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Festival of Bow: A Religious Ceremony

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The Festival of bow is going to occur in 7/6/1421, tents and stands are currently being prepared, the Temple of Weproforge is opening up for tourists to see the "Grand Offering of Bows"


Everyone is allowed to attend and even offer a bow to the Bow Deity, any weapon that is not a bow is prohibited during the event.


List of Events That Will Occur During Festival of Bow: 


2 PM - 3PM Auran Standard Time

Greenman Mercenaries Parade


3 PM - 3:30 PM Auran Standard Time

Head Commander Deficit and Order of Weproforge (Religious Scripture) Reading


3:30 PM - 5 PM Auran Standard Time

Carnival at Birthright Plaza/Shooting Range Tournament 


6 PM - 6:30 PM Auran Standard Time

Climbing the Weproforge Temple: Bow Offering


6:30 PM - 6:40 PM Auran Standard Time

1000 Arrows Shooting at the sky


6:40 PM - 7 PM Auran Standard Time

Head Commander Deficit's Closing Speech


All events will occur in Birthright (Capital City of Greenman Occupied Territory), other nations are welcome and encouraged to come see the event come in place.

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Festival of Bow : Greenman Mercenaries Parade

2 PM Auran Standard Time

The Festival of Bow has finally begun. Looking around, news agencies such as Greenman Daily, Santo-Dominian Post, Larxian Post and other smaller journalists came to record the events take place. You can clearly hear the reporter for Greenman Daily. 

"-And in 10 minutes, we will see the parade floats that depict the stories of the Bow Deity".

2:05 Auran Standard TIme

You finally can see the Greenman Mercenaries marching in the streets, it seems that the front has the youngest mercenaries and the back has the oldest, the mercenaries are carrying bows as any other weapon is not allowed during the event, the next set of marching soldiers dressed in the old Greenman Battle Guild bolta uniform (even though the Bolta is a crossbow unit). The first parade float arives in your view and it's a statue depiction of the Bow Deity

2:15 Auran Standard Time




Standing in front of the statue is Head Commander Deficit who is wearing the Bow Deity's signiture Skull-Horned Mask. some other floats appear depicting stories like "The Clash of Bow and Axe" and some other battles.

2:50 Auran Standard Time

The parade ends with Commander Gestalt and her large army. Everyone was eventually escorted to watch the Head Commander's speech.

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Festival of Bow: Head Commander Deficit's speech


3PM Auran Standard Time

As you enter the open area the speech is supposed to take place, you see Head Commander Deficit standing behind a lectern, looking down on his script. He is no longer wearing the Skull-Horned Mask


3:06PM Auran Standard Time 

The Speech Begins:
"Good afternoon citizens, Mercenaries and all others that came to watch this event take place. You may already know me as the leader of both the Greenman Mercenaries and Greenman Occupied Territory, but for the ones who don't know me, I am Head Commander Deficit. Today is the day where we switch our praise from the Spear Deity to the Bow Deity, please stay silent as I read page four of the Order of Weproforge: Bow Variant" Everybody goes silent, "When the first week of every third month passes, a new Deity demands attention, which is why I, the Bow Deity will take these next months. By praising me, you will ensure victory and glory in the battlefield. Now can we please have a minute of silence..." Everybody continues the silence for five minutes


3:25PM Auran Standard Time

The Head Commander continues his speech, "Thank you for your patience and willingness to participate in these moments of silence, now before we get on with the festival, please note that any weapon  that is not a bow, will get you kicked out of the city. The Shooting Tournament begins at 4PM so do not miss it! The guards to your right will help escort you to Birthright Plaza." you and everybody else walk out of the open field and get to experiencing the Bow Festival.

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Festival of Bow: Birthright Plaza Carnival

3:30PM Auran Standard Time

You enter the Birthright Plaza, there's a few stalls and tents setup with loads of food and games, there's even target practice for the Tournament, you decide to practice... You are terrible at archery.


4PM Auran Standard Time


The Tournament begins and you decide to play in the event despite your skill. To your left looks like a master archer shooting all bullseyes and on your right is none other than Commander Gestalt, she gives you a little wave before firing her arrow. You aim your bow and fire. You managed to gain one point in the whole tournament, that master archer you saw won the tournament. The prize is 15,000 Greenman Credits.


5PM Auran Standard Time

you continue enjoying your day in the carnival, buying food and participating in some archery games, you manage to win a stuffed animal duck for managing to throw a ring a colored glass bottle.

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Festival of Bow: Climbing the Weproforge Temple

5:45PM Auran Standard Time

As you are having a good time, you notice the news agencies climbing up the Temple early, you don't think more of it as you assume they're just getting their cameras ready and besides, Greenman Alcohol is too good to leave on early.


6PM Auran Standard Time

People are getting ready to climb up to the Weproforge Temple to offer a bow, you decide to follow suit with the offering so you buy a longbow from one of the stalls and wait in line, people walk in packed groups so nobody gets lost during the climb, you can hear the Greenman Daily newspeaker talking "Good evening everybody, the climb to Weproforge Temple is on now, we have a couple of drones flying so you could see just how massive the line to start climbing is just insane-" their words become meaningless jumble as you walk closer to the entrance.


6:23PM Auran Standard Time

You finally make it to the top of the temple, you lay down the longbow on the designated spot and leave. You feel good about what you just done, the priests up on the temple offer you a bottle of water, you take it because that was the most exausting 20 minute walk you've ever taken.

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Festival of Bow: 1000 Arrows Firing

6:30PM Auran Standard Time

about 900 people were randomly selected to fire an arrow in this event, you weren't one of them but it would still be fun to watch. The children are given a fake bow that flashes a strong flashlight while everybody else fires a longbow with flaming arrows, how nothing was set ablaze you will never know

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Festival of Bow: Ending Speech

6:40PM Auran Standard Time

Everybody was escorted to the open field again to listen to the Head Commander's speech.

"Thank you everybody for attending this special event, it is officially the month of Bow, the festival is over so good night!" you leave for Birthright International Airport, you had a great time at the festival.

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