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  1. Thank you!! I’m excited to be back!!
  2. Hello TWP, My name is Wonder Woman, and here in TWP, I'm Holy Wonder! I was once a citizen here, and I've returned. Since we last met, I've been a busy girl all over NS. I've decided to come back to TWP, and work to better our region. I'm happy to call this home, and be apart of TWP!
  3. Nation in The West Pacific: Holy Wonder World Assembly (WA) Nation: Mysterious Wonder Please list any other names or aliases you use in NationStates: Wonder Woman I, Princess Wonder Woman, Mysterious Wonder, and anything with Wonder, Mysterious, and Wonder Woman in it. Please list regions or organizations with which you are currently affiliated as a resident, citizen, or member: Europia, and TEP, UDS, Lazarus, South Pacific, Salem, and Osiris. Please list regions or organizations with which you have in the past been affiliated as a resident, citizen, or member: I'm happily in TEP and all those regions I mentioned above. Would you like to join (check all that you wish to join)... [ ] The West Pacific Armed Forces [ X] Ministry of Foreign Affairs Ambassador Corp [ ] The West Pacifican Newspaper Staff [ ] Ministry of Recruitment and Citizenry Staff [ ] Ministry of Internal Affairs Staff Please swear the following oath of citizenship: I, (Holy Wonder), swear that I have, to the best of my knowledge, been completely truthful in applying for citizenship in The West Pacific and that I have no other NationStates identity that has not been made known in this application. I swear my allegiance to The West Pacific and its citizens, and I swear not to engage in hostilities against The West Pacific or to violate The Manners of Governance, the constitution of The West Pacific, or any laws made pursuant to that constitution.
  4. Hey guys! Its me Wonder Woman!! I'm here to learn about the West Pacific and make new friends!
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