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High School baseball is just around the corner, and with it, a new Championship to look for! All 30 prefectures are preparing the last details for their prefectural qualifiers. The champions will play in the nationally recognized National High School Baseball Championship, also known as the Summer Dai. More than 2000 schools are preparing for this new tournament.


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Omnis cellebrates their win over prefectural rival Instituto Senda Sede Konkashken

Omnis cellebrates their win over prefectural rival Instituto Senda Sede Yaten


After weeks of intense combat, all 30 prefectures, and two subdivisions, finalized their heated qualification tournaments. The list of winners will participate in the next National High School Baseball Championship, also known as the Summer Dai. The Tournament Lottery will be drawn next week. The full list of Champions is listed in the folowing table. Congratulations to the next Astordai participating schools!

  Kuyama Raion kōkō   Baldosero Escuela técnica Rodurigo Kamui   Yunta Escuela Agreste Railén   Azalas

Escuela técnica Tauren

  Nishimizu Okinami Sohgoh Kurooka Kanjo Aillri Escuela vocacional minera Ten Ten Gakuen
  Sankai Yamashida Koku Pirepillán Cerroverde College Tasel Instituto Sein Shotkor Liceo 8 de Shotkor
  Hanto Yubou kōkō Anakiri Escuela Hilaya Rankeu Colegio 10 de Rankeu Sorken REI Institute Sorken
  East Kuji Kiten Gakuen Nahuel Liceo Stellari Yaten Colegio Omnis Konkashken Otoun
  Ragún Colegio Montenegro Pircas Escuela prefectural de Pircas Araucai Liceo Amul West Kuji REI Institute West Kuji
  Gainen Gainen ken Tsurishima Kokai Shokugyō Vertientes Lorenz Institute East Ástor Instituto de Ástor
  Yukino Kainen Rimahi Mauri Izka Colegio Soles de Izka West Ástor Colegio Mirage




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WBC49: Daskies wins vs Sarzonia, miss the spot

By Nakamura Gou (@GomuraOfficial)

This year was a brilliant display for Daskel's baseball team. However, the Group 2 of the WBC49 was unforgiving, and Daskel couldn't clinch for the playoffs in Newmanistan.

"You know, this hurts in many levels, but the worst feeling is that we couldn't make Shintaro play" Told us Kojima Takeshi, ace pitcher of the team.

Shintaro Nobuhiro is the catcher of Team Daskel. The alumni of University of Daito was injured at series 7 vs Banija, after a close play directly on the plate that ended with Daskel's tie at 8th inning.

"I'm obviously frustrated with this outcome, but I have to learn that my health come first. This injury will take months to heal. Nothing serious, but I have to take care of it.

After Shintaro left the team with a leg injury, Team Daskel lost the next series against Kohnhead 3-0. Back-up catcher Eidome Yōichi placed a public apology for the result.

"I replaced a giant on the field, and I failed. I did the best I could, but we lost the series in terrible fashion. I promise to be 100% better next series against Sarzonia" Ended the words of the young catcher. Series 9 against Sarzonia were, by far, a surprise. The first series against them was a victory for the Daskies, and this time, our national team did it again. The team, even after losing a qualification spot, were grateful and answered Eidome's statement, with words of encouragement and future.

The next series is the last for this WBC,  confronting Daskel with Liventia on the Daito Kyujo. Let's cheer once more for our Daskies!

Friday, 7/17: Series 1- The Jovannic 1 - 2 Daskel (2nd)
Saturday, 7/18: Series 2- Daskel 0 - 3 Banija (6th)
Sunday, 7/19: Series 3- Kohnhead 1 - 2 Daskel (4th)
Monday, 7/20: Series 4- Daskel 2 - 1 Sarzonia (3rd)
Tuesday, 7/21: Series 5- Liventia 1 - 2 Daskel (4th)
7/22- Midway break
Thursday, 7/23: Series 6- Daskel 2 - 1 The Jovannic (3rd) 

Friday, 7/24: Series 7- Banija 2 - 1 Daskel (4th)
Saturday, 7/25: Series 8- Daskel 0 - 3 Kohnhead (4th)
Sunday, 7/26: Series 9- Sarzonia 2 - 1 Daskel (5th)
Monday, 7/27: Series 10- Daskel v Liventia

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