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Laskadayone Integrated News Agency (LANINA) | Reporting The Current Situation in Laskadayone


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Potro - The people of Laskadayone are currently preparing to face the elections. Various issues are being raised by the major parties, including equitable infrastructure development, raising the minimum wage, reducing the country's isolation policy and talk of implementing military conscription.


The issue of equitable infrastructure development is the main point because up to now, the budget is limited to only 2 million Lutzens. The government is torn between building the Trans National Highway connecting the seven major cities in the republic using the existing roads or Trans National Railway who also connecting the seven manor cities in the republic by building road, bridge, new station and can increase the speed of logistics but it cost more than Trans National Highway who faces challenge from the village that will be removed from the map. Meanwhile the unpopular projects which expansion of airport and seaport at the rich city of Belleven still being considered since bipartisan member of House of Representatives believe it will attract more investment and increase the exchange currency in the country.


For more updates, visits Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency (LANINA)


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Inauguration of the Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency

Potro - On November 20, 1423, President Franklin Starpoint officially declared the establishment of the Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency or abbreviated as LANINA. It is hoped that this news agency can provide the latest information regarding current conditions in Laskadayone.

As the founding father of Laskadayone Modern, Franklin Starpoint, said, Long Live Laskadayone, Long Live LANINA.image.gif.80b9ddfea9aa679c6121945cbda3d9af.gif

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Potro - As the December 1 election approaches, the Election Supervisory Committee has just released the five parties that can participate in this general election. The five parties include three parties that have dominated the political map and two new parties that were founded after the civil war ended. 

While election fever was getting higher, the Election Supervisory Committee or SEC for short (Superviose de Electorin Comitat), ensure that the general election debate will be held soon, along with the presidential election which will be held a week later. Currently the five parties have not announced their presidential candidates but have recently been named. 

But various reports suggest that the House of Representatives plans to open a referendum option to appoint President Laskadayone, the Leader of the Laskadayone Nation, as king. It is not yet known where this idea came from, but what is clear is the popularity of President Starpoint who has blue blood from the House of Startezen, ruler of the Laskadayone Kingdom before being overthrown in a 1380 coup which results in the country in political and economic instability.

The following is a rough list of the five parties, a clearer update will be provided in the next post:

1. National Party for Democratic Unity, (NPDU), the party currently dominant and led by Gilbert Ruckhez, This party has a mixed ideology of social democracy, centrist and social conservative, they have a new ideology in their party manifesto which is called, leftist royalism. Surprisingly, this party is a new party after the civil war and currently controls 132 from 240 chairs in the House of Representatives.

2. Social Conservative Democrat Party, (SCDP), the largest opposition party both in parliament and in the republic, currently led by a former general and son of the previous prime minister, Johannes Nepitz, the main ideology of this party is conservative, as one of the oldest political in the country's history, SCDP promote total free market, reduce the government intervention on welfare and economy while increase on education and health facilities. It controls 44 out of 240 chairs in the parliament.

3. Laskadayone Village Alliances, (LAVA), as a party that focuses on farmers and rural areas, this party is one of the oldest parties and participated in three wars and four coups, with a voter base in villages that still dominate the country's population, it's main ideology was based on agrarianism, socialist and surprisingly, green politics. Previously as partners but currently join with SCDP as opposition, it controls 30 out of 240 chairs in the parliament. Current party leader, was former Minister of Agriculture and Dean of Lokusa Institute of Food Resources, Palma Sunseed.

4. Laskadayone Young Generations Party, (LYGP), the party formed by the current young generation, has a main ideology, namely pirate politics, led by a student dropout, Lucasen Delami, he succeeded in making this party, become a new party that can enter the tight national political arena at the same time as the NDPU, which is dominated by old parties. Currently the party's focus is development and progressive taxes. It controls 19 out of 240 chairs in the parliament.

