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[WIP] The Federal Republic of Noton Mast

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The Federal Republic of Noton Mast


Noton Mast, officially the Federal Republic of Noton Mast, is a small country covering 607,194 km of land on northeastern mainland Nur. It borders Apexiala to the east and Fauthur to the south. It is a federal country, with about 11.7 million people living in its 6 provinces and territories. Its capital is at Port Kingsley.

Noton Mast was formed in 1035 after the leaders of the city states of Calpesia, Ossory, Crupsea, and Choira agreed to unite. It was then colonized by the United Nations of Kalmach from 1122 to 1355. Growing discontent with the subsequent governments led to Joseph Calambari and the Unity Party taking control in May 1369. Calambari's tenure as Prime Minister would see widespread human rights abuses and crackdown on dissent. He would lead for 18 years from 1369 to 1387, when riots took place across the country over a flight forced to land in Calpesia, leading to the violent overthrow of his government.





As previously mentioned, Noton Mast is made up of six provinces and territories: the provinces of Choira, Crupsea, Ossory, Calpesia, and the territories of the Rhett Territory and the Federal District. All provinces and territories have the same powers accorded to them.

The most populous province is Choira (CH), with 4,938,015 people living in the province. Major cities in the province include its capital Caithness, Helmfeld, and Cumamara.



As of writing, the current prime minister is Magdalene Borsch of the Party for the People, and the Chancellor-General is Valter Bouchere.

The Prime Minister is the head of government. They are responsible for the country's running day-to-day, holding executive power.

After an election, the Chancellor-General nominates a candidate for Prime Minister (usually the leader of the party which came first in the election), which is then submitted to the Parliament for a vote. If the vote passes, the Prime Minister is elected and can then begin the process of forming their government, appointing MPs to the various ministries. 

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