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The West Pacifican Issue #5

Saint Mark

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The West Pacifican vol 5

Editor-in-Chief the_holy_principality_of_saint_mark__934The Holy Principality of Saint Mark


The Delegate’s Discourse
… a regular feature of The West Pacifican

By Badger


I am proud to announce that The West Pacific and the Kingdom of Great Britain have created the Treaty of Mercia

Our new allies have a unique and complex culture that the more I learn about the more I enjoy. However, it is the people of the Kingdom of Great Britain that have drawn me in. I believe that our two regions will share a rich and exciting future.

The process began with conversations between myself and the KGB Foreign Secretary, Arthur Vasentius. He and I discussed our regions and the future and believed it would be positive for both to be allied. Our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Davelands, and I attended meetings held at the KGB forum. After these discussions, HBH Constantine and I got into the meat of the treaty. He drafted an initial treaty proposal. The Guardians and I discussed and offered some alterations and Constantine took the suggestions back to the King. They were further negotiated and we came up with the treaty!

The West Pacific is proud to develop new friendships with well-established regions in the NSverse with which we share commonalities. We will embassy with small regions that are well established but not new regions. Here in TWP, we believe in the old axiom, "you are who you associate with." We, either work with them militarily, have common friends, or share a mutually beneficial relationship. We take the relationship of embassy as a serious friendship between regions and only establish those relations with regions that we feel will be able to share in our successes, support us in our time of need and allow us to be there for them.

If you are interested in joining TWP’s Foreign Affairs team as an ambassador, please contact our Minister of Foreign Affairs davelands__124106t2.jpgThe Diplomatic Republic of Davelands.


The Social Scene

By Neenee


The event of the season was, without question, The Black and White Ball held in The West Pacific’s Embassy in The North Pacific, and hosted by our very own Halo. The hall and ballroom were elegantly decorated, and the embassies collection of Renoir’s really caught the eye!

Drall, one of our Ambassadors, was the first to arrive, in a splendid carriage, looking quite dashing in a suit with a white tie. After him, wearing a fashionable tuxedo and pricey Rolex, came Guardian Davelands, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. After those two calm entrances, things were a little shaken up by none other than our own Delegate Badger. I actually watched his Cadillac screech to a halt in front of the building, it was quite impressive, in the same way all near-miss accidents are impressive. Delegate Badger was dressed formally from the waist up, and casually from the waist down. That’s the Delegate we’ve all come to know and love.

Paris arrived in a stunning black dress, and very pink hair, the two things going remarkably well together. Just after she entered, I learned something I had never known before. Giraffes wear suits. Yes. Giraffes wear suits. This became clear when Syrixia, Cultural Minister of The North Pacific, made an entrance. He did look amazing in his suit though. I bet he has an amazing tailor. Prole, our own Vice Minister of Interior was the next to arrive, though he didn’t quite seem to be in the party mood.

Everyone had been mingling and drinking for a while, when TWPAF Commander Yuno arrived, looking lovely in a black and white dress that I swear made noise, but I was probably imagining that. Just after she arrived, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Bootsie from The North Pacific, rushed into the room, very much like the White Rabbit, afraid of being late.

The crowd continued to mingle in the hall a while longer, drinks flowing so smoothly it was as though the glasses simply refilled themselves.

Once Halo got everyone into the dining room, he gave a wonderful toast, after which Delegate Badger said a few words, followed by Minister Bootsie. The theme was clear, one of continued friendship and cooperation, a celebration of the past, present, and future.

Dinner was served … a menu that makes me wish I could bribe the chef away. A string quartet played chamber music while everyone ate, and the dinner conversation was pleasant. During dinner, though, Tomb, Vice Delegate of The North Pacific, arrived fashionably late. Introductions were made, and the easy flow of conversation continued.

After dinner, and until the evening ended, there was dancing. The ballroom was filled with the sounds of The Big Bad Badger Band, and the dancing and drinking lasted well into the evening. Old friends caught up, new friends were made, and the entire night was wonderful.


TWPAF In The Spotlight ... An Interview With Captain Liliarchy

By Halo

How did you come to be in TWPAF?

