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  1. Equilism Foreign Update Delegate: Zeorus Population: 239 Security Status: Growing In the Government Having decided that the Compass shall be Equilism's official symbol, we are hard at work discussing the merits of various designs for use in a regional logo and flag. We're also working on a constitutional amendment and legislation to bring the military back under the control of the government and give it a position of greater prominence in the region. And finally, with the election of a new Chief Minister, Felasia, the region has decided to implement a new governmental theme as well! This one is Orwellian. Founder: Big Brother Co-Founder: Little Brother Chief Minister: Chairman Domestic Affairs: Ministry of Plenty Immigration: Ministry of Love Foreign Affairs: Ministry of Truth Military: Ministry of Peace WA Delegate: Speaker on the Telescreen Arbiter General: Thought Police Senate: Inner Party Citizens: Outer Party Regional Residents: Proles At the World Assembly International Language (Still pending) Against: 3-0 Repeal "Animal Protection Act" For: 4-1 Repeal "Consumer Product Safety" For: 2-0 Biological Warfare Convention For: 2-0 Ministry of Love We are up to 239 nations, a thrilling number! Three cheers for Felasia, The Monkye, and Astarial who all contributed to this surge! To go along with this success, we're starting to implement a new naturalization program that will hopefully be successful in brainwashing that is, drawing new proles into the party! Ministry of Truth Astarial has announced her intention to resign just as soon as she can find a replacement. Quick, everybody stay inside and keep your heads down! And for the love of god, hide her deputy! Admiral Chaucerin's Love Brigade Having been most gloriously and splendidly renamed at the whim of our esteemed Big Brother Chaucerin, the Lovers can still be found in Union of Fascists, assisting in the SovCon mission to password the region and lock it down. All troops are promised a seat by the fire and a mug of cocoa upon their return home from the chilly wilderness! Quote of the Week: "Asta: Forced to keep her job because it's too inconvenient for everyone else if she leaves." ~The Monkye
  2. Equilism Foreign Update Delegate: Zeorus Population: 215 Security Status: Can't Trust Mondays In the Government Equilism has ratified the Sovereign Confederation charter unanimously, and is proud to (belatedly) announce our membership therein. MILLITARISM has been chosen as our representative, and we are sure he'll do a fantastic job. Felasia has been confirmed as our new Chief Minister, again unanimously, and we have finally passed an amendment putting the delegacy under our challenge system. A couple projects are still ongoing. We are still considering changes to a proposed law defining duties and restrictions of the delegacy in light of a recent RMB kerfuffle, and have recently opened up a discussion on establishing an official Equilism symbol - and we have a lot to choose from. Throughout Equilism's history, we've used such diverse images as a shield, swords, a globe, a compass, a crown, and (quite creatively!) the letter 'E'. There is widespread support in favor of the compass, with Astarial and The Monkye putting some possible designs forward. Stay tuned for a possible design competition! At the World Assembly Sexual Autonomy Guarantee (Still pending) For: 6-2-1 Repeal "Internet Net Neutrality Act" Against: 4-2 Vehicle Emissions Convention Against: 3-1 Domestic Affairs With the return of some of our members, we've seen an upswing in domestic activity. Star Trek: Equilism has seen activity, as has our Superhero roleplay. Our Dean has returned to the University prompting hope that classes may soon find enrollees, and of course, who isn't discussing the pope's resignation? Our murder mystery winter ball appears to have stalled, with two murders and no suspects voted off the island, but here's hoping it will pick up again soon! Immigration Thanks to the efforts of Felasia and The Monkye, Equilism reached a peak of 220 nations! Holy cow! We've since seen some CTEs that dropped us back down to 215, but we have every faith that that number can rise again. Foreign Affairs Since our last update, Equilism has officially opened relations with SovCon (of course!), Iseori, and Hogarahoiprash. Huzzah! E-Army Since its entry into SovCon, the E-Army has joined both official missions - first, a liberation of The Islamic Republic of Iran from the hands of Nazi scum, and second, a raid on Union of Fascists, a region allied with such lovely regions as the Greater German Reich and White Pride World Wide. We will remain in place until UoF can be refounded to stand as a permanent warning to others. Quote of the Week: "After such flogging as is deemed sufficient and appropriate, I would be ready to return to the game." ~Kubrikistan