5. Justice Patriots Party, (JPP), currently led by war veteran, Tyler Ridwood, this party used to be a party that dominated the political scene from before the House of Startezen came to power until the last civil war. This party has the main ideology of right-wing populism and wants the military budget to be increased and to implement military conscription. With currently only holding 15 out of 240 chairs, the leader of the party seeking to made a moderation on their ideologies.


For more updates, follow the LANINA!



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Potro- The elections are approaching, along with unfavorable results for the ruling party, the National Party for Democratic Unity or NPDU, and the two main opposition parties, the Social Conservative Democrat Party or SCDP and the Laskadayone Village Alliance Party or LAVA. After the three of them debated their position regarding the main project for the country's development, it ended in demonstrations and prolonged commotion on the streets of the capital. President Franklin Starpoint himself, via an Emergency Public Service Announcement broadcast, stated that he promised to carefully consider the two projects that have the potential to develop the country. He also threatened to stop discussing this topic if riots occurred again during the election.

In the week before the election took place, 17 people had died during the campaign, especially regarding the two projects that were being discussed throughout the country. Meanwhile the Laskadayone Young Generation Party is campaigning to bring this issue to a referendum and take a middle path. A different matter was campaigned by the Justice Patriot Party, which campaigned that debating the two projects was futile and called for if they led the cabinet, they would take firm action in selecting the two projects after discussing it with all parties.

Based on the current political map, NPDU is the only one who supports the development of the Trans National Railway until recently JPP also supported it but only as an assumption. Meanwhile, supporters of the Trans National Highway are SCDP and LAVA. Meanwhile, LYGP is the only neutral party. In the election polls, NPDU is predicted to still lead but will lose its majority, while LYGP will overtake LAVA which is expected to fall to the bottom of the ranking



Potro- The SEC officially stated that it would continue to hold a referendum on the appointment of the president who is also the leader of our country, Franklin Starpoint, as king or monarch. In the future, the authority of the king or monarch will be the same as others, including appointing, appointing and dismissing office holders starting from the executive, judiciary and legislative. Dissolving parliament with or without approval (in a special decree), the king will also become the holy leader of The Church of Blue Hope.

This election will be the last time for President Franklin Starpoint's family because in the future their right to participate in elections will soon be removed by the Constitution.

The referendum will be held simultaneously with the elections!


Follow more in LANINA (If it's still the same!)

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Potro -  The results of both the general election and the referendum are out. Although there were pros and cons regarding the presidential election being abolished in the final seconds of the campaign. All elements of society can accept the reality that will happen to their country. In addition, the government agreed that there would be no formation of an upper house and would retain the current council, for now the king has the right to appoint 10 people to the new House of Representatives.

Based on the SEC results, the ruling party, NPDU, officially lost its majority in parliament with the number of seats falling from 132 seats to 79 seats from 240 seats. Meanwhile, the Social Conservative Democratic Party gained an increase of 6 seats to 50 seats. The LAVA party had to swallow the bitter pill after losing a third of their seats from the previous 30 seats to only 20 seats remaining and placing them in fourth place. Then in the last ranking, the JPP had to feel the loss of two of their seats in the constituency which was previously a repository for the JPP's votes, but is now starting to be penetrated.

Meanwhile, a massive party was taking place at the Laskadayone Young Generation Party or LYGP office, even though it was only separated by one seat from the winner of the election. This party made an achievement by increasing 61 seats or a total of 78 seats out of the 240 seats being contested and placing them in second place.

The defeat of the parties above was caused by several things, such as NPDU having to lose their central figure, President Franklin Starpoint. Then LAVA is inconsistent with their choices in parliament. Meanwhile, the JPP still contains old-fashioned leadership and focuses on veterans' votes, causing them to lose interest from election participants who are dominated by the younger generation.

Based on the election results, the NPDU will be given the authority to form a cabinet. NPDU party leader Gilbert Ruckhez has fifteen days to form a cabinet. If he fails, the Chairman of the LYGP Party, Lucasen Delami, will be appointed to form a cabinet. But he can asked to expanded three times in total 45 days.

