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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, I just moved to the West Pacific to reside and hope I get to meet some new nations. My last region was Balder which didn't do much for me. I landed in West Pacific previously and helped out on Zombie Day as best as I could and was very fun, but moved on, and after awhile, I wanted to come back. I found it friendly here. I hope to help out in the region again. So, hello, hi, and everything.
  2. Hello! I am the leader of a brand new, tiny nation titled The Confederacy of Sentristria here in the West Pacific. I played NationStates years ago and had my own region but I just wasn't getting anything out of it, but the past couple years of red hot politics here in the United States brought back my enthusiasm for politics, and so here I am! I hope to maybe get involved in diplomacy and politics, as those are two topics I am particularly interested in. I also enjoy economics, writing, and music, so if anyone wants their own anthem, hit me up and I'll make you one for free https://www.nationstates.net/nation=sentristria
  3. Greetings,I'm the representative of The (Technocratic) Republic of Newgratia and I hereby declare my loyalty for The West Pacific,our nation was first found here and thus,I shall swear loyalty to this glorious region. Hopefully I can grasp the basics of this game in short time,would really appreciate all help I can get!
  4. Hello I am a new nation known as Salvio right now I have ordered my men to =write the history of my nation here is my page https://www.nationstates.net/nation=salvio This a official post from the Leader of the Armed Republic of Salvio
  5. Hello All! I'm very happy to have been created in such an active and dedicated region! Looking forward to working with everyone :^) --Prudentius
  6. Looks like we're getting the next new NS Feature: Estimated Update Times Displayed Ballotonia (Game Admin) The thread on the NS Forum on this Change is here: http://forum.nationstates.net/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=259002
  7. As I Mentioned on the RMB, I'm drafting an issue about chocolate. Please give you input. I'll be editing this first post to reflect the changes mentioned. Then we can vote later. TAO Suggested GMO and Fair-Trade as a subject Here is my second draft: Title: @@NAME@@'s chocolate business too sweet? Description: After a recent exposé by a major news network, citizens are in outrage over the shadier practices of @@NAME@@'s lucrative chocolate business. Option 1: Anything but Fair-Trade Chocolate is illegal Option 2: No GMO crops are allowed Option 3: GMO fear is nonsense Option 4: A infamous slave smuggler, Moses Tubman, appears in your office. "Many of my people have fallen to your capitalist greed. This chocolate industry must be stopped before anymore harm falls on @@NAME@@ now! Ban Chocolate! LET MY PEOPLE GO!" he shouts. "Several people might lose their jobs, and the economy will be hurt a small bit, but it is a small price to pay for freedom!". His shouts are only quieted after several members of your security detail tackles him. Question #2: What do you think is wrong or right with this setup? Leave your answers in the comments, and please "follow" this topic!
  8. You may have noticed the new feature ingame, thanks to [violet] . The ability to have a regional poll has been added to Regional Controls. I've thrown together a quick poll to see how it works. Several times we've talked about sending out a poll to the region via Mass Telegram, and we've usually thought about it being a three question poll. This feature will be one poll at a time, but I think that will do. I invite you to suggest a poll for the region. I won't promise to use them, but I'm betting you'll have be some good, fun, and quirky ideas.
