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Ionia's official news account

January 12, 1423

Ionia officially changes its flag

On the 12th of January 1423, the Grand Republic of Ionia has officially changed its flag based on a voting event. On the 6th of January, a both online and in-person event took place across Ionia on a debate whether the national flag should be changed. The votes were won by the pro-change majority, which presented a debate for the previous flag (accounting for this change) of Ionia to be extremely bright and not good to look at. The overall balance between the voters was 79% pro-change and the remaining 21% against change. 

After the change decision, the Ionian Voting Department and the Ionian Cultural Organization both approved of the request, and after 2 days, 20 new flag options including state-issued ones were put up for votes. On the 10th of January the voting session ended, and a new flag was chosen. The Grand Republic of Ionia will now officially be represented by the following flag:










New design










Old design

                                        new_coa-removebg-preview.png.0fabe52a1f3aeea6df866a208775f9b1.png     I Grand Republikken ed Jonia


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Economic growth peaks again, analytic data shows substantial

financial and even improvement of life quality nationwide


   For the second time in 1423, Ionian export and manufacturing profits have peaked, marking the

   quickest economic growth in the nation's history since many decades. Expert economic analyst

 Klauss Tølvet recently published 1423's detailed analysis, giving important information on data.       IonianExports1422.PNG.a17270c6e20f14507511a9905a227026.PNG

The annual GDP growth rate has been pinpointed at a stable 9.4%, giving way to some 

notable changes; at this rate, by mid or late-1424 the GDP (PPP) of Ionia will have ad-

vanced to $238.7 billion (597.7 billion Ɱ), the GDP (PPP) per capita will rise to $29,505 

(73,763 Ɱ), a $2,493 increase. The Gross National Income per capita will be almost as high

as today's GDP per capita at $26,558 (66,395 Ɱ), a $2,556 increase from today's $24,002.

A surprising population increase of 0.14%, boosting the number to 8,089,047 has also 

unexpectedly raised several other factors such as the Mean and Expected Education index,

and favorable and improving life conditions have also possibly set the life expectancy to 

82.6 years in the near future. All of these factors have also consequently possibly increased

HDI to 82.6 years, making another drastic change due to unexpected growth and increases.

As for the different manufacturing sectors, electronics and vehicles roughly dominate by 

around 60-80%, in correspondence with the larger companies' budget increase. Especially

prominent in these sectors have been Jon, Waypoint, PBW, MKV and Fayrer. Vehicle output

has increased nearly double, along with electronics. Raw materials such as petroleum, Rare-

Earth metals and ores have decreased substantially while previously unusual exports such 

as electricity, silverware and overall plastics equipment have increased. Although a slight

decline is in sight due to unfavorable weather conditions, these rates are not expected to 

change substantially at least until the end of the year. 

Uploaded by Sel, 11/09/1423


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