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Rojo Nico (SMMR)

The political organisation of the Spheric Marble Mallorcan Republic

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Anticapitalist party: A minor party created in 1415 taking from the ideals of the NSR, it is highly unpopular nationwide and are seen as inconsequential in Mallorcan politics.

Left-Right Spectrum: FAR-LEFT    

Globalist-Isolationist Spectrum: EXTREME ISOLATIONISM


Earth: Minor party formed in 1394 who think the ecological reforms of the SMMR have not gone far enough (despite the being the most eco-friendly nation in Doll Guldur). Although they have some form of support in certain states, such as in the state of Oceic, where they are the second largest party, they are not very influent in Mallorcan politics.

Left-Right Spectrum: LEFT

Globalist-Isolationist Spectrum: GLOBALIST


Mallorcan Socialist Party: One of the 3 main Mallorcan parties, the MSP governs alongside Marble Mallorca Together. The MSP furthers Socialist policies that they have implemented in Mallorca, such as a large UBI and the drafting of the bipartisan Healthcare for All Bill. However, as MMT has somewhat shifted to the left, taking some potential voters, they are not as strong as before going into the elections.

Left-Right Spectrum: LEFT

Globalist-Isolationist Spectrum: GLOBALIST


Marble Mallorca Together: The current largest party in Mallorca, Marble Mallorca Together has dominated the political scene for the last 12 years, and it is likely to remain so. Lately, MMT has been somewhat shifting to the left due to the influence of Nico Unordille, embracing the ideals of Social Democracy. In the last 7 years, they have governed alongside the MSP, leaving the Socialists lead foreign relationship while the MMT took care of nationwide issues.

Left-Right Spectrum: LEFT, CENTRE-LEFT

Globalist-Isolationist Spectrum: MODERATE GLOBALIST


National Party: One of Mallorca’s 3 main parties. The National Party has shifted towards Centrism lately. This angered many of the more right-wing/Conservative party members, leading to around 35% of party members leaving the National Party to form We Are Mallorca in 1419, greatly weakening the National Party, who had planned to become the first Mallorcan political party in this election, which now seems impossible. The more conservative figures having left the party, they have now much more centrist than before.


Globalist-Isolationist Spectrum: GLOBALIST


We Are Mallorca: The most recent party in Mallorca, WAM was formed in 1418, after numerous members of the National Party departed over political differences. WAM has been heavily critical of all Mallorcan parties and hopes to join the three main parties as a major player in Mallorcan politics, they are wildly regarded as the Wildcard in this elections, especially after they announced they would refuse forming a coalition with the National party, even if it would allow them to gain the majority in the Spheric Senate.

Left-Right Spectrum: RIGHT

Globalist-Isolationist Spectrum: MODERATE ISOLATIONIST/ NO OPINION

Marble Liberty Union: One of the oldest parties in Mallorcan, the Marble Liberty Union is an anarcho-libertarian party. Despite existing since the foundation of the Marble Mallorcan Republic, outside of a few strongholds on Baocao and Blaja states, the party wields little influence, they had once been the 3rd largest party at one point in history (1402-1408, behind the National Party and MMT), yet this was extremely circumstantial and are now a pretty minor party.

Left-Right Spectrum: RIGHT

Globalist-Isolationist Spectrum: EXTREME ISOLATIONISM


One Marble: Another recent party in Mallorcan politics which was formed during the break-up of the National Party, with the extreme-nationalists choosing not to join WAM, instead, they formed their own party. Due to general distrust in extremism in Mallorcan society, One Marble is extremely unpopular, and polls have shown it as the most unpopular party in Mallorca (91% of the population views the party negatively) and all 3 major parties (MSP, MMT, NP) have stated they would refuse to govern with One Marble. 

Left-Right Spectrum: FAR RIGHT

Globalist-Isolationist Spectrum: ISOLATIONISM

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