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The Treaty of the Knights Who Say Ni


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I failed to announce the text this treaty to the Concillium sooner, my apologies. Following a couple months of discussions and negotiations with the assistance of the Council of the Imperium and The Guardians, I am pleased to present this ratified treaty between The West Pacific and our friends in Albion:


The Treaty of the Knights Who Say Ni

The peoples of the The West Pacific (hereafter TWP) and the Realm of Albion (hereafter Albion), united in shared values, and desirous of stronger future relations hereby agree to The Treaty of the Knights Who Say Ni to bring together our peoples in cooperative harmony:

1. Cultural Undertakings

(a) TWP and Albion and their Governments undertake to host each other's communities for events, conferences and feasts in appropriate areas of TWP and Albion respectively as often as is practicable.

( b ) TWP and Albion shall allow citizens of the other region diplomatic access to their forums to take part in cultural and roleplay activities provided that this is consistent with the internal security policies of each region.

2. Military Undertakings

(a) Neither TWP nor Albion will engage in military hostilities against the other. Participation by TWP and Albion on opposite sides of a military engagement that does not constitute an attack on either region shall not be considered "military hostilities against the other" for this purpose.

( b ) To the extent practicable, TWP and Albion shall provide the other defensive military assistance in case of an attack.

© TWP and Albion shall aid each other in Delegacy transfers when requested.

(d) TWP and Albion will collaborate militarily for the combined benefit of both regions when practical.

3. Intelligence Undertakings

(a) Neither TWP nor Albion will set spies on the other. For this purpose, a "spy" is a person acting under false pretences in either TWP or Albion, without that region's knowledge, and at the direction of the other region's legitimate and recognized government.

(  b ) TWP and Albion shall each provide information to the other if such information is pertinent to the other region's security or well-being, or otherwise upon the other's reasonable request, unless the party in possession of such information reasonably believes that providing that information might violate applicable laws or contravene the terms of service for NationStates or the region's forum provider and unless doing so would violate any standing agreements with other regions.

© TWP and Albion will each make it a violation of their internal laws to spy on the other, if a similar or related law to the same effect does not already exist. To the extent permitted by each region's laws, this Section 2© shall be deemed self-executing.

4. Diplomatic Undertakings

(a) TWP and Albion shall establish and maintain in-game embassies (i.e., on the NationStates site) with one another.

( b ) TWP and Albion shall maintain off-site embassies (i.e., on their regional forums), consistent with facilities provided to other allies.

5. General Provisions

(a) This treaty shall take effect when it has been ratified by the duly authorized individuals or bodies of both TWP and Albion.

(  b ) As soon as practicable following ratification, TWP and Albion will collaborate to stage a cultural festival to celebrate this treaty

Signed, 30th Day of October, 2013
All Good People, Delegate of The West Pacific

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