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  1. Cats, there can be no question.
  2. Honestly, I'm all for a ban, so I'll be voting REPEAL. I just don't see any benefit to a secret treaty for anyone involved.
  3. I honestly hadn't given the matter any thought, but if I had to say, it'd be bilingual English/German, using the typical Latin alphabet.
  4. Mandate that Rehab be a part of it, perhaps?
  5. I mean, even *I* find that to be a badly written Resolution. And this is coming from me!
  6. Relates to smoking nowadays, a rather controversial topic. Or at least used to be.
  7. Well, my big industries are IT, Tourism, Arms, and Beef based Agriculture, so..... I probably am the guy who keeps having everyone outsource their IT work to. Sorry. :'(
  8. Hello one and all! This is a state mandated bulletin from the Armed Republic of Comia Noracon. Name and flag were randomly generated, so no real history behind them.
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