According to political observers, the possibility of NPDU to lead the cabinet is very slim due to the lack of seats for the left wing seats and the disagreement between NPDU and LAVA which in total they are only one seat short of leading the cabinet, while the moderate LYGP can boost the majority for NPDU government but they will definitely ask for a balanced agreement because they only have one seat difference with NPDU. Meanwhile, LYGP which can lead a coalition with a right-wing party such as SCDP is more willing to discuss coalitions. However, LYGP emphasized that the coalition was still being negotiated and as long as JPP was not involved, they were willing to negotiate and work together.



Potro - With a participation rate reaching 96.8% of the total voters. The SEC officially announced that with an absolute majority vote, 89.2% of voters expressed their support by choosing to appoint President and State Leader, Franklin Starpoint as King of Laskadayone.

Based on the election results, an absolute majority was obtained from provinces such as Gancarubin and Lantechture which had been the main support base for the monarchy since the beginning. Meanwhile, the area with the lowest support for the monarchy is Cyendutic Province in the east of the kingdom. Many of them who are experts and practitioners expressed their disagreement, although they were willing to open the possibility of fully supporting the kingdom.

The kingdom stated that the structure of the kingdom would be re-negotiated after the inauguration of the representative council and the new prime minister's cabinet.



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Potro - In the midst of the condition of the country which is currently on the verge of very obvious ambiguity regarding the status and process of changing a republic into a kingdom. Head of State Franklin Starpoint announced in his speech this Thursday afternoon that he would revoke Gilbert Ruckhez's right to form a cabinet and appoint Lucasen Delami to form cabinet and gave him a deadline of next week to announce his cabinet and get approval from parliament. Responding to this, the Chairman of the National Party for Democratic Unity, Gilbert Ruckhez, for the first time criticized the decision of the number one person who raised his party. He said that the Head of State Franklin Starpoint's decision was a violation of democracy and political freedom, he hoped that the Head of State would revoke his decision and return the mandate to him or he threatened to held a large-scale demonstration against the head of state's decisions. 


Meanwhile, the Chairman of the Laskadayone Young Generation Party, Lucasen Delami, welcomed the head of state's decision and promised that within 3x24 hours he would immediately announce his cabinet and on Monday it would be convened to get the support and approvals from members of parliament. The LYGP in the general election campaigned on bringing the issue of the two national projects that almost led to the chaos to a referendum and would not discuss it until the referendum was held. Apart from that, they also campaigned for equitable development, educational development, deactivating the isolation policy and starting to be active in the Esferos arena. Based on yesterday's referendum, the LYGP Party was ranked second in supporting the return of the republic to the kingdom, which surprised many parties, including political leaders. Meanwhile, parties such as LAVA and JPP criticized the head of state's decision to freeze Gilbert Ruckhez's mandate to form a cabinet. Regarding the issue of whether they support it or not, both parties have both announced that they will discuss it further with the chairman of the LYGP party.


As previously stated, one of the political observers from Potro State National University, who also Dean and Lecture at Faculty of Social Sciences, Politics and Public Relations, Harzin Tartenalin, revealed that the LYGP and SCDP coalition was the only way out of the current ambiguity, he also emphasized that whoever the prime minister will be, must be prepared to leading this kingdom into a new era in 1424, as is known, the reason behind freezing Gilbert Ruckhez's mandate rights is to speed up the process of changing the republic into a kingdom. The deadline is until the end of this month.


Meanwhile, just for note up, Laskadayone National Integrated News Agency or LANINA will be shortened as Laskadayone Integrated News Agency or still same LANINA.



Follow up for more on LANINA, only on TWP 

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Potro- On Sunday, December 10, 1423, exactly as promised, in front of cheering fans at the Laskadayone Young Generation Party Headquarters, the Chairman of the Party who was also the elected Prime Minister, Lucasen Delami, was accompanied by the Chairman of the Social Conservative Democratic Party, Johannes Nepitz, and the top leaders of both parties, officially announced their cooperation and formation of their cabinet. Loud voices and support from both parties welcomed those who would be the leaders of change and restructuring of the country which was once a republic and has now become a kingdom.

