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[Factbook] Maharadeningrad of Nagaraningrad

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Nagaraningrad was formed by 8 nations united under one banner and declared sovereignty in 15 February, 1399 AF as a Repoeblik Federasi Nagaraningrad (Federal Republic of Nagaraningrad). as the new nation was got more centralized, a deep government that called by many Nagaranites as Oerang Ningrad managed to establish a Monarchy Government without any major resentment from Nagaranites due to their popularity of commitment, making an efficient bureaucracy, and trust from Nagaranites which led a great admiration to Oerang Ningrad. By 21 December, 1412 AF Nagaraningrad held an Unannounced Government Reformation that led to Re-institute a Monarchy Government under The House of Kartarajasa, a feudal system that reward Oerang Ningrad, and changing the name of government into Maharadeningrad of Nagaraningrad. The Reformation was believed to be carried by an Infamous Intelligence Secret Thoughtpolice called The Indranagara. Their duty is to make sure nobody will intervene in the reformation by any means necessary.



  • Location

Middle-north heartland of Andolia, South of Fhaengshia, West of Overthinkers

  • Area

Total : 720.588 km2

  • Terrain

grasslands, canyon, plateau, forest in the north

  • Population Distribution

From Eastern North Coast trough southwest and south with high density in every city that near water bodies



  • Population


  • Nationality

noun: Nagaran

adjective : Nagaranian

plural : Nagaranites

  • Ethnic Groups

accuracy is disputed, Nagaranites : 83.5%, other: 16.5%.

  • Languages

Ningrad, common, other.

  • Religions

75% are believed to be an Agnostic to the unknown being.



  • Country Name

Conventional long form : Maharadeningrad of Nagaraningrad

Conventional short form : Nagaraningrad

Etymology : Consist of word "Nagara" which means a Nation, a Sovereign State, Negara in Ningrad language and "Ningrad" meaning Noble or Nobility.

  • Government Type

Absolute Monarchy

  • Capital

Name : Rajasanagara

Etymology : from word Raja, meaning "king" and Nagara, meaning "Nation" in which combined into "King's Nation"

  • Administrative Division

8 Region with 5 Castles and 10 Bentengningrad (Forts of Noble)

  • Constitution

History : Re-institution in 1412, effective on 15 February 1413 on 12 years of unification.

Amendments: proposed by the Maharaden directly or proposed to the Maharaden by the Karatonigrad or by the Kapalaningrad (Head of every Noble House); passage by the king through royal decree; Basic Law amended many times, last in 2017

  • Legal System

Customary laws on state level and regional level; judicial review of legislative acts

  • Citizenship

Only granted by any member of the Ruling Maharaden Noble House(with approval of Maharaden or Head of the Noble House) and recognition of merit (physical and oral approval) from any Radeningrad (Duchy).

  • Executive Branch

Head of State : Maharaden Kartarajasa

Head of Government : Pardanaraden Roezain

  • Legislative Branch

unicameral consultative council or Karatoningrad, Consist of all Radeningrad, Nagaranites chosen by Maharaden (mostly from one of the cities merchant guild), and Kapalaningrad.

  • Judicial Branch

Highest Court : Paradilan Maharaden (Archduchy Verdict)

Region Court : Nagaraningrad Regional Court

Subordinate Court : Pangamanankota (City Security Council)

  • Flag Description

Prussian blue, a representation of noble blood, with golden circle line surrounding 8 golden triangles encircle another golden circle line depicting Suryanagara, a national symbol.

  • National Symbol(s)

Circle line surrounding 8 golden triangles encircles another circle line depicting a sun, a mark that is believed to be old kingdom marks that once united.

  • National Anthem


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