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The Theeraserrasland

The Theeserrasland Sentinel #002

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With the new country of the Theeserrasland, the government has decided to fund for new newspaper centres to inform the wider population of the Theeserrasland of what is happening internally in the nation. This newspaper will cover topics ranging from weather to politics.

For now, The Theeserrasland Sentinel shall be a weekly newspaper that will talk about the newest happenings in the Theeserrasland.

May The Theeserrasland prosper and The Theeserrasland Sentinel keep you informed!

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Local Southern Cartel was caught smuggling chicken eggs!

Following the South's ban on all eggs after finding out that the eggs are injected with dangerous substances, because of this, all forms of egg making has ceased in the Theerasland as scientists are trying their best to create a safer, cheaper and tastier option is to be created. During the scramble of the sudden ban on eggs, many small crime groups jumped on the opportunity to profit off of the situation, and as such, gain more power in the country. 

Everywhere, all of a sudden, there was a mass influx of supposed illegal egg sellers which clogged the jury system in the Theerasland, which got so bad to the point that even having chickens were now considered illegal. But because of how bizarre the situation was, the judge decided to let all those who eat the dangerous eggs free. 

But now onto the main story, Because of how much jungle there is in the South of The Theerasland, most of the illegal eggs were made there, therefore, most of the police force were concentrated there. With recent captures of egg sellers, the police were able to find out where they were created, in a small warehouse in the forest that was guarded by a major cartel. With the police raid being successful, it was deduced there was a total of 50,000 E-monies worth of chicken eggs.

Thankfully, this whole chicken fight only lasted for 8 days as the scientist were able to quickly find a safer substance.


Weather today!

As always, the weather in the Theerasland shall be cloudy, expect some rain soon.

Former government official of the Theerasland has been caught abusing his power!

Despite the leading president, Universal, attempts to crack down on corrupt politicians, some still were able to fall through the walls. Recently, video footage proof of former politician, Eugene Ripven, has been caught threatening multiple women saying that he will use his ties to arrest those women if they don't do his bidding.

What happens next is one of such disturbances that it is highly recommended to avoid watching, but because this is The Free Land of The Theerasland, we can not prevent you from viewing such content.

What follows suit was his quick arrest that had reached the supreme court of justice that stripped him of all of his property, status, and power and had him serve a life of imprisonment. The victims of such an incident were compensated with Eugene's property value and were given suitable therapy. But because of the trauma he inflicts on them, it is most likely they to be unable to recover.

"Because of such recent showings of corruption, I, the President of the Theerasland am disappointed by my own shortcomings as a leader. This is why now, all politicians, no matter what standing must have a microchip that allows us to hear conversations to ensures such incidents would never occur " The President of The Theerasland said in a recent press conference on his feelings on the situation.

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End of democracy in The Theeserrasland

In a recent, shocking development, the now President and leader of The Theeserrasland has passed a controversial act of which removes the Theeserraslandian right to vote for public officials. This has riled up massive protest across the nation as millions wanted to bring back their right to vote.

The leader has came out telling the public that, "I only did it so that the Theeserrasland could prosper for a longer time, too much have we had incompetence voted into our leadership, bringing corruption and creating uselessness in the political landscape. Which is why, the government of the Theeserrasland has decided to pick the most suitable candidates to prosper in our ranks," whether this would make the Theeserrasland into an unstable nation, held up only by corruption and kickbacks or will create a competitive environment, where only the most loyal and competent can hope to serve the nation is unknown.

Weather today!

It has been reported that there would be heavy rain near the coastal regions of The Theeserrasland, floods are to be expected

Sunny weather is to be expected in the South.

Cloudy weather in the Northeast, rain to be expected.

The Theeserrasland economy growing!

With the growing population of The Theeserrasland, the investment of foreign countries, and the government restructuring, The Theeserrasland economy is slowly, but surely, rising. With The Theeserrasland citizens having better wages, more meaningful jobs, and much more, The Theeserrasland as a whole is expected to go into a new golden age for it and it's citizens.

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