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Guest The True Kingdom of Hearts

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Guest The True Kingdom of Hearts

The Issue


Some people say The True Kingdom of Hearts's policy on free speech has gone too far.


The Debate


"These days, anyone says whatever they want with no regard to what kind of dribble is coming out of their mouths!" says angry commuter Stefanie de Castro. "It's gone too far. We should go back to the good old days, when if someone started talking garbage, we'd smack them one."




"We need more free speech, not less," argues civil rights campaigner Nick de Vries. "Free speech allows ideas to be explored, challenged, and discussed in a productive, open forum. It teaches our kids to be critical thinkers. And dirty words, of course, but that's just the price you pay."


This is the position your government is preparing to adopt.


"The right to free speech is a central tenet of our system of democracy," says religious leader Ethel Fellow. "But surely the right to not have your religious beliefs mocked by others is worth something, too? We mustn't put up with intolerance!"


I'm trying to build a benevolent dictatorship. I would like to encourage free speach as a personal freedom, but am also trying to develop a dictatorship. I'm pretty sure my nation is a democracy right now. Any advise?
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