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There are definitely some concerning forum organization issues that should be addressed and hopefully alleviated. As of right now, I have focused primarily on the HoN forum since it gets cluttered really fast. I'll put my ideas and reasons in some sort of lame list, yeah, that'd be good.

1. The Citizenship application thread should be moved to a new forum, making the HoN citizen-only as far as posting goes. Alternatively, you could create a voting sub-forum within the HoN forum where the voting threads are to be hosted and moderated by the Speaker. The issue that is occurring is that since the citizenship application thread is hosted in the HoN forum, we have some Members who are applying, not yet being accepted, but are still doing things like voting because they have access to it. Having a voting sub-forum that only contains past (that are locked) and current voting threads would also be a good way to keep record of votes on things, whether elections or legislation.

2. We should likely have a Private Chambers type forum for the HoN. This would be a sub-forum only accessible to the citizens for legislature related discussion or citizen related discussion in general that isn't pertinent to an actual proposal. The idea is to get it so the main HoN forum is utilized strictly as the 'floor' for legislation where proposals are made, discussed, and motioned. Having everything clumped together and posted in the main forum probably isn't the greatest thing to keep doing.

3. Based on the last one, things like an Elections forum that hosts things like campaigning, etc. and a more organized place for our laws to be displayed would be good too. Currently our laws are just thrown into an archive forum alongside other threads from the HoN, which doesn't allow them to be accessed and referenced at ease. We should probably have a Law Library type forum that has an organized bit of threads for passed laws and repealed laws.

It sounds like a lot of shit, but it's pretty basic stuff. I know the whole HoN thing is relatively new here and organizing the process and cleaning up and organizing the sub-forums would go a long way to set some precedent so that we have forums that like, actually function well.

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Also as an aside, it's kind of annoying that forums I can't access are still visible to me. That means I still get unread forum buttons lighting up and such, yet it's for something I can't get to anyway which turns into more of a chore.

A prime example of this would be the military forums. Basically, masks that can't access something, as in you click on the forum and can't go to it, you shouldn't be able to see to click in the first place.

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