The two of them sat together in the official car of the MPs belonging to the Prime Minister-elect and headed to the Ivory Palace, where the Head of State, Franklin Starpoint, was waiting for his arrival. After a brief meeting and confirming support from both parties, Head of State Franklin Starpoint, began taking the oath of office for Lucasen Delami followed by Johannes Nepitz which was broadcast live on all television, radio and internet channels with Lucasen Delami as prime minister and Johannes Nepitz as deputy prime minister.

After taking the oath of office and inauguration, in the palace press conference hall, Prime Minister Delami delivered his first speech and appointed his ministers. In the first cabinet whose history was recorded in The West Pacific Forum, the following is the composition of the Delami-Nepitz cabinet:

The 21st Government | Cabinet of Delami-Nepitz

  • Prime Minister, Minister of Internal Affairs: Lucasen Delami (LYGP)
  • Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs : Johannes Nepitz (SCDP)
  • Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy: Theodore Gahura (LYGP)
  • Minister of Defense: Bryan Namahari (SCDP)
  • Minister of Generation Development: Nancy Gardan (LYGP)
  • Minister of Justice: Sarah Picious (LYGP)
  • Minister of Infrastructure: Patricia Jung (SCDP)
  • Minister of Health and Social Welfare: Alexander Vega (SCDP)
  • Minister of Food Resources and Rural Development: Arthur Lie (LYGP)
  • Minister of Environment and Forestry: Maria Tatsumi (LYGP)

Soon, the day after the announcement of the cabinet, on December 11, 1423, the Parliament of the Laskadayone Kingdom officially began convening to approve the new cabinet. The procession was led temporarily by Acting Speaker of Parliament, Christin Ok from SCDP who presided over the election of Speaker of Parliament where candidate, Richard Owen (SCDP) was elected, then there was Deputy Speaker of Parliament (representing the government), Nick Orjaho (LYGP), and the election of Deputy Speaker of Parliament (representing the opposition) who have not yet been elected due to the current constitution. The position of Deputy Speaker of Parliament for the opposition or often referred to as Leader of Opposition requires at least one party or agreement to have the votes of at least 85 seats to be appointed as Leader of Opposition. Of course we cannot blame the current cabinet because this change in regulations was approved by all parties who were then members of the Alliance of Political Party Cooperation for National Peace which was initiated by then President Franklin Starpoint, in January 1418 at the Constitutional Amendment Convention which was held ten months before election in 1418. There was an argument that resulted in a boycott by the Laskadayone Village Alliance and the Justice Patriot Party.

The chairman of the NPDU Party, Gilbert Ruckhez, strongly condemned the boycott carried out by the two parties and said that in fact they had to work together to stem the influence of the dark cabinet that was created in an authoritarian manner. However, Ruckhez's statement was criticized both by other oppositionists who also stated that Ruckhez was crazy for power and even from his own party.

The public's response to the formation of the cabinet received various reactions, but in general, they said they were 'satisfied' with the short size of the cabinet and the formation of the Ministry of Generation Development which is a combination of education, research and technology with youth and sports. As well as the transfer of the cultural section to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Then the Ministry of Infrastructure, which is a name change from the previous Ministry of Development and a merger of the communications division which was previously in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Two other ministries, namely, Agriculture, Livestock, Plantation and Fisheries, were combined with the Development of Villages and Disadvantaged Areas, combined into one, namely the Ministry of Food Resources and Rural Development. There is also the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Energy, which is a combination of the Ministry of Finance and Trade with Energy and Mineral Resources. The composition of this cabinet is filled with a balanced ratio of men and women and contains the nation's young people. Of the oldest, Johannes Nepitz is 56 years old, a former general and owner of the Nepitz Brewery, a family-owned company that has been around since the 1300s. To the youngest, Nancy Gardan is 24 years old, the youngest lecturer in the history of Laskadayone, became a lecturer at the age of 22 at Isrol Qua Inter-National University, one of the prestigious universities and teaches Administrative Management courses at the Faculty of Economics, Business, Accounting and Management. Don't forget, Prime Minister Delami is 26 years old, making him the youngest prime minister in Laskadayone history.