My involvement in TWPAF pretty much begun with the founding of my first nation. I was looking for an online community of sorts and I stumbled upon NS. Politics aren‘t a strong interest of mine so once I’d figured out daily issues and world assembly resolutions, I knew that it wasn‘t enough to keep my attention. That‘s why I decided to respond to one of the countless recruitment telegrams I‘d received. Not sure if by choice or just by accident, I chose The West Pacific’s TG. I remember getting thrown onto a piling mission pretty much immediately, having absolutely no idea what was going on. I did know one thing though, I was having fun and that hasn‘t stopped since.

What is your role there?

I currently occupy the rank of Captain, which I was promoted to not too long ago. Real life is keeping me sort of busy these days, but I still keep an eye out on our Discord server, where I help out new recruits whenever I can. I can also set up missions in a pinch but I don‘t actively seek that out right now. Since day one, I‘ve been determined to be an active troop and now, almost a year in, I can proudly say that I‘ve attended every TWPAF operation I physically could and I‘m looking forward to continue doing so.

Is it a good place for a noob to join?

Absolutely, unconditionally yes! I‘ve seen many people go through TWPAF, from noobs to experienced players. We accommodate all different kinds of people, from ones that are just looking for a bit of fun, such as myself, to those looking to become serious players in NS gameplay. Complete noob to NS? We‘ve got you covered! Want to try your hand at leadership? We‘ve got you covered as well! If you‘ve got doubts then hear it from me, I wouldn‘t stick around for so long if it weren‘t a good place!

Can you tell us about one of your favorite battles?

Uhhhh...so many. While there were many great battles last year, the ones that had the biggest impact on me personally must have been my first missions. It was an operation called “Democracy No More“, coordinated via TGs immediately after I’d sent my TWPAF application. As a total noob to NS, I struggled with finding all the different buttons, having to send out multiple clarification messages. We managed the mission in the end, somhow! The funny thing was I hadn’t even posted a single message on TWP’s RMB up to that point! It was only after I was done with the mission that I got around to doing that. Good times! This one and subsequent training runs are what made me decide that this is in fact something I want to continue doing in the future.

What are your future plans?

My future plans…. Well, these are more like personal goals that I want to achieve. I’m definitely going to continue actively participating in TWPAF operations. Once real life allows, I’m also going to look into getting more involved in our organization in general. Leading my own training tags and missions is a thing I’ll definitely do in the future. Can’t let our commander do it all by herself after all!


New To NS? Get Involved!



By Drall

In December of 2016, I found NationStates, or, rather, my friend introduced it to me. At first, I was primarily interested in the issues, which at that time seemed to me to be the primary component of the game. However, as I played more, and became more and more addicted, I soon came to realize that the true heart of the game was interacting with the other players. I was born in the West Pacific and was happy to find this to be an intelligent, clever, and snarky community which fit me well. Naturally, I moved my focus in the game toward the Regional Message Board, and the gathering of endorsements.

Thus enraptured with the Regional Message Board and the game of gathering endorsements, I proceeded along such a path for a time. Eventually, as was inevitable in this course of action, I garnered the attention of our illustrious delegate, Badger. As one might expect, he warned me of the endorsement cap and my proximity towards it, but also offered me a position in the government, either in Foreign Affairs or in the Military. I choose to join the Foreign Affairs department, and was instantly catapulted into a new and intriguing world.

My new position as an Ambassador changed my entire relationship with NationStates. It gave me two other regions to interact with, and introduced me to Halo. Moreover, through my further involvement in NationStates, I expanded my view, made new friends, both in this region and in others, and attended a wonderful ball. Overall, my enjoyment of the game grew vastly as I invested myself in it, as have my relations with the wonderful members of our region.


TWP Advisory Committee Needed



To promote more community participation in TWP affairs, I would like to make some changes to our government, and am seeking your input as to the form this should take. If you are interested in serving on a committee to help with this, please respond here:


Prayers Needed?



The West Pacific has formed a Prayer Circle. If you need some divine intervention, you are invited to post prayer requests on TWP's Forum in the topic devoted to these in the Clubhouse here:

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