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The Blue Falcon Pact

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The Blue Falcon Pact


The Kingdom of Larxia (henceforth referred to as “Larxia”) and Blue Bubble (Henceforth referred collectively as “the Nations”),


SEEKING to further friendly relations between the Nations,


BELIEVING that creating the Agreement would enhance their economies through competition and investment,


DETERMINED to  establish mutually rewarding rules for trade and travel between the Nations,


HAVE AGREED upon the following:



  1. The objective of this Agreement is to liberalise current trade, improve travel, and promote a closer economic relation between the Nations.

  2. The Nations shall endeavour to support each other within the limits of their possibilities, and cooperate to follow this Agreement of Trade and Travel in order to further strengthen the relations between the two nations. 



This article is to simplify trade and travel between the Nations, as part of Paragraph 1 of Article I of this agreement, where each Nation shall:

  1. Agree to grant full recognition to the sovereignty of either Nation.

  2. Respect each other’s territorial integrity, and internal and foreign policies, including elections and referendums.

  3. Open borders to the other Nation, not limited to:

    1. Visa-free travel of Citizens with a passport of either Nation,

    2. Establishment of an official embassy, and consul



This article is to promote economic relations between the Nations together, as part of Paragraph 1 of Article I, where both Nations shall:

  1. Open their markets to each other’s companies, and provide them access to domestic market information.

  2. Reduce tariffs on imports from either Nations, provided that the goods imported do not lethally threaten Vital Domestic Industries.

  3. Not support an official trade embargo placed upon either nation by a third-party.

  4. Assist each other economically, to ensure the prosperity of both the Nations.

  5. Blue Bubble will allow the monetary use of the Larxian Dollar alongside the Blue Bubble Ariary in order to reduce the volatility of its exports.



This article is to improve the understanding of the world, by promoting scientific collaboration between the Nations,as part of Paragraph 2 of Article I, where both nations shall:

  1. Collaborate on projects in the industry field of maritime research, and try to work towards improving the maritime environment of the Contracting Parties.

  2. Engage in research projects, broadly, Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Astrophysics, etc.

  3. Open the domestic universities to students, and scientists from the Nations, and spearhead the formation of an international regulatory body for Sciences.



This article is to improve the respect of each other’s culture by encouraging cultural events and cultural understanding between the Nations, as part of Paragraph 2 of Article I, where both nations shall:

  1. Engage with each other’s culture

  2. Promote the study of each other’s cultures within their universities

  3. Conduct joint annual cultural events to educate the populace about each other’s cultures.



A Vital Domestic Industry is an Industry that is either:

  • Historically significant,

  • Economically significant,

Or all of the above to the Nation in question.


In regard to Blue Bubble, this includes:

  • Industries with practices as listed in The 1385 Act of Cultural Preservation

  • Aviation Industry


In regard to Larxia, this includes:

  • Information Technology Industry

  • Defense Industry

  • Finance Industry


This Agreement shall remain in force unless terminated by either Nation by notification in writing of the intention to terminate to the other Nation. The termination will take effect six months after the acceptance of notification by the other Nation, unless agreed otherwise.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, duly authorised to this effect, have signed this Agreement.


DONE at New Larxia on the twenty-seventh day of July in the year 1421, in two originals, both in the common language.


For the Kingdom of Larxia:


King James of Larxia


For Blue Bubble:


Kassakira Petrovikan

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