 Criticism came from workers who are members of the National Labor Alliance of Laskadayone who condemned the merger of the Ministry of Health, Social Affairs and Employment into the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare. They also criticized the appointment of Alexander Vega, a heart surgeon who was deemed unable to pay attention to the welfare of the wider community. Teaching staff and researchers also expressed doubts about the formation of a super large ministry such as the Ministry of Generation Development and its minister, Nancy Gardan, who was considered too young and naive to run one of these large ministries. Later, in the following year, on January 15, 1424, Prime Minister Delami will draft a State Income and Expenditure Budget which will later be negotiated in parliament. Based on expert projections, the Ministry of Generation Development will become the ministry with the largest budget in history exceeding that of the Ministry of Defense.

Based on the Cabinet Inauguration Session, the combined LYGP and SCDP received 128 votes, this vote was the lowest in a decade since the war ended, but the support of 10 votes appointed by the king was considered to be able to help this cabinet run well. The opposition managed to score 112 votes, the highest in a decade, but unfortunately their strength is now divided after LAVA and JPP did not reach an agreement with the NDPU which was also divided into various factions demanding the resignation of Gilbert Ruckhez.



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Potro - In a meeting at the Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of the Laskadayone Kingdom which was chaired by the head of state whose members were the cabinet, the State Affairs Commission (parliamentary representatives), the Supreme Constitutional Court, the National Election Commission, Representatives of Experts (Teachers, Lecturers, Professors, Historians), Labor Representatives , and the Elders of the five tribes, as well as minority representatives.

At this meeting which discussed the royal coat of arms and flag, different from the state coat of arms which had been approved for use starting January 1, 1424, for the royal flag, there was a heated debate between the elders and the cabinet who wanted a change in the flag, while the minority representative, the Supreme Constitutional Court, The National Election Commission, and the State Affairs Commission prefer the old flag to be used.

The following are the three best candidates in the flag election that will be held by the Committee tomorrow:


So far, the Committee has managed to agree on several things such as the appointment of Franklin Starpoint as the first king of the refounded kingdom, the event will be held on December 31, 1423 at the Holy Blue Sky Cathedral of St. Noah in Potro.

The committee also agreed on the authority that the king/queen will have in the future, one of which is, by calculating votes and representing seats in parliament, the king/queen has the right to appoint prime minister candidates from the three largest parties winning the election to form a cabinet where each will have time to 45 days to form it and 5 additional days to be ratified by parliament, or if there is cooperation outside of this as long as more than 50% of the seats are obtained, the king/queen has the right to be appointed to form a cabinet. And the king/queen has the authority to form a temporary cabinet if the deadline of 50 days before the previous prime minister's term of office expires has not yet formed a cabinet (either retaining the previous cabinet or forming their own). The king/queen also has the right to lead a cabinet which does not require parliamentary support for a maximum of one year after the 50 day period ends and after the election is held, starting if parliament fails to form a cabinet for more than 100 days.

However, until now, there is still a heated debate between the formation of the House of Lords or who has the right to obtain the title of nobility and whether they will have authority or not.

Responding to this, Prime Minister Delami revealed that this matter would be discussed in depth in the committee and of course the public would be included in the referendum which would be held in March 1424.

Deputy Prime Minister Nepitz said a different thing, who actually said that the issue would be discussed in parliament first in the formation of a Further Investigation Committee (Parliament's right to conduct an investigation).

Meanwhile, the former ruling party, NPDU, experienced another split within the party where the Deputy Chair of the Party for Social Affairs, Elizabeta Linxie, together with fifteen members of parliament who were members of the Social Democratic-NPDU Fraction in both parliament and the party began to warn the Chair of the NPDU Party, Gilbert Ruckhez If he does not resign from his party position, then he and his faction members will leave the party. Elizabeta Linxie, apart from being Deputy Chair of the Party, is also a member of parliament representing the 11th Electoral District which includes industrial areas outside Mahana City. Elizabeta managed to defeat the candidate supported by the party chairman in an attempt to prevent him from being re-elected as a member of parliament.