  9. A basic guide to NationStates 2012 First of all.......Welcome to NationStates! In addition to this quick guide, we recommend you also read the full NationStates FAQ . The in-game FAQ will provide you with more detail than this quick guide. We also recommend every player read the One Stop Rules Shop for more game rule details. It can save you from The Wrath of the Moderators TM . General introduction NationStates was created ten years ago by Max Barry to promote his novel, Jennifer Government. Since then, the game has grown into a community of with thousands of individual players from around the world. When your nation is created, your nation will start out in a Game Created Region (GCR) known as a “Feeder region”, one of five Regions where new nations are born. The Feeder regions are: The West Pacific < you are here The Pacific The East Pacific The North Pacific The South Pacific. Other types of Game Created regions include the regions: The Rejected Realms, Lazarus, Osiris, Balder and the 'Warzone' regions. All other regions are User Created Regions (UCR). Any player can create thier own region. So now what? After your nation is created, it's all up to you, the player. What are some of your options ? - You can stay in the Feeder region in which your nation is created, or you can move your nation to a different region. You will recieve a number of telegrams from regions that would like to recruit you. We'd be happy to have you stay here. (note: Some User Created Regions are password protected) - You can make decisions on 'Issues' your nation recieves. Making decisions on issues is what alters your nation's economy, civil rights, and politics. Fair warning: NationStates issues tend to be humorous, and sometimes just plain bizzare. (These are updated up to twice daily, depending upon your nation's settings) - You can alter your nation's flag and it's motto, as well as it's currency and national animal. (More options will become available to your nation over time) - You can participate in the discussion on the Regional Message Board (RMB). - You can telegram other nations. - You can apply to join the World Assembly. Within 12 hours of applying to join the World Assembly, you will receive a game generated email that will provide you with a link that joins your nation to the World Assembly. Once you've joined the World Assembly, you can vote on General Assembly and Security Council Resolutions, as well as give and recieve Endorsements. Once you have recieved two endorsements, you can submit your own World Assembly Resolutions. We recommend you bring Resolution proposals up for discussion on the in-game forum before submitting it. (Important note: only one nation per player can join the World Assembly. Trying to violate this game rule can get your nation deleted. Or worse, some Moderators have bad breath.) Anything Else to do? Oh yes, it all depends upon what interests you. - For example, you've found The West Pacific off-site forum. We'd love to have you participate with us here. Many other regions, both GCR's and UCR's maintain their own off-site forums, separate from the NationSates forum. - Speaking of the NationStates forum, you'll find technical assistance for the game there, Roleplay's, World Assembly Debates and more there. - Join a Government. Many, if not most regoin, have some form of Regional Government. Most regions would be happy to have more people particiapte in these. - Join a Roleplay. In addition to the RP hosted on the NationStates forum, many regions have their own RP communities. How do I go to war? - NationStates does not provide a warfare system, however players do engage in 'military' gameplay operations that generally employ the use of World Assembly endorsements to control a region's Delegacy. This is often known as Raiding and Defending. Speak with a region's military leader for more info, most would be happy to train you. - Oh wait, you meant Roleplay war? See the NationStates forum, or the offsite forum of a region that hosts Roleplay. How do I win the game? Sorry, there are no 'win conditions' line or 'end game' to NationStates, the game is not played on that basis. Although you can compete with other nations to see where your nation ranks in the lastest NationStates Census. Your answers to issues will alter where your nation stands in the rankings. Some regional player communities also hold their own contests and issue graphic awards for winning them. Anything else I should know? Well, probably more that I think to write here. But you might keep in mind: - Don’t join the World Assembly with more than one nation. (we don't want your nation to get deleted) - Do not flame, troll, post racist statements. But really, using common courtesy will keep you safe and respected. Give respect and it will be given to you. - Your nation will automatically 'Cease to Exist' (CTE) if you haven’t logged in for 28 days. Although you can set your nation to “Vacation Mode” to extend that to 60 days. - In the event that your nation has CTE'd, you can restore it by simply logging in. You’ll find your nation restored in one of the Game Created 'Sinker' regions :Lazarus, Osiris, or Balder. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the game!
  10. In Other News.... Zemnaya Svobada (aka Elu), Delegate of The North Pacific has been inactive for 20 days. TNP has selected Tim as their Interim Delegate. Currently Elu has 318 Endorsements to Tim's 288. As is usual in TNP, some have engaged in a campaign to unendorse Tim, rather that support the region's choice. On the other hand, as is also usual, others around NS have moved to TNP to support Tim. This episode of "The North Pacific Turns" was brought to you by Westwind: Better People, Better Food, and Better Beer....
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