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Saint Mark

The Hall of The Red Rose

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Good evening friends of the West Pacific,

It is my very great pleasure to announce the signing of The Rose Dragon Treaty. We look forward to the prosperity of both our regions and will do our utmost in continuing this bond perpetually. 

I would like to explain what The Hall of The Red Rose is and what purpose it seeks to serve.

The Red Rose is a triad organization, in other words, a Chinese mafia themed region. While our primary purpose is participation in R/D, we're not just a raider region. We seek to take in players, new and old and teach them the ways of NationStates and help them discover their destiny. We want to be responsible for building some of the best players the game has to offer, across a variety of departments and skills, whether one is interested in R/D, Foreign Affairs, Cultural Affairs, or those who simply want to make cool things for the site.

It's my goal to do for the Hall what The West Pacific did for me, by helping others learn and find a greater purpose in the game. In terms of our goals in R/D, it has been agreed that the Hall will do what it can to send over trained talent to The West Pacific to serve in The West Pacific Armed Forces. We look forward to soon join forces as we wage a conquest across the world. As it stands, there are very few choices available in R/D militaries out there, in comparison to the "golden age", so naturally, the Hall wishes to offer the world another option as a Raider aligned region.

The foundation of the Hall is being built, and we're hoping to have it fully open and operating by the following week. We thank The West Pacific for agreeing to become the first to establish official ties with us.

--Madame Victoria K. Asteorra-Wintony (Puppet nation of Kawaii Schoolgirl)
Dragon Head of The Red Rose
Matriarch of The Wintony Family

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