Until now the seat of Deputy Speaker of Parliament or Leader of the Opposition is still vacant, Gilbert Ruckhez is still demanding that he be appointed as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament, while the LAVA Party prefers NPDU, namely Tyler Holt, as its candidate. MP Holt is a member of the Green Democratic Faction-NPDU within the NPDU party which represents the 8th Puswil Electoral District which includes one of the big cities, namely Kert Ebar. Tyler Holt was elected with a landslide vote of 61% of the vote defeating incumbent Purenz Kertinaka from the JPP party.

The JPP itself is more concerned with the positions of those represented by four people in the State Affairs Commission.

WhatsApp Image 2023-12-28 at 20.21.28.jpeg

polotno (1).png

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With this, we the Laskadayone People, through a referendum that determines the system desired by the deepest hearts of the people have expressed their wishes. Through a decree that was passed and with the authority of the Head of State, declaring the dissolution of the State of Laskadayone on December 31, 1423, and on January 1, 1424, Laskadayone officially became the Kingdom of Laskadayone.

Signed by


Franklin Starpoint 

Potro - Dear people, on January 1 1424, welcoming the new year, allow us the LANINA Editorial Team to wish you a Happy New Year 1424, may this year bring blessings, grace and joy. God bless us all.

This morning, the people of Laskadayone officially welcomed themselves as citizens of the Laskadayone Kingdom, on January 15, 1424, at the Holy Blue Sky Cathedral of St. Noah, Franklin Starpoint will be officially crowned as King Noah I of Laskadayone. The name of the house is House of Starpoint, which will be witnessed by the entire community live broadcast as well as invited guests from various countries in Esferos.

The committee also agreed to form its own council of nobility solely as an advisory council that would have no authority over land and would not receive preferential treatment in the eyes of the law.

As for the flag, the kingdom is currently still deciding to use the flag that currently exists. There is talk of changing the flag but it is still in the discussion stage. Currently circulating on social media is the discourse that there will be an early general election to start as a new self.


More update in LANINA

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Potro - On January 15, 1424, an important event in the history of the Laskadayone Kingdom took place solemnly. Coronation Ceremony of His Majesty King Noah I of Laskadayone at the Holy Blue Sky Cathedral of St. Noah took place from 8 am to 12 noon and was attended by various representatives and leaders from various countries who came to personally witness the coronation of the new king.

The name of the dynasty that now leads Laskadayone, is called the House of Starpoint. If we check history backwards, King Noah I still had royal blood relations with the founder of the Laskadayone Kingdom when this country achieved independence without having to shed their blood to Saint Mark. Throughout Laskadayone's history of approximately 520 years, six houses of nobility have led the kingdom, starting from the shortest House of Stardeve (1223-1237), which was only led by two women, Queen Regina Skydestar I who was the wife of King Thomas III of the House of Starbleu took over power from her husband who died in battle in the north, because their only child, Prince Petrus Starbleu was still a toddler, the king's widow, Queen Regina, decided to do so. Then she was succeeded by her sister, the Brave and Virgin Queen Laria I, she was previously a widow like her sister and was leading the Duchy of Soldero before she was forcibly taken by her sister, Queen Regina I, to the capital and accepted her appointment as the next queen. Up to the longest reigning noble house, the House of Duco-Bright Star from the beginning of the independent kingdom until 1093 when the former crown prince who was dumped by the next king decided to overthrow the incompetence of his brother, the Disgraced King Hazel VII in managing the kingdom and when he was crowned , he decided to change the name of the dynasty to the House of Starbleu.

