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Sylve de Wolf

Newspaper Editor Wanted!

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I'm looking for someone to be the next managing editor of The West Pacifican! 


Grammar+editing skills

What you gotta do:

Assign articles for members of TWP (government folks usually) to write and then collect them

Try to stay aware of what's happening around NS so you can write articles on important stuff or interview someone involved

Format articles into a publication

Publish The West Pacifican once a month

Hire assistants (content/gathering editors, reporters) if you want help


The best way to contact me is on Discord. Message Sylven Raithdusk #1404. If you're kinda sorta interested but not certain this is the thing for you, try giving it a shot! I'll be around to help you out. <3


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20 hours ago, Elegarth said:

This reminda me my time as Editor of the PNN in another realm

Beware of those 'other realms'. Especially RL. I was an editor in RL in the 70's/80's/90's. ;)

(this is not an application)

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