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Scandal in the Senate! (Repost from Factbook)

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After a suspicious amount of people voting for a bill proposed by a member of the Senate, the opposite party hired private detectives to investigate the potential causes for this. As it turns out... 13 out of the 16 who voted for the bill were women.

The private company delved deeper into the causes for this seemingly woman majority. The bill itself was on economic and land reform, not particularly beneficial to one sex or the other. After asking one of these women why she voted for the bill, and a little money to convince her to confess, she said she'd been sleeping with the senator who proposed the bill.

This woman was already married, but it's even worse. After yet more quiet bribes, 8 other women admitted to sleeping with the same senator. And as a favor, he asked them all to vote for his bill in the Senate.

The Senator in question is famous socialist Paulrice de Gaffe, and he's been formerly confronted about his goings in the Senate. When told about 9 of 13 confessing to sleep with him, he dismissed it as the opposition bribing them to fabricate dirt on him, which was half true. The women were bribed, but bribed to tell the truth and not fabricate a claim.

4 out of the 9 of the women were married, and de Gaffe was engaged. After hearing all this explode on the news, the husband's of the 4 women have started divorce proceedings and denounced de Gaffe as a womanizer. As for de Gaffe, when he next saw his fiance, he was promptly kicked in a very tender spot, as a bit of karma.

This scandal is sure to severely hurt de Gaffe's chances of being reelcted, and be a rallying point for de Gaffe's oponents, namely the President Markeretik himself. Sadly, the President refused to comment on the scandal.

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