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After months, The Theeserrasland Sentinel is back!

Since the last paper was written for the reliable source that is The Theeserrasland Sentinel has been held back by the government for over half a month. As of from now on, the news media shall hence forth be under the guidance and the caring eye of our dear leader. But for now, The Theeserrasland sentinel shall keep you updated on the latest of which is happening in the country!


Economy is growing, experts say

After much restructuring of the government and government positions, The Theeserrasland economy has been slowly, but steadily on the rise. With a mix of both Trout Farming exports and Technology. It is expected that from now on, the average income will rise by 5% increase.

Other than that, the ageing population might be a concern in the future.


The Red Tiger has become the newest national pet

The Red Tiger, formerly known as the Theeserraslandian Tiger as of now has been booming when it comes to the pet industry as people are now owning Red Tigers as pets. As of now, the government hasn't shown any interference on the subject as of yet as the leader doesn't want to go against his ideals.

However, many people from rich business owners //Who have a 70% tax rate// and environmentalist have been clashing between each other on the internet, with one side saying that having Red Tigers as pets can serve as a luxury for the citizens of the Theeserrasland, whilst also showing the might of our people for owning such a dangerous animal. Whilst on the other side, environmentalist have said that this won't solve anything and can also lead to animal cruelty.

Local Trout Farmer finds a large pickel

"It was the funniest shit I've ever seen."

-Local Trout Farmer

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