  3. Thanks West and you're welcome God-Emperor! Equilism Foreign Update Delegate: Zeorus Population: 202 Security Status: Snowy In the Government Our Chief Minister Zeorus has announced his resignation, citing "how much you all suck" and "this game is dumb anyway" as definitely not the reasons behind his decision. He has nominated Felasia to be his replacement, so stay tuned for an exciting campaign. In happier news, Equilism is one of the five regions invited to form the charter membership of Sovereign Confederation. With enthusiastic approval voiced so far, the vote is expected to be quick and uncontested. We are thrilled at the prospects this organization opens up. We've passed an amendment to our constitution making the Delegacy a position subject to the challenge system, and are nearly finished with our bill outlining the responsibilities and rights of the same (minus some small details, such as whether non-WA nations ought to be able to vote in the region's WA vote). At the World Assembly Debt Collection Act (Still pending) Against: 3-0 First Responder Protection Act Against: 6-0 Currency Standards Act Against: 5-1 World Assembly Statue Garden Against: 5-2 Repeal "Marital Rape Justice Act" For: 4-0 Liberate South Pacific For: 4-1 Repeal "Condemn The Black Riders" Against: 7-0 Domestic Affairs At Equilism's Winter Ball, the music still plays merrily while guest and host alike are rocked by a second tragic death - Vesica, father of the grieving Hamajahala and grandfather of the first dreadful victim, Zeorus, has succumbed to the same insidious poison as the first. The murderer remains at large, with guests conflicted, unable to agree on a scapegoat to hang. We do not know who will die next, but surely it will be gruesome. Immigration The fantastic Felasia has been tireless in his recruiting efforts, aided when possible by Zeorus and Astarial, and Equilism is now boasting a population of 202 nations! Fun fact: Equilism last broke 200 nations in November, 2008 - over four years ago! This is really thoroughly exciting for us, and we really hope that a bunch of our new friends stick around and get involved in government. Foreign Affairs The Archduchess is pleased to note that ambassadors are steadily and thoroughly filling out their reports on assigned regions. Soon, all the knowledge shall be hers! Muahahahahahaha... Quote of the Week: "STATUES." ~Astarial
  4. Hi, I'm the new ambassador. And now, the newest update! Equilism Foreign Update Delegate: Zeorus Population: 145 Security Status: Blanketed In the Government A bit of talk, a bit of fluff, but nothing much of substance has been accomplished these lazy first two weeks of the new year. Ah well! However, Equilism does have a brand spanking new governmental theme - English nobility, as decreed by Viceroy-Elector Zeorus! So say hello to your new lords and ladies, archdukes and archduchesses, patricians, princes, and most of all emperors! Appropriate amounts of respectful applause and cheering for the noble overlords requested. At the World Assembly Condemn Cynthia McKinney (Still pending) For: 2-1 Condemn HIppostania Against: 3-1-1 Renewable Energy Installations (Still pending) Against: 4-1 Child Firearm Safety Act Against: 3-1 Freedom to Read and Learn Against: 3-1 Domestic Affairs Equilism's Winter Ball is underway, attended by lovely lords and ladies from such faraway places as Osiris and Unknown, as well as our own Equilismers. But in an utterly stunning turn of events, Zeorus has been murdered, poisoned to death most foully! Who could the murderer be? It it his own dear fiancee, Astarial, getting cold feet about the marriage? Or perhaps the bewitching and mysterious Elindra from faraway Unknown, discovering her lover is engaged? Or perhaps his friend and confidant, Grand Kierania, who has his own designs on the lovely bride-to-be? Or maybe even his mother, Hamajahala, eager to be the sole recipient of her father's estate upon his death? Join the ball, spin your own theories, and take your chances with a murderer running loose! Immigration With a dedicated effort from Astarial and Zeorus - unflappable after his ghostification - Equilism has marched steadily upward these past two weeks, with a net gain of 25 nations, bringing us to 145 total! Foreign Affairs With the Foreign Affairs office finally filled, perhaps things can start getting done around here! Equilism has opened embassies with Spiritus and Mordor, both growing defender regions sure to become powerhouses! The Archduchess is now settling down for a lovely bit of paperwork, cleaning up ambassador lists and the whole general office area. Golly, what a mess! Quote of the Week: "We're not big on realism in this region. :P" ~Hamajahala
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