The first day, His Majesty King Noah I began his duties as King of Laskadayone. This morning he received a visit from Prime Minister Lucasen Delami's Cabinet. During the visit, they discussed the draft state revenue and expenditure budget which would be proposed on January 25, 1424 to Parliament.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Economy, Trade and Energy, Theodore Gahura, announced a period of cutting taxes in half during the 1424 tax year, while stating that starting tax reforms included summarizing the amount of tax borne by companies, cutting individual taxes and implementing organizational taxes.

The proposal submitted by Minister Gahura received criticism from progressive parliamentarians from four parties starting from NPDU, SCDP, LYGP and LAVA. Four progressive factions from four different parties totaling 70 members of parliament expressed their objections and would not accept Minister Gahura's proposal if it was submitted to parliament.

Meanwhile, the Minister for Future Generation Development, Nancy Gardan, has begun to propose changes to the lecture learning system to be more active and to experience the world of work more often.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare received sharp criticism from the JPP for Minister Vega's inability to explain the importance of pension benefits for veterans in a hearing between the ministry and parliament.

Again we update the latest developments in NPDU, a split seems inevitable after the Deputy Chair of the Party for Social Affairs, Elizabeta Linxie, this time with thirty seven members of parliament who were members of the Social Democratic-NPDU Faction and the Green Democratic Faction- NPDU in both parliament and the party met with LAVA and JPP party leaders to appoint MP Tyler Holt as Leader of the Opposition in Parliament. Of course, MP Linxie has also met with the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister as well as the Minister of Justice to discuss the possibility of lowering the conditions for appointing an opposition leader in parliament from 85 seats to 50 seats or the government party could participate in the election of the opposition leader. With a total of 70 MPs, there are only 15 MPs left to support Tyler Holt as the party's next leader. Speaking of factions, the faction led by Gilbert Ruckhez, the National Unity Faction-NPDU, now only has 26 members of parliament left, while the remaining 20 members of parliament who are part of the moderate faction have not yet commented on this drama.



Today is a happy day for someone. One of our Laskadayone Kingdom's closest friends, colleagues and allies, King Giovanni VI of the Giovanniland Kingdom, is celebrating his birthday, may he obtain abundant blessings, fortune and health for himself and everyone he cares about and loves.



King Noah I of Laskadayone

More news, follow LANINA

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Potro - Today, on January 21, 1424, surprising news came from the Headquarters of the National Party for Democratic Unity or NPDU. In the press conference room, the Deputy Chair of the Party for Social Affairs, Elizabeta Linxie, announced the establishment of a new party with herself as party chair.

By bringing a total of 40 members of the parliamentary council or more than half of the total seats held by the NPDU, considering that based on the law, members of parliament who leave the party have the right to retain their seats. Of the 40 members of parliament, member of parliament, Tyler Holt also participated in a party called the Laskadayone Alternative Party - Green Social Democracy or better known as the Green Alternative Party.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the NPDU Party, Gilbert Ruckhez, did not comment on the mass transfer of members of parliament from his party to a new party led by his number one critic.

Through her speech, Elizabeta Linxie along with other members of parliament declared themselves neutral at this time and supported the appointment of MP Tyler Holt as leader of the opposition, where tomorrow there will be an election for Leader of the Opposition. Meanwhile, Cabinet and Press Secretary, Julian Lockhart, said that the government only hopes for the best from the opposition so that Laskadayone democracy can develop in a better direction.



Potro - As an effort to increase Laskadayone's participation in the Esferos arena. Deputy Prime Minister who is also Minister of Foreign Affairs, Johannes Nepitz announced cooperation between Laskadayone and United Adaikes by opening an embassy between the two parties and appointing ambassadors for each country.

Laskadayone will send Georgio Starr, who is a Professor of International Relations from Alika Inter-National State University, previously served as Dean of the Faculty of International Relations, and once served as Chancellor of South Mahana University, member of the 1405 Constitutional Council, Minister of Law and Human Rights during the transition period after civil War.

DPM Nepitz also said that Laskadayone would start appointing several ambassadors with neighboring countries as a start to the opening of Laskadayone after implementing a decade-long isolation period to focus on domestic conditions which are currently safe and developing well.


More Update on LANINA

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