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  1. Gaming Commissioner

    The Ministry of Internal Affairs is seeking a dedicated, fun-loving individual to help design and host a series of game nights and regional events. This is a Deputy Minister position. RMB and Discord activity is required, Hall of Nations recommended You will be expected to host a Discord Game Voice Chat (trivia, Scrabble, spades/hearts, etc.) once per week; You will be expected to assist in creation and development of Regional Poll Story Arcs and Multi-Regional Scavenger Hunts as needed. Apply below by linking your TWP nation, Discord name, and listing relevant experience.
  2. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    Much appreciated! Would you mind adding an 's' to the end of New? Edit - and maybe reorder so Repository is #2 and Roleplay is #3? THANK YOU!
  3. Admin Requests Part Quatre

    I'm taking on the revitalization of TWP roleplay and would like to remodel our RP section of the forum. Please create: Atlas of the Occident - Map & Factbooks; The Repository - Local & World New; Roleplay - How the West Was Won; OOC Support - Information & Dispute Arbitration; The Archives - Stories From Long Ago. Within The Archives, please create: 2014-2017; 2018-Present. Please move all current subforums and threads to The Archives, 2014-2017. Thanks!
  4. Daily News Researchers

    This week marked the launch of TWP's daily news service. This is an important project that seeks to bring the various aspects of the region's community closer together. I am excited to be part of this and I hope you all are enjoying it. I also hope a couple of you would like to join the team. I'm in need of one or two research assistants to help me parse the RMB, Discord, our forum, and NSGP for tidbits to be featured in the daily publications. Applicants are preferred to be mature players with a sense of NSGP history and proficient in conversational snark. Contact me on Discord or telegram Coffee of the Day to apply.
  5. Daily News

  6. Goodbye, NS (hopefully temporary)

    You more than earned your place in TWP and this map will forever reflect that. Best of luck to you, Atlae.

    The US version of Fantasy Premiere League.

    1. Port Solent

      Port Solent

      Thanks, I quite enjoy watching MLS now & then - I might give it a go. The site I was asking about in the thread is a fan site that gives all info on fantasy football players & discussion about best picks, strategy etc. Probably the definitive place to go for fantasy premier league games. Hopefully a good "101" too. I only ask because google reasonabley gives me fantasy soccer sites when I search for fantasy football...

    2. Bran Astor

      Bran Astor

      ESPN has quite a few cheat sheets and power rankings available. If you have any questions, hit me up here or on Discord.

    3. Big Bad Badger

      Big Bad Badger

      I am in a Premier League fantasy game through the Premier League site.  I've played for a few years now.  It's pretty fun!

  8. Ambassador Sign-Up Page

    NationStates Nation Name: Bran Astor Discord User Name: Bran Astor Your Local Timezone: MST (-7) Regions You Have Active Nations In: actively engaged in TWP with a puppet deployed in support of TWPAF Any Diplomatic Experience: former TEP ambassador to a number of now defunct regions