e691fbf62c19cc3962e75434f.pngTiveria's team 

No one expected New Maserut to dominate the game, and the 4th win in a row for Tiveria was the most likely scenario everyone thought of. Though, from the kickoff, Tiveria's players were overwhelmed by the enemy team's power. Each one of the moves, shooting, passing, it showed the dedication and commitment to win.
New Maserut's offensive was able to breach through the enemies, allowing their star striker, Leonardo Ponte, to create a lot of score opportunities, most of which worked.

In the end, the win was 6 goals to 2, signing not only the end of the streak for Tiveronia, but also, one of the most remarkable days in our Capitals' modern sports history.

Long live the Emperor.

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Major flood in the Poldona division, Nature or constructive ignorance?


In the last days, the region of Poldona was hit by major floods on all of it's territory. While the president of the region talks about a natural disaster, most of the population is complaining about the systems to prevent these disasters, the organization of the disasters, and in general, everything about the last days.
Hotpot(4).png.c0292b36b22ad6f1429911de36f76cff.pngAn image of the flood in the capital of the division, Larsavia.

The emperor is planning to visit the region, in order to show support for the people that were hit from this disaster, only future knows what will happen in Poldona.








Long Live The Emperor.

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Tiveronia in a crysis after independence movement manifestation: Is it something not to worry about, or will Zanna declare independence?

Latelly, many groups of people in the west of Candelù took part in manifestations, showing their desire of independence, wanting to divide Zanna and Granzia once again.
This is thought to be caused from the recent laws proposed by our government, which, from the "Grup d'Indipendenza Zantese Tiveroniano" (GIZT) are seen as oppression of the Zannese culture and people.
The laws are still being visioned by the government, but the leader of the independence movement, Luciano Kazmo confirmed: "If the Zannese's culture will officially  need to becalled "Candeluian", we'll do our best to peacefully leave. That would NOT be what our great great grandparents agreed on anymore. We were promised the recognition of our culture, and we'll keep it, even as an indipendent nation!"
The emperor is worried, like most of the Granzian population, he sees the inhabitants of Zanna as brothers. He is activelly partecipating with the government in the research of a solution.
Candelù's President, Tarbano Dabro recently told to the whole nation: "We will not allow any law that can and will harm any person in Candelù, Zannese or Granzian, of any other ethnicity or coming from other nations of Esferos. Ways to solve and "fix" this Zannese crysis will be found."


Only time will tell how this is going to end, us of Candela Mattutina hope for a peaceful and calm future for our country.
Long Live The Emperor.

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