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Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency (LANINA) | Reporting The Current Situation in Laskadayone

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Potro - The people of Laskadayone are currently preparing to face the elections. Various issues are being raised by the major parties, including equitable infrastructure development, raising the minimum wage, reducing the country's isolation policy and talk of implementing military conscription.


The issue of equitable infrastructure development is the main point because up to now, the budget is limited to only 2 million Lutzens. The government is torn between building the Trans National Highway connecting the seven major cities in the republic using the existing roads or Trans National Railway who also connecting the seven manor cities in the republic by building road, bridge, new station and can increase the speed of logistics but it cost more than Trans National Highway who faces challenge from the village that will be removed from the map. Meanwhile the unpopular projects which expansion of airport and seaport at the rich city of Belleven still being considered since bipartisan member of House of Representatives believe it will attract more investment and increase the exchange currency in the country.


For more updates, visits Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency (LANINA)


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  • Starpoint V changed the title to Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency (LANINA) | Reporting The Current Situation in Laskadayone
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Inauguration of the Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency

Potro - On November 20, 1423, President Franklin Starpoint officially declared the establishment of the Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency or abbreviated as LANINA. It is hoped that this news agency can provide the latest information regarding current conditions in Laskadayone.

As the founding father of Laskadayone Modern, Franklin Starpoint, said, Long Live Laskadayone, Long Live LANINA.image.gif.80b9ddfea9aa679c6121945cbda3d9af.gif

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Potro - As the December 1 election approaches, the Election Supervisory Committee has just released the five parties that can participate in this general election. The five parties include three parties that have dominated the political map and two new parties that were founded after the civil war ended. 

While election fever was getting higher, the Election Supervisory Committee or SEC for short (Superviose de Electorin Comitat), ensure that the general election debate will be held soon, along with the presidential election which will be held a week later. Currently the five parties have not announced their presidential candidates but have recently been named. 

But various reports suggest that the House of Representatives plans to open a referendum option to appoint President Laskadayone, the Leader of the Laskadayone Nation, as king. It is not yet known where this idea came from, but what is clear is the popularity of President Starpoint who has blue blood from the House of Startezen, ruler of the Laskadayone Kingdom before being overthrown in a 1380 coup which results in the country in political and economic instability.

The following is a rough list of the five parties, a clearer update will be provided in the next post:

1. National Party for Democratic Unity, (NPDU), the party currently dominant and led by Gilbert Ruckhez, This party has a mixed ideology of social democracy, centrist and social conservative, they have a new ideology in their party manifesto which is called, leftist royalism. Surprisingly, this party is a new party after the civil war and currently controls 132 from 240 chairs in the House of Representatives.

2. Social Conservative Democrat Party, (SCDP), the largest opposition party both in parliament and in the republic, currently led by a former general and son of the previous prime minister, Johannes Nepitz, the main ideology of this party is conservative, as one of the oldest political in the country's history, SCDP promote total free market, reduce the government intervention on welfare and economy while increase on education and health facilities. It controls 44 out of 240 chairs in the parliament.

3. Laskadayone Village Alliances, (LAVA), as a party that focuses on farmers and rural areas, this party is one of the oldest parties and participated in three wars and four coups, with a voter base in villages that still dominate the country's population, it's main ideology was based on agrarianism, socialist and surprisingly, green politics. Previously as partners but currently join with SCDP as opposition, it controls 30 out of 240 chairs in the parliament. Current party leader, was former Minister of Agriculture and Dean of Lokusa Institute of Food Resources, Palma Sunseed.

4. Laskadayone Young Generations Party, (LYGP), the party formed by the current young generation, has a main ideology, namely pirate politics, led by a student dropout, Lucasen Delami, he succeeded in making this party, become a new party that can enter the tight national political arena at the same time as the NDPU, which is dominated by old parties. Currently the party's focus is development and progressive taxes. It controls 19 out of 240 chairs in the parliament.

5. Justice Patriots Party, (JPP), currently led by war veteran, Tyler Ridwood, this party used to be a party that dominated the political scene from before the House of Startezen came to power until the last civil war. This party has the main ideology of right-wing populism and wants the military budget to be increased and to implement military conscription. With currently only holding 15 out of 240 chairs, the leader of the party seeking to made a moderation on their ideologies.


For more updates, follow the LANINA!



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