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Greenman Guides: GOT's Most Obscure Destinations

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Welcome to Greenman Guides: GOT's Most Obscure Destinations! The series where we go to some of Greenman Occupied Territory's most obscure and unknown destinaitons. In this episode, we're going to the south of Greenman Occupied Territory. We're going to be looking at the Stone Guardians.


Episode 1: Stone Guardians

If you travel from Greenman City and head East for 150KM, you will find The Great Aeul Forest, they call it this because the once great and mysterious kingdom of Aeul once resided here, we don't know why they collapse as we're still trying to figure that out. Moving deep in the forest you will find thse 7 meter stone figures, we call these the Stone Guardians. It is said that the Stone Guardians expel any outside dangers that may harm Aeul. We're lucky to find such pristine giants. These places are so unknown even the top local tour guides wouldn't showcase The Great Aeul Forest, that's why we are here to doccument it! These stone guardians would resemble humanoid figures with rough facial features and looking inside, they were mostly hollow, sources say that it was hollow so Aeul soldiers could hide inside for warmth and shelter. 


That was all for Greenman Guides: GOT's Most Obscure Destinations, hope you had a great time because we sure have!



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