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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I am from Kola peninsula and I am hosting the Lzecov Islands! Right now I'm trying out creating a topic on this forum. As if it's not obvious already
  2. Hi my name is Wan D, the current king and founder of Greiya. We’re a small port nation…… yeah I think that’s it. Nothing too special. In real life I’m history nerds, space nerds, and a weeb all at the same time. Btw if any of you guys here watch Tokusatsu then consider me as your bro lol
  3. Hello, I'm Joãozinho (for those closest to you, Vinícius). I started playing Nationstates on January 19, 2022 through a youtuber known as Flannel who promoted the game in one of his videos and I have been a longtime member of the Flannelistan region. After meeting former delegate Giovanniland, I decided to join TWP to venture into the Pacific seas that were unknown to me until then, and also have a lot of fun, of course. A good morning, good afternoon, good night or good morning to anyone who took the time to read this :) Signed: Me.
  4. Hi everyone, I moved to TWP a short while ago and have found this quirky region a nice place to call home. I love the activity on the RMB and thought I should finally take the plunge and hop on the forums and Discord. At this point I'm not interested in any government activity; my RL time commitments prevent me from doing much with NS at this time. I'm a longtime NS player with sporadic activity over the years. I could best be described as a casual player. Feel free to reach out and say hello!
  5. Hi Guys, I'm one of the new guys, Nation is, well my username but with 'The Republic of' in front of it.... ummm dunno what else to say.
  6. Hello there, I am Aragnatim Sanguine, Ambassador from The North Pacific. I love forum/spam games, d&d, and video games. You can call me Arag, Aragnatim, or basically any other thing that I still recognize as myself. I look forward to my stay here! also discord > IRC
  7. Drachmaland greets all the great buddy nations in TWP! Drachmaland has two colonies (puppet nations) that are also located in TWP: Obolos and Akanes. We use our colonies for mining ores and industrial minerals that help our economy. Since we don't have a Factbook yet, please let us share with you some information regarding our nation: Drachmaland gets its name from drachma, one of the most ancient units of currency in the world. Obolos is obol, another ancient unit of currency (and weight); six obols make one drachma. Akanés is a sweet similar to lokum, but flavored with fresh butter (instead of fruit essences). Drachmaland is the only Debtocracy in NationStates — a pun on debt & democracy, since the name of our country has to do with money. Our motto ("Molon labe!") is what Leonidas told the Persians when they asked him to surrender his debts weapons; it means "come and get 'em". I don't know whether we're supposed to post OOC/RL stuff here, but the guy behind Drachmaland is an aeronautical engineer in his mid-forties. If posting this is not acceptable, mods please feel free to delete it. Hope to see you around and have fun!
  8. Good morning, I've been a member of the region for a few weeks. Really enjoy the snappy patter and witty banter! Its a very entertaining RMB. Just got into the forum. Looking forward to contributing on this side. Peace